how to plan a babys first birthday party

How to plan a Baby’s First Birthday Party!

How to plan a baby’s first birthday party

So, your precious new baby is about to turn one!! Undoubtedly, it’s a major milestone. And a chance to reflect and celebrate with family, friends, and loved ones. Planning your baby’s first party is so exciting, a fantastic way to celebrate the poignant milestone. And with all the work that goes into getting baby to this milestone, you don’t need the pressure of figuring out how to plan a baby’s first birthday party!

Our guide gives you all you need to get started!

how to throw a first birthday party

When to throw Baby’s first birthday

First off, there are two people who need to be considered when picking a date for your baby’s big day.

Firstly, your guests. Baby’s first birthday may be on a Wednesday but your guests might have work, school, or other commitments. The weekend preceding or following your baby’s birthday are good choices as most people are flexible with weekend schedules.

Secondly, the star of the show themselves! You know your little prince or princess best. What time of day are they happy and smiley? Remember, parties can be overwhelming for a little one. Try to find the time of day that your baby is well-rested and ready to play. And keep it short and sweet.

Babies want to have fun – but babies can’t handle too much noise and lots of people for too long. A couple of hours is plenty of time to create beautiful memories, greet your guests, make sure everyone has fun, and leaves before the baby gets grumpy or the chatter starts to run out faster than the refreshments.

Where to have Baby’s first birthday

When considering how to plan a baby’s first birthday party, your first consideration has to be location, location, location.

If you throw the bash in your own home, then you have cut down on cost but will also have lots of mess to deal with afterward. However, your baby will be in familiar surroundings which will help them feel settled and smiley amongst all the hullabaloo. Your house is most probably baby proof too, meaning you can relax and not have to worry about the safety of guests’ children.

Another advantage is that your baby can have a nap in the middle if you want guests to stay for longer.

Going for a restaurant or children’s play center is pricey but will take all the stress off your head. There won’t be any setup or cleaning up afterward. The price will include food and entertainment. This option can make your party stand out and be an easy way to make the baby’s birthday special.

Another great option is a local park. It’s free, it’s fresh and fun for all the little ones. A park is an informal setting that in summer weather is totally glorious.

where to have babys first birthday party

Who to invite to Baby’s first birthday

The next stage in how to plan a baby’s first birthday is to whip out your phone and start scrolling through contacts. You want familiar, loving faces to surround your baby. Everyone who means a lot to you should be present on this special occasion.

Family comes first, followed by close friends. After these all-important figures, it just depends on your budget. If you’re going all out and throwing a big bash – invite away! If you want to keep it small and costs down – keep it the bare minimum and that way you won’t insult anyone who isn’t your BFF or your mother (except maybe your partner’s mother. She will probably be insulted – invite her too).

Remember, too many people will overwhelm your little one.

If you want beautiful invitations, they don’t have to cost the earth. Canva is a great website that allows you to create beautiful invitations easily and quickly with a free account. If you want physical invites for your guests to keep, shop around, the internet is full of great bargains. There’s something out there to suit all tastes.

Consider matching your invites to your theme if you have one and if not, the colour scheme.

And of course, a picture of the star of the show is a sweet touch.

What food to serve at Baby’s first birthday

Having two menus is something to plan a baby’s first birthday party with. For children, prepare finger foods, small cut up sandwiches, bite-sized pieces of soft fruit such as melon, mango, banana etc.

For your adult guests, it depends on the time of day. Lunch? Go for bagels, a salad bar, or both. Supper? Pasta is inexpensive and easy to make, you can’t go wrong with pizza and maybe throw in a chocolate or deli platter. If your party is mid-afternoon, go for cakes and pastries. Cute little desserts in a cup make a fun party treat.

What kind of cake to have for Baby’s first birthday

So, are you thinking about a smash cake? A smash cake is a small cake that’s just for your baby to smash and smush and eat to the delight of all. It’s adorable and makes for great photos.

The trick is how to plan a baby’s first birthday party around the smash cake. If it is too early in the party, the festivities can fizzle out too early. But too late and your baby may be grumpy and fussy. Aim for the middle of your party of near the ending but not too close.

Check out How to make healthy first Birthday Cake (Smash Cake) for a great recipe.

Making your own smash cake is a wonderful experience. This cake is baby-friendly and extremely healthy, full of avocado, strawberry, bananas, dates, and protein-packed cream cheese. It’s simple to make and sweet looking. And something your baby will enjoy playing with and eating!

Do you need a First Birthday theme?

If you enjoy themed parties, then go for it! There are so many super cute First Birthday party themes to choose from. These are some of our favorites:

Wild One

Baby Shark

Rubber Duck

Farm Animal

Peter Rabbit

Sweet As A Peach

Alice in Onederland

Aloha Baby


Fun to be one

And if you are planning a First Birthday for twins, then here are some more adorable ideas.

But if themes are not your thing, then no need to worry. After all, your baby won’t mind!

What to do at a Baby’s First Birthday

Of course, Baby’s first birthday is such a special occasion. A time to rejoice with family and friends.

Obviously, you’re throwing a party. But how to fill the time?

This day is all about your precious little one, so let them have fun! Above all else, plan games that will delight your baby. After all, it’s their very first birthday!

Simple activities like bubbles and balloons are always a hit. Or hire some fun soft play equipment for the babies to play on.

Wagon rides are another favorite. Or if the weather is warm, a water play table is lots of fun.

Final note

We hope our guide has helped you with how to plan a baby’s first birthday party.

Ultimately, it’s all about your precious bundle of joy. So, keep it simple and short-ish, that your Baby will cope with and enjoy and you will be free to relax and bask in the pleasure of seeing your little one reach this milestone.

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