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Winter Baby Shower: How to guide

Planning a Winter Baby Shower?

Winter is a great time to host a cozy, indoor Winter themed Baby Shower. After all,  “Winter Wonderland” or “Baby it’s cold outside” are the perfect Baby Shower themes for a cold winter’s afternoon.

Simply follow our guide to planning the perfect Winter Baby Shower.

Baby It’s Cold Outside Décor!

snowflakes for winter baby shower

This is the perfect theme to go for all white decorations with a splash of silver. I have often raided my Christmas decorations boxes to get this theme started… my favorite décor ideas are:

  • Snowflakes
  • Baubles in silver or white
  • Fir Cones
  • Seasonal greenery. Firs, holly & bare twigs can make a nice display to hang baubles from.
  • Silver or white fabrics as tables cloths
  • White church candles
  • Shimmery balloons
  • Fairy lights

Winter Baby Shower Invitations

Set the scene for the party with a Winter themed invite in matching colors to your décor. Depending on your theme, these two options fit the Winter Wonderland or Baby It’s Cold Outside theme perfectly.

winter themed baby shower invite

baby its cold outside invitation

Dress Code

Either low key “cosy winter sweaters” or  more glamorous “winter whites” work really well for this theme.

Winter themed party food

winter baby shower cookies

Continue the white theme into the food options. Any sweet items iced white work perfectly. Also, cupcakes and cookies iced in various shaded of white, silver and light blue look great.

Other sweet treats dusted with icing sugar also fit the theme perfectly, such as donuts, gingerbread or even fruit pies and tarts.

Signature Mocktail

This non-alcoholic mulled wine makes the most perfect drink for a Winter themed Baby Shower.

Baby Shower Games

What’s in the Diaper Bag?

For this easy DIY shower game, fill a diaper bag with 8 to 10 baby goodies (think bottle, onesie, diaper cream, hairbrush) then pass the bag around. Next, guests should try to identify as many items inside as they can by touch only, (no looking) and write them down. When everyone has had a turn, compare lists to see who identified the most correctly. When the game is done, the Mama to be leaves with a ready-for-baby diaper bag.

How big is Mommy’s tummy?

Test your guests’ estimating skills with this funny Baby Shower guessing game. First. using string, ribbon, or even toilet paper, have each shower guest guestimate the circumference of the expectant mom’s baby bump and cut a piece of the string (or ribbon or toilet paper) that will wrap around her belly. Then whoever gets the closest wins.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

baby shower dressing game

This is a great Winter themed game! Simply set up a “dressing station” with a doll, diaper, onesie, T-shirt, pants, socks, hat, and coat for the “baby”. Next, guests take it in turns to be blindfolded and attempt to dress the “baby”. Then time each attempt and the fastest (and best dressed) wins!

Baby Shower Favors

Finally, these pretty snowflake mini soaps make the perfect favor for a Winter Wonderland Baby Shower. At under $1 a soap, they are great value too.

For more inspiration, check out our gorgeous Pinterest collection of Winter Baby Shower Ideas. 

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