13th Birthday Party Ideas Your Teen Will Love – Party Ideas for 13 Yr Olds

Becoming a teenager is a huge milestone for your child, as it means they are one step closer to being an adult and one step farther from being a child.  Not only could having a teenager in the family feel weird to parents, it is also a reminder how fast they grow up.  Turning thirteen is an exciting age and therefore must be celebrated!  Discuss with your teen what they would like to do to celebrate or for ideas, check out our 13th birthday party ideas below we know they will love!

13th Birthday Party Ideas

When planning a 13th birthday party, keep in mind it is an age where your child may have many friends or a solid small group.  Their interests have developed so use that as inspiration when planning.  As this is a very independent age, they will be fairly self sufficient with activities and you could expect most teen parties to last several hours. 

Escape Room At Home

Egypt themed escape room kit

Escape rooms are a big trend now but can vary when it comes to skill difficulty. If you don’t have one local to you, or you prefer to party at home, then there is another option! Why not host an Escape Room party at home! And the best way to do this is with a ready made Escape Room kit.

It’s super simple, just download and print out the game cards and accessories, follow the game instructions and you are ready to go! The kids will love it, what is more fun than transforming your living room into your very own custom Escape Room!

Check out this Ancient Egypt themed Escape Room kit is a heap of fun! With the Lost Mummy Egypt Adventure Rebel Revolt, your guests get to explore the world of the ancient Egyptians and solve the mystery of the Lost Mummy. $29, Lock Paper Scissors.

Tie Dye Party

In short, a tie dye party would be super fun!  Supply guests with items like a t-shirt, socks, scrunchies and hats for them to get creative with.  Tie Dye can be messy, but with teens, there should be less stress for parents in terms of a mess and clean up.  Learn how to make different patterns such as a spiral, bullseye and stripes using a variety of colors.  Not only will this be a fun activity, but everyone will get to take something tie dyed home too.    

Party Games

party games for teenagers

Sometimes a party just full of games is the best!  Fun party games could include indoor games like Hide and Seek, Truth or Dare, Charades or Twister.  Outside game ideas could be Manhunt and Capture the Flag.  Party games are great for any size group and is excellent for collaboration and laughs!  Teens can certainly run these games on their own and will have a blast playing.  For more fun party games that teens and tweens love, check out this post.

Slumber Party

A sleepover party could be the ultimate way to celebrate turning thirteen. Firstly, set up adorable tents with cozy pillows and throws inside your house.  Secondly, add glow sticks and fairy lights for a relaxing vibe. Finally, this type of party will last many hours so plan a menu before hand.  This could include making their own pizzas or subs for dinner, lots of delicious snacks for during a movie and finally, a pancake breakfast.  It may be easiest to invite only the birthday child’s closest pals to sleepover.  This will ensure enough space for everyone.

Photo Booth

If your teen is into social media and loves taking pictures, than a photo booth may be an awesome addition to their party.  Look into renting a backdrop or simply make your own.  Hang a curtain or fun wrapping paper on a wall, collect some neat accessories and dress up items and let the teens have fun!  If you have a ring light bring that out too in case any dance numbers are performed.  The birthday teen will love looking back at all the pictures they took with their friends for years to come!  

Glow In The Dark Party Theme

A glow in the dark party is always a hit with young kids so should be with teens too.  Have guests come at night or set up in the basement of your house.  Decorate with bright and bold colored balloons and streamers.  In addition, set up a black light or two and encourage everyone to wear neon colors.  Another idea is to have glow in the dark body and face paint for some added fun as well as glow sticks!  Play some music and have a terrific time dancing away!   

Cooking Party

It is never to young to learn to cook therefore a cooking party is a wonderful idea for any young teen interested in cuisine.  Look into local cooking schools where they host birthday parties, or follow along at home as a group with virtual cooking lessons.  Working together to make a delicious meal is not only a terrific way to develop kitchen skills, but will give a sense of accomplishment when they get to enjoy it.  Bon appetite!

Movie Night Party

A movie night is a fun 13th birthday party theme. Invite over a few friends, set up a big screen either in your living room or backyard and supply the popcorn and snacks! Or treat them to the real deal with a trip to the movie theater.

Silent Disco

A twist on a regular disco party, guests each wear headphones to listen to the party music. It’s super fun and won’t disturb the neighbours either!

Outdoor 13th Birthday Party Ideas

13th Birthday Hike

birthday hike

If your child loves the outdoors and going on adventures, then a birthday hike may be a perfect choice to celebrate their birthday. Not only would this be inexpensive, you may discover neat things along the trail and memories will be made with the crew.  When planning a date, keep in mind the time of year and the best time to be outside.  Next, pack a picnic, water, bug spray and sunscreen for the hikers. Lastly, for added fun, print out a scavenger hunt list for guests or look into Geocaching.     


camp out party

Another one of our 13th birthday party ideas is to have a campout.  Build a campsite in your backyard or rent a spot at a local camp ground.  Ask guests to bring a sleeping bag, flash light and any other equipment they may need.  Set up a tent, roast marshmallows while telling spooky stories and enjoy sleeping under the stars.  To add, make sure you pick a time of year when the weather is more pleasant.      

Sports Game

If your teen is into sports, consider taking them to a game.  Look into local games of hockey, basketball, soccer, football or baseball.  Other sports could include a surfing competition or tennis tournament. Being a fan in the stands with friends and family will be exciting!  Whether you watch a professional or minor team, cheering on their favorite team will be an amazing way to celebrate the big 1-3!

Scavenger Hunt

If you want to take an outdoor party to the next level then include a scavenger hunt in your party games. Kids work in teams to find the items on your scavenger hunt list and the first to find them all wins.

Laser Tag

Head to your local Laser Tag venue for an afternoon filled with active fun that your 13 year old will love. Get the kids into teams and see who is the ultimate laser tag warrior.

13th Birthday Decorations

There are many ways to decorate for a 13th birthday celebration that look amazing and are also budget friendly. Our favorite 13th birthday party decorations are:

  • balloons
  • balloon arch
  • streamers
  • number balloons
  • photo booth
  • birthday backdrop
  • fairy lights

13th Birthday Party Ideas FAQs

Is 13 a milestone birthday?

13 is often considered a milestone birthday as it marks the start of the teenage years. Your child is not longer a “child” but can now be officially considered a teenager!

How do I make my 13 year old feel special on her birthday?

Turning 13 marks the beginning of being a teenager which is a special time. Make your teenager feel special by throwing her a fun party, baking her a special cake, organizing a get together with family or by giving her a meaningful gift. 

What to do on your 13 year olds birthday?

You may want to throw a big party or organize a fun family dinner. Some 13 year olds may prefer a low key event with only a few friends, whereas others may really enjoy a bog themed 13th birthday party.

13-year-olds Birthday Party Ideas Summary

Generally speaking, turning thirteen is a big deal to most kids.  It is the start of the teenage years where so much learning, more independence and who we become happens.  These 13th birthday party ideas are just some ways to celebrate such an important moment.  

Check out our posts for birthday party idea for teen girls and for teen boys for more inspiration and for even more awesome party ideas, click here. Relish this time celebrating your teenager!

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