how to make a backdrop for a party

How To Make A Backdrop For A Party

Looking for a way to add a “wow” factor to your event? Then consider adding a backdrop or two to your space!  Want to know how to make a backdrop for a party? Keep reading!

Whether you are planning a Baby Shower, Gender Reveal event, birthday celebration or any other kind of party, a backdrop is an amazing thing to include with your décor. 

You can also do this on any budget. There are endless amounts of ideas out there in order to create the perfect backdrop.  

What is a party backdrop?

Similar to the theatre, a backdrop sets the stage or scene for a party.  Typically, a backdrop is set up against a wall or is used on a frame.  For the most part, it covers a large area and usually draws the guests eyes right in by being colorful, themed and fun! 

Place a backdrop behind a cake or food table or use a backdrop as the perfect photo op for guests to snap pictures.  A backdrop can even be behind the guest(s) of honor to make them feel more special.  You can use backdrops inside or outside.   

What can I use for a party backdrop?

Generally speaking, anything can be used for a party backdrop!  For example, backdrops can be made of cloth, vinyl, lights, tulle, and paper. In fact, look around your home for supplies that could be used as a backdrop.  Items like table cloths, craft supplies and other decorations like balloons or streamers work well. 

If you don’t have these types of items and want to keep it economical, head to your local dollar store to pick them up. Short on time or creativity?  You can also order vinyl backdrops online from websites like Lofaris.  These are always a great option and can be customized too!    

What do you need to make a backdrop?

Once you have envisioned what kind of backdrop you want to create, it is time to gather supplies and decide on the location.  Firstly, find a space that works and will allow easy viewing of the backdrop.  This could be a wall, fence or you can build your own backdrop stand. Don’t block any exits and make sure it is a safe area.

Secondly, gather or purchase the materials you have chosen to use.  Thirdly, gather other supplies like scissors, string, tape, glue, stapler and whatever else that may be needed to make and secure the backdrop.  Lastly, ask a friend to help with the process and get started!   

DIY Backdrop Ideas

Now that you have decided you want to include a party backdrop, you are probably asking yourself how do you make a backdrop for a party?  Or maybe you are thinking I need some ideas!  The DYI backdrop ideas below should help spark some ideas for your event.

Cloth Backdrop

This backdrop is classic and relatively inexpensive.  It can also cover a large space!  Using curtains or tablecloths, hang them on a wall  or on your own backdrop stand.  Use one color or several to give a layered or multi-colored look. 

Another idea is to use plastic table cloths from the dollar store and tape them onto a wall. This would create a a solid backdrop or allow it to be turned into a mural by adding elements like themed characters and other shapes to set the scene.

Twinkle Light Backdrop  

If you are hosting a party at night or the event is more of an elegant affair, then a twinkle light backdrop may be a perfect choice.  All you need is a frame, sheer curtain(s), and lights!  Try using different colored curtains or different shades of lights to find the right vibe you are going for.  In any event, this backdrop will be eye-catching! 

Streamer Backdrop

Often when you think of a party, you think of streamers!  A streamer backdrop is super fun, easy, and pretty cheap to make.  In brief, a streamer backdrop is a great DYI background option.  Think of your event theme and chose your colors.  You can have the streamers hang loosely or twist and secure them for a different look.  You can have a pattern or do them in blocks.  So many options!    

Balloon Backdrop

Balloons are always a party favorite so why not use them as part of your backdrop?  Choose one color or several.  One idea is to make a balloon wall.  Another idea is to make a balloon arch!  Combine other DYI backdrop ideas with your balloons for a more elaborate backdrop.   

Floral Backdrop

floral backdrop for a party

A floral backdrop is not only feminine but it will also add color to any event!  Perhaps you make a wall of flowers or a pretty arch.  Purchase fake flowers from your local craft or dollar store and create a flower wall or add them to a boxwood backdrop

An alternative idea is to make your own paper flowers.  Put together a few large ones and place them on the wall for a whimsical look or make several little ones and hang from the ceiling.  Lastly, you could even use real flowers!   Not only would they be beautiful but they would smell nice too.

Garland Backdrop

A simple but beautiful way to create a backdrop is by making a garland.  For a baby shower, hang tiny little onesies from a string behind your cake table.  Hang a large stick on the wall and place pretty flowers onto string which you will then tie to the stick for a natural look. 

Add gold hearts or colorful unicorn silhouettes to string and weave them back and forth behind the birthday girl. Lastly, play around with the garland by hanging it vertically or horizontally.

How to make a backdrop for a party final note

If you are planning a party or celebration of some kind, a backdrop will add ambiance to any space! They are not only useful and fun, but they can also be easy to make and be inexpensive.  Use any of our above ideas or come up with your own.

If you are looking for more options, check out our Gender Reveal Backdrop Ideas or Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas posts.  Now you know how to make a backdrop for a party, so have a blast making it and enjoying it!

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