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If you are looking for a pretty way to add impact to your party, then consider a balloon arch or a balloon garland! After all, balloon arches are so pretty, eye-catching, and make a great party centerpiece! Plus they add height to a design scheme and color to your party set-up. Read on for exactly how to make a balloon arch.

Balloon arches are popular for Baby Showers, Gender Reveal Parties, and Birthday Parties. And they have made a recent appearance at many Drive-By Baby Showers and Drive-By Gender Reveals. For good reason too, as a balloon arch is a perfect way to make a pretty statement at your next event. It is one of our favorite birthday traditions in our house!

For the longest time, I didn’t believe that making a balloon arch was a project you could DIY and I wondered how to make a balloon arch! So needless to say when I found out I could make a balloon arch all on my own, I started doing it for every event I could think of!

So we put together some instructions for anyone else who wants to find out how to make a balloon arch or balloon garland the easy way! Or check out our video tutorial above.

How to make a DIY Balloon Arch

Step 1. Plan your DIY Balloon Arch Design

Now there are a few different ways you can create a balloon arch. First off, decide is what shape you want your arch to be. Depending on the location of the arch, you will want to work out what shapes fits best in your space.

Balloon Arch Design Ideas – What shape balloon arch should I make?

You can go for a traditional balloon arch shape like this which goes over and above the area like a rainbow.

Or more of an upside down L shaped balloon arch design like this, which works well as a backdrop.

diy balloon arch

Alternatively you can create more of a side shaped balloon arch like this one. Ultimately, don’t worry too much about the final shape as you can adjust the shaping as you go. Just make sure you have a rough idea of how you want your balloon arch to look. Plus this will help down the line with positioning of your hooks.

TIP… Make sure your balloon arch goes around the edge of a structure like a chair, backdrop frame or wall.

Once you have decided upon your shape, have a think about your color palette for your balloons. Similar tones work well for a more muted and subtle effect. Or choose contrasting colors for a bolder, more vibrant vibe.

TIP… you will want to tie in the color scheme of your balloon arch with the rest of your party decor.

Adding extra touches like leaves, florals or bows also give a really pretty and professional finish.

I like to do a very rough sketch of how I want my balloon arch to look so I have a visual to go by of the loose shape (it doesn’t always turn out exact but hey that’s OK!).

TIP… add extra touches in between the balloons like faux leaves and florals to add to the prettiness.

Step 2. Go shopping for Balloon Arch supplies!

Next, go shopping for all your supplies! Use our shopping list feature on Amazon to find everything you need in one place.

These are the things you’ll need :

  • Balloons. You will need at least 100 balloons for a small balloon arch. Go for 150 balloons for a fuller, larger display. These pastel ones from Amazon work great for a pastel color scheme. 
  • Balloon Pump. An electric balloon pump will save you heaps of time and energy! This is the one we use.
  • Fishing line or string. This Fishing Line is strong and transparent so hides nicely among the balloons. This way the balloons look like they are floating rather than strung up.
how to make a balloon arch with balloon decorating tape
  • Balloon Tape. This is a great alternative to fishing line and super simple to use. Just push the knot of your balloons through the holes in the tape to create a “string” of balloons.
  • Hooks to attach to wall (or wherever you are positioning your Balloon Arch).

3. Blow up the balloons!

how to blow up balloons for balloon arch

Next, you want to blow up all of the balloons.

Remember to make sure you create a variety of sizes to be able to fill in any blank spaces. So blow some full, some half full, some tiny, make sure they are all different sizes to add interest to your balloon! 

TIP… different sized balloons will add to the interest of your balloon arch.

How to put a Balloon Arch together…

4. Start to assemble!

Now take your blunt sewing needle and fishing line with a knot on the end.

Simply begin to thread your needle through the extra balloon material under the knot.

Now slide each balloon to the end of the fishing line, rotating balloon color, size, and direction. Squash the up as much as possible to get a fuller arch.

Put about two thirds of your balloons onto the line, and save the rest for the next step. I like to save the smaller balloons for the next part.

If you are using Balloon Tape, then simply begin attaching the balloons to the tape by pushing the knotted part of the balloon through the holes in the tape.

TIP… remember to save your smaller balloons for the next step.

5. Finish it off!

When you have put two thirds of your balloons on the line, cut and tie off the fishing line.

Of course, double-check that your shape and fullness are where you want them to be before you cut. And don’t worry if it looks a bit bare, we will be adding to the fullness in a minute!

6. Hang your hooks!

Next, hang hooks on the walls or structure where you want the arch to go. I personally love the 3M Command hooks so that they are easily removed without damaging your walls.

7. Fill in the blanks on your balloon arch!

pastel balloon arch

Now, this is the fun bit where you get to add all of the finishing touches and your design comes together beautifully!

Very carefully, using your LOW TEMP (very important) glue gun, hover over spots that need to be filled with your remaining small balloons. Or use Sticky Glue Dots instead, both work well.

Now add just a bit of glue without touching the metal tip onto your balloons. And attach small balloons to larger ones to give your arch a nice full look!

8. Hang up your finished balloon arch!

Finally, place your fishing line over the hooks wherever desired!

Lastly, add any floral accessories, leaves or bows that you are planning to add to give a really professional finish. If you want to add faux flowers, greenery, shimmery pieces, streamer paper, or any extra embellishments for wow factor, do it after it is hung to make sure it ends where you want it!

These arches make a fantastic backdrop and decoration at a party! A balloon arch behind a dessert table or gift table looks amazing.

Ready Made Balloon Kits

Ready Made Balloon Arch Kits

If DIY is not for you and you are nervous about your skills there are some great DIY balloon kits out there.

This one is my favorite containing 140 balloons, tape, sticky dots and hooks. And it comes in a range of colors to suit your color scheme. All you need to create your own arch!

This is another good option and comes in blue, pink and peach with a variety of colored balloons included.

Balloon Arch Structures

If you are looking for your arch to be a little sturdier and free stand or hold its form without being against a ball, you will want to utilize chicken wire in the center of the structure. Alternatively, you can buy a structure like the ones below to support your balloons.

How to make a Balloon FAQ

How Early Can You Make A Balloon Arch?

Helium-filled balloons are at their peak for around 12 hours after inflating, so if you are making a helium balloon arch then try to make it as close to the event as possible.

However, if you are using air-filled balloons, they last well for days so you can easily pre-prepare your air-filled balloon arch several days before your event.

That way you get to enjoy it for longer too and don’t have to make it on the day of the party.

Do you need to use helium balloons for a Balloon Arch?

No you don’t need to use helium balloons for a diy balloon garland as the balloons are all secured in place and don’t need to float.

What do I need to buy to make a balloon garland?

You will need to buy balloons, fishing line, sticky dots, a balloon pump and a blunt needle.

How many balloons do you need for a balloon arch?

Around 100 balloons is a good starting point. Depending on the size of your arch you may want to add more.

What kind of balloons should I use to make my own balloon garland?

Regular 5″ latex balloons are the best kind. You might want to blow them up to a variety of sizes to add to the interest of the balloon styling.

How to Make a Balloon Arch Final Note

A balloon arch is such a pretty addition to a party. And it’s a relatively inexpensive way to add big impact.

If you enjoy a little craft and DIY, then making your own Balloon Archway is fun and you can really let your creativity run wild. And with a little work, your Balloon Arch is sure to be the decoration highlight of the party!

For more fun party ideas, check out our Party Page here.

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