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Gender Reveal Lasagna… is it really a thing?

Let’s shake up the Gender Reveal party with the latest, literally hot out the oven idea.

In the search for original Gender Reveal ideas, one restaurant in America decided to start a Gender Reveal trend that is fun and delicious! Villa Italian Kitchen announced in 2018 the world’s first gender reveal lasagna package that serves 12 people. There are lots of fun Gender Reveal food ideas out there, but this one is next level!

But too much, too cute? You decide!

Villa Italia

Whether you’re under lockdown but still want to make an awesome Gender Reveal party, or prefer Gender Reveal ideas that are tasty, then maybe you should try the new craze that is Gender Reveal lasagna.

 What is Gender Reveal Lasagna?

Gender reveal lasagna
Villa Italia

A fantastic question. It all started in January. Pizza chain Villa Italia Kitchen posted their new creation on Instagram. It features a cheesy delight lasagna that when cut into, reveals blue or pink cheese between the pasta sheets. Someone orders the lasagna and the delighted parents to be cut into it to reveal and share the good news. Anyone who orders the dish and posts a video on Instagram is entered into a raffle to win a free catered meal.

Coming in at $169, the meal includes the Gender Reveal lasagna, garlic rolls, and salad. Undoubtedly, it’s pretty cool and it saves on you having to create a menu and a Gender Reveal as well.

gender reveal lasagna
Villa Italia

Of course, the dish was a massive hit. And whilst it took its fair share of mocking on Twitter, it received 100 phone orders on the first day! Plus so many people looked it up on the restaurant website, that it crashed for an hour and a half.

Where to get Gender Reveal Lasagna

If you live in the US, Villa kitchens deliver to more than 100 cities. Check out the cheesy cuteness right here on Villa Kitchen’s website to find out more information and place an order. Simply call 1-855-VILLA FIK (845-5234) or email

While a Gender Reveal lasagna is cool, $140 may be a little pricey for some. On the other hand, it’s your meal for 12 people, theme and Gender Reveal gimmick all in one. Plus you could win a free catered meal. You could try asking your favorite local Italian restaurant if they’ll whip one up for you at a cheaper price. Or you could try your hand at a home-made version.

 How to make Gender Reveal Lasagna

Lasagna is super simple to make and deliciously yummy to eat.

The idea of Gender Reveal lasagna may seem complicated but it’s all about the cheese. A few drops of coloring in whipped cream cheese or a cheese sauce and voila! The cheats way of making lasagna is to use store-bought tomato sauce, or make a simple sauce with crushed tomatoes, milk, garlic powder and a drop of grated cheddar cheese.

Check out this scrumptious recipe from AllRecipes for a super simple lasagne, here. Or try Betty Crocker’s more cheesy but still easy version here. Alternatively try this mouthwatering four-cheese version layered with pumpkin, aubergine, feta, mozzarella, Parmesan, feta and ricotta layered in a cheesy heaven construction right here

If Gender Reveal lasagne isn’t your thing, or you’re looking for some other awesome Gender Reveal ideas, check out this packed post here

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