the best indoor picnic ideas

Indoor Picnic Guide – How to create the best indoor picnic

An indoor picnic has become really popular over the last few weeks as many of us are spending much more time at home. Along with the Backyard Picnic, which is great for warmer days, an indoor picnic can be hosted at any time of year!

Indoor Picnic tips and tricks

best indoor picnic ideas

If the weather is bad, or you can’t get out to a picnic outside, a cozy indoor picnic can be just as much fun!

There are heaps of benefits to a living room picnic! First off, you don’t have to travel anywhere! Nor do you have to carry food, drinks, and décor around! Plus, unlike Backyard Picnics, you don’t need to rely on the weather!

One of our favorite event planners, Little Miss Party Planner, is an expert at boho indoor picnics and has agreed to share some of her favorite indoor picnic photos and inspiration with us!

Read on to find out how to create the most gorgeous indoor picnic at home!

best indoor picnics

How to set up a pretty Indoor Picnic

Setting up a boho indoor picnic at home can be easily achieved if you follow a few simple tips.

Remember to use styling items that you have in and around your house to create a special area for your indoor picnic.

Indoor picnics are great for all sorts of celebrations including birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers or just because! After all, who doesn’t love a picnic!

living room picnic ideas

Planning a stylish living room picnic

So, to start with have a think about the scene you want to create.

Is it an intimate setting for two? Or are you setting up a family picnic area that needs to be child-friendly? Is it for a special event with girlfriends so you can go for a really feminine vibe?

Have a good look on Pinterest (we have put together a great inspiration board here for you) and get your ideas flowing.

My favorite is always a relaxed boho theme as it goes so well with the informality of picnic food.

how to have an indoor picnic


First off, set a theme for your living room picnic.

Everything works best around a theme and will help with the rest of the planning. This can be a color theme, an event theme or a theme that is special to you. Write all your ideas down on a piece of paper, circle the ones that really stand out… let the pen do the talking.

indoor picnic with tent


Pallets or low tables will really help set the mood for an indoor picnic. If the picnic is your living room, then often your coffee table is perfect.

If you want to include pallets, Little Miss Party Planners tip is go to any industrial yard and they will let you take their pallets for free.

balcony picnic ideas

Remember to check for nails and make sure you sand to avoid splinters.

If you use your coffee table,  throw a tablecloth over or sheet or a runner of some kind to soften the look. Look around your house for rugs, blankets, throws and fabric in different shades, patterns and textures. You will be surprised at what you can find.

Mixing rather than matching is key here to create those soft boho vibes.

For seating, find a selection of pillows and ottomans in different shades, styles and textures. Position them on the floor around the table and in comfortable, casual positions around the room.

Styling items for the table can vary from small jars with flowers, candles or any items you can find around the house. Pretty and soft or boho and vintage, the options are endless.

Fresh flowers can transform a space into something magical. Flowers bring any event to life and you can even grab some from your garden to fill a couple of jars.

living room picnic

Lastly, add some lighting. Fairy lights are a must and will transform any space. Casually drape them across dark corners and watch the magic happen! 


Now have a think about your picnic food.

Basically, we love grazing platters at the moment. Not only do they look gorgeous, but you can create your own with all of your favorite goodies! Watch below for how to create a gorgeous one … It fills a whole table but you can easily adjust this so be smaller.

Lastly, add some drinks to your menu. Do you like champagne, wine, beer or punch? Prepare your drinks list and have everything accessible and ready to go.

A champagne ice bucket can serve as a pretty container to keep your drinks chilled.

Above all, keep it relaxed and casual. An indoor picnic should be one of those beautiful, unusual events that your guests remember for a long time to come, simply because of the simplicity and relaxed nature of it.

Finally, thank you to Little Miss Party Planner for the stunning inspiration, ideas, and photos for these gorgeous boho picnics.

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