best gender neutral baby showers

Best Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes – 15 Gorgeous Unisex Baby Shower Ideas

best gender neutral baby shower themes

Although Gender Reveals are very popular, there’s nothing like a surprise, and many parents still like the joy of finding out once the baby is born. Read on for our favorite Gender Neutral Baby Shower themes that will work for a boy or a girl!

I didn’t find out the gender of any of our three children. And it was the best decision! Nothing beats the surprise on the day of finding out if your new arrival is a girl or a boy! You just need to find an awesome theme for your gender-neutral Baby Shower, which isn’t always easy.

So, we have put together the cutest gender neutral Baby Shower ideas so that you can throw a totally terrific gender neutral Baby Shower. There’s no need for your gender-neutral Baby Shower to be bland! Simply read on for our top 10 gender-neutral Baby Shower ideas.

What is a Gender Neutral Baby Shower?

A gender neutral Baby Shower is a Baby Shower for a baby boy or baby girl, oftentimes when the parents-to-be do not yet know the baby’s gender. Usually the color theme is a gender neutral color like greens, yellows, golds or neutrals.

Why should you have a Gender-Neutral Shower?

Some parents don’t want to welcome their baby into their world with traditional gender stereotypes so may choose to steer away from the more traditional pink or blue baby shower color schemes and opt for a more neutral themed baby shower.

Other parents have chosen to keep the new baby’s gender a surprise until the birth. In this case, a gender neutral shower is the perfect way to keep the suspense building.

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Top 15 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

1. Moon and Stars Baby Shower

 baby shower moon and stars

First up, this sweet Moon and Stars theme. Keri Calabrese of Keri Calabrese Photography, out of Jersey City, USA has created an awesome gender neutral Baby Shower theme. We are loving the neutral colors of the golds and whites accentuated with subtle hints of light golds and pale blues. And this theme is perfect because whatever the gender, your baby will be a shining star.

Undoubtedly, this is one gender-neutral Baby Shower idea with cosmic cuteness everywhere!

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2. Peter Rabbit Gender Neutral Shower

gender neutral peter rabbit baby shower

Next on the list is a sweet gender-neutral Baby Shower theme from Diana Miranda of Dreamery Events. A Peter Rabbit theme is great for a Spring, Easter or Fall Baby Shower. Go rustic with so many cute touches like these decorated biscuits, peeping books, ropes, and flowers.

And it’s pretty and pretty sweet, celebrating the baby theme whilst keeping the suspense going with forest flair.

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3. “Oh Baby” Green and Gold Baby Shower

gender neutral baby shower ideas

Next up, Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium created this beautiful gender neutral Baby Shower idea. Based on a classic Oh Baby theme, this pretty Shower is both delicate and glamourous. Filled with bouquets and balloons to create a stunning effect that is at once sophisticated and grown-up whilst still whimsical.

We’re not sure if you’re going to love the color scheme or the centerpieces more!

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4. Boho Baby Shower

boho garden baby shower

Now, this unisex Baby Shower comes all the way from down under by Carly Stevenson of Sassy Snaps. And it’s sure to pull the rug from under your feet. Turn Boho chic into an array of nature’s goodness with color. Exploding fruit platters and unisex garlands in blues and pinks tied all in with crisp whites and soft creams.

And keep the baby gender guessing going with the beautiful sets of blue and pink coming together for a fantastic finishing look across the tables.

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5. Hello World Baby Shower

gender neutral baby shower theme

Lauren Ferrara of Jack & Grace Events came up with this smashing success of a unisex Baby Shower. We’re talking about lemon cakes dripping in lemon sauce, surrounded by lemon flavoured edible centerpieces all against dripping leaf garlands.

Plus use the food as your features with a dessert table that is the table decor!

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6. Gender Neutral Tropical Baby Shower

tropical unisex baby shower

Pull a background of green leaves, golden pineapples, gilded frames, and custom cookies with pineapples and leaves to create the perfect gender neutral theme. And we’ve got a grown-up tropical party! This perfect ideas for a gender-neutral Baby Shower come from Christina E Maya of M&J Kreations.

And she’s really taken the biscuit with these inspired designs for modern Hawaiian chic and fun! She uses picture frames and solid backdrops for a simmering summer effect that’s toned, terrific and tasty.

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7. Peach and Turquoise Baby Shower

pastel peach turquoise baby shower

Welcome your new baby with pastel power!  Bright Sky Events created a stunning Baby Shower theme for when you want to keep the gender under wraps and the party in full swing. Peaches and turquoise in delicate shades paint the food as your features. And the tablescape looks so good, you could eat it – and you can!

Finish off the event with a two-tiered cake for a grand finale. While a pastel garland kicks it up a notch and the balloon banner takes the biscuit.

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8. Yellow and Gray Baby Shower

yellow and gray baby shower theme

Yewande Giwa of MasterPlan Events came up with a winner of an idea that is a great gender-neutral Baby Shower. Simper over the adorableness that is ABC land with oversized balloons, gorgeous garlands, giant and tiny blocks accompanied by framed word signs and alphabet cupcakes.

A dessert table to knock your socks off and make you drool- at its adorableness! – ends the party on a high note.

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9. Little Lamb Baby Shower

little lamb baby shower ideas

 Brazil brings home the bacon as Ivanisa Rodrigues of Miuti Atelie de Festas brings her latest offering to us. Think baby clothes and accessories. Just scatter them across the tables and then picture a pure white cake with pale yellow edible lamb treats around it.

Drape the tables in lace, glam up the bottles and put pearls everywhere. Let the white flowers lend a touch of grace to the cutest unisex Baby Shower we’ve seen that’s still all about the baby!

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10. A Baby is Blooming Baby Shower

baby is blooming baby shower

Taleen Shirikian of Simple Little Details lives up to her name with this fantastic idea for a unisex Baby Shower! The great thing about this theme is that everything is printable, meaning that recreation is simple. Floral linens, adorable printed pieces, bold bouquets that are almost outshone by the marvellous macarons next to them.

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11. Boho Bears Baby Shower

teddy bear baby shower

This pretty girl or boy Baby Shower set up by Bizzie Bee Creations is perfect for a Winter or Fall Baby Shower. The soft color tones are super sweet and so inviting!

Serve your guests hot chocolate and marshmallows for warming celebration!

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12. Woodland Baby Shower

woodland baby shower

Another beautiful setup by Bizzie Bee Creations, this Woodland themed Baby Shower works wonders in the Fall and in the Winter. Simply add some fir sprigs or dust some fake snow for a more wintry effect. 

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13. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower

twinkle twinkle navy baby shower

Another stunner from The Imagination Parade, this bold but neutral Baby Shower theme is something of a classic. Featuring a glamorous navy and gold color palette, the pretty backdrop and gold accents really make this theme pop. 

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14. Storybook Baby Shower

storybook baby shower ideas
Photo Credit Pink Pistashio

A Storybook Baby Shower is a perfect theme for a first Baby, girl or boy. And the best thing about a Storybook Shower, is you can ask Guests to bring your baby a book as a gift. This way you build up a beautiful library of children’s books for your little one before they are even born!

And you can choose a particular favorite book to base your theme on. Or if your prefer, just have a general “book” theme.

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15. Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

winnie the pooh baby shower
Photo credit Stephanie Langg

Undoubtedly a children’s storybook classic, a Winnie the Pooh party makes a great Gender Neutral Baby Shower theme. Filled with your favorite characters and honey-themed treats, this Pooh Bear Baby Shower theme is super sweet for both boys and girls.

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Gender Neutral Safari Baby Shower

gender neutral baby shower
Photo Credit @thesimpleluxeevents

For a luxury and bold theme, why don’t consider a Safari Baby Shower as an idea for a gender neutral baby shower theme? Over size jungle animals, palm leaves and gold styling make for a luxurious theme everyone will love.

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We Can Bearly Wait Baby Shower

we can bearly wait baby shower idea
Photo credit @flawless_functions_ct

Another great idea for a unisex baby shower theme is a “We can bearly wait” theme. You can add any colors of your choice into this theme, using the browns of the bears as a neutral base tone.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas Conclusion

We hope we’ve inspired you with these lovely unisex Baby Shower ideas. Remember, even if you don’t know your Baby’s gender, you can still throw a beautifully themed and colorful event! There are so many gorgeous gender neutral Baby Shower ideas to choose from, plus you get the added excitement of finding out the baby’s gender on his or her birth!

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