Best First Birthday Party Themes – 14 Original 1st Birthday Ideas

There are so many sweet First Birthday party themes to choose from. And celebrating your baby’s First Birthday is such fun, it’s a big milestone in their babyhood. It is a great time to start some meaningful birthday traditions, and of course a chance to celebrate!

Parties are a time to connect with loved ones and step back to appreciate the goodness and blessings in our lives. Plus, it’s a chance to let your creativity shine

The ins and out of planning your baby’s First Birthday, such as what time of day and week to throw baby’s First Birthday party, who needs to be invited and of course, what food to serve – all discussed and hashed out in our previous post.

If you’re looking for suitable activities for the party, including how to keep your precious little one occupied whilst entertaining the adults, you’ll find everything you need to know in our previous post, What to do at a baby’s first birthday party. If you are planning a First Birthday party you might want to consider a Smash Cake or a First Birthday time capsule. Or if you are planning a First Birthday for twins, we have lots of ideas!

Once you know what to do and how to do, let’s delve into some gorgeous First Birthday Party themes and ideas!

Alice in Onederland

This adorable First Birthday theme is a child-friendly, grown-up tea party. We love this gorgeously whimsical look, from the showstopper cake down to the fake grass on the table. The mad hatter’s tea party is all about the peculiar and quirky, so after scattering around a few blossoms and flowers, look for quirky pieces to set the tone.

Think mismatched teacups full of flowers, teapots and of course, the famous eat me biscuits! Don’t forget playing cards and mismatched balloons. Styled by Flour & Flowers by MK, we love the quirky touches!

alice in wonderland teapot

Grab all of your Alice in Wonderland party supplies here including this gorgeous teapot vase.

Wonder Woman First Birthday Party

Celebrate your child and pop culture all at the same time with a Wonder Woman themed party styled by Lemon & Lime Event Design. It’s gold stars and cityscapes for this first birthday party theme. Use clear plastic containers in rectangular shapes, to draw windows, and make city landscapes across tables.

Gold streamers and shiny foil complete the look and why not add the detective drama touch by making a string display board, but this time it’s filled with pics of your precious birthday girl?!

superhero girl party signs

Get your Superhero party supplies here including these fun party signs.

Circus Themed First Birthday Party

When we saw what Zahira Vega of Festa PR concocted, we fell in love with the action-packed spectacle that is his circus-themed first birthday party show. The details are decadent with an exquisite circus cake, circus-style pedastool tables filled with animal cake pops, red and white striped mats and circus tents, and curtain backdrops as well as block letters and framed circus prints in coordinating colors!

From the tiny top hats to the adorable elephants, your baby is sure to love this spectacle that will knock the socks off your guests.

This theme also works really well as a First Birthday theme for twins.

circus decoration set

Get all of your Circus-themed party supplies here including this gorgeous tabletop Circus decoration set.

Aloha First Birthday Party

aloha themed first birthday party
 Hello Pretty Events

This is a more fun theme for our next item on the first birthday party ideas list, styled by Hello Pretty Events. We love the dessert centerpiece table in this design, with flamingos and pineapple donuts along with so much pink and red everywhere!

You’ll want balloons and cocktail umbrellas with some gorgeous tropical bouquets. Keep the color scheme bright and cheerful and you can go easy with the decor. If you want a budget version, just print out surfboards, pineapple tops, and palm tree leaves and sprinkle in strategic places. Add a pretty grass table skirt to the table. Buy some flamingo cups to drink colorful fruit punch out of, and you’re all set! Oh and remember to give each of your guests a flower Lei garland to wear!

aloha baby party tableware set

Get all of your gorgeous Aloha party supplies here including this pretty Aloha Baby tableware set.

Mermaid Madness

Everything is better under the sea! That’s the premise for our next first birthday party theme. Blue cloth backgrounds strung with seashells, paper, handpicked or bought, it’s up to you. Ice your cupcakes right and stack them in towers and you have a coral reef effect that uses food as a feature. Stick a fish or two on sticks and bingo!

Beautiful centerpieces. A few green pipe cleaners or cut out seaweed won’t go amiss. Use buckets to display biscuits on. The combination of blue and purple works really well with this first birthday party theme by Balsa Circle.

mermaid party supplies

Find all your mermaid party supplies here including this gorgeous tableware set.

Pretty As A Princess

We’re not sure whether it’s the princess theme or the pink and cold color scheme that’s wowing us here! This is simple and chic, perfect for something that won’t overwhelm your baby but still delight her and your guests. Pink tablecloths and gold balloons with gold glitter and party hats used as centerpieces make for a fantastic first birthday party feel.

A picture frame with a sweet message is used as a feature piece here and it works really well, especially as it’s low budget and bank-friendly! The sweetest touch here is to decorate the high chair too!

princess party balloon kit

Shop pretty Pink and Gold party supplies here including this gorgeous balloon decorating kit.

Fun to be One Train Party

A teddy train! Isn’t this first birthday party idea just the cutest?! The theme by Dazzling Parties, is simple, trains filled with teddies. Keep the color scheme simple and muted and decorate with trains filled with teddies! If you carve your veggies into trains and fill train carriages with food, you’ve got a gorgeous decor right there.

Have a giant teddy holding a bowl of sweets or pretzels. Customized biscuits add an adorable extra flair.

Whole Llama Fun First Birthday

This Llama theme was created by Our Nest Handmade. The colours are pastel rainbows and interspersed with cacti and succulents in tiny, terrific pots. It’s the cake and the biscuits which do all the work here but they are displayed so well. Biscuits are propped up on small cake stands to add height and draw attention.

Overturned boxes and pyramids are turned into more display cases for some gorgeously detailed food. This just goes to show that if you’re going to spend and splurge – you should put your money where your mouth is!

llama birthday supplies

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Tropical Safari Themed First Birthday Party

Our next idea for a First Birthday party is to go wild with the wild things. We are talking about a safari themed birthday bash. And this one from From The Heart Events is styled to perfecttion!

Colors are green and brown and you’re looking for a lot of plain wood with lots of green leafy foliage. Green and white balloons on brown wrapped cases make for a good impact. Later on, we’ll talk about the animal version, this First Birthday party idea is all about the explorer vibe with sophisticated safari colors and small trees.

safari party supplies

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Candyland Tea Party

This first birthday party theme by Popping Parties Events is more grown-up. Think Candyland – but adult. Which is good because you don’t want your baby to be eating too much candy yet. Think geometric colors, old style sweet jars, and colorful food stations in sweet colors with individual tables for two and crazy colors.

You want to decorate with fake candy, cutouts, and disguised foods as well as fake shop signs and lots of balloons.

candyland party cutouts

Get all of your Candyland party supplies here including this pretty Candyland party cut outs.

Wild Animals First Birthday Party

Unlike the safari scene, this first birthday party by Popping Parties Events is all about the friendly pals in the jungle. The color scheme is similar, leafy greens and browns but it’s more child friendly.

Add a sweet and child friendly touch by placing as many stuffed toy animals as you can. Coconuts cups would work well here and if you’re going to custom order food, go for jungle animals.

palm leaf party supplies

Get all of your Palm themed party supplies here including this pretty Palm tableware set.

Some Bunny is One!

So the theme for this party is bunny rabbits and all the sweetness and cheer they bring. Styled by Party Mums from the UK, this monochrome party is full of class.

Go for bunny biscuits, a cool cake, and bunny-themed props. Think bunnies sticking out of top hats, a peter rabbit figure, and then some sweet bunnies scattered around. Cutouts are your friends with this theme as everything can be bunny-ised. Background colors are greys with warm purples and pinks and polka dots tying everything together. For an added touch, put your baby in a matching bunny costume! Remember that wrapped empty boxes add height which is a quick and simple way to glam up a centerpiece on a low budget – or a high one!

Woodland Animals First Birthday

woodland animals party
 I Do Parties

Our penultimate First Birthday party themes idea is a whimsical woodland wonderfest by I Do Parties. Forest animals and wooden signs with forest style wild garlands and mushroom themed cupcakes. Adorable rabbits and foxes flit around the room either in the form of cutouts or in the form of custom cookies.

Tree stumps used as serving platters and grass inspired tablescape take this party to the next level. This first birthday theme can be glammed up for a chic touch, focussing more on the boho style elements, or toned down and made more baby-friendly with the spotlight on woodland friends. It’s up to you!

woodland animals party supplies

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Travel Themed First Birthday Party

Our last entry for the First Birthday Party themes is a slight twist on the woodland theme by Popping Parties Events. Take all the elements from the last first birthday party idea and link it with trains and planes. Foxes peep out of train windows and squirrels wave from airplanes. The signs become international and clouds grace the top of the backgrounds.

Little airplanes and trains can be easily printed and added to the table for a sweet twist on a classic party theme.

up and away party supplies

Get all you need for your Up and Away party here including this cute Up and Away tableware set.

So we hope you were inspired by our First Birthday Party Themes list. We’d love to see what you come up with! A party is always a chance to let your creativity shine and get in touch with the artistic side of your soul.

Of course, everyone having a good time is our absolute priority and that’s why you have to choose something that suits you and your family. If you’re looking for more info on planning a first birthday party, check out this post right here, and remember, the most important thing – is to have fun!

And for the Ultimate List of 150 Party Themes, check out this post!

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