drive by baby shower food ideas

Drive by Baby Shower Food Ideas – 10 easy ideas

Are you looking for a fun Baby Shower idea that doesn’t require a lot of planning? Then a Drive By Baby Shower is perfect for you! It’s a fun way for the mom-to-be to stock up on supplies for her new arrival. If you are ready to give it a try then here are some great Drive By Baby Shower food ideas that are easy and sure to please the guests!

Drive by Baby Shower Food Ideas – 10 easy ideas your guests will love

The perfect Drive By Baby Shower food is something that can be easily eaten with your fingers and does not make a mess. You also want to serve a drink that can easily be handed through a car window and has a lid. Once you have finished reading over these ideas and the tips I share you will be ready to host your own fabulous Drive By Baby Shower.

What do you serve at a Drive By Baby Shower? 

You can’t go wrong with these delicious food options when you’re hosting a Drive By Baby Shower!

To-Go Lunch Boxes

Using paper boxes you can purchase from a party store or online fill these to-go lunch boxes with small portions of veggies, fruits, and a small non deli sandwich. Your guest will love the variety that each box has. I can assure you they will be a hit!

Cookies In Treat Bags

I think cookies in a bag are one of the best ideas for any Baby Shower. Decorated cookies just bring such personalization to any party. If you don’t want the decorated cookies then instead bake any cookie you know the mom-to-be will love!

Charcuterie Boxes

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These are all the rave right now and I know why! They are the perfect food items and every adult loves a good box of fancy cheeses, meats, and other treats Pack your Charcuterie boxes with the following items:

  • Babybel Cheese
  • Strawberries, Blueberries, Grapes
  • Pickles
  • Nuts
  • Crackers
  • Salami
  • Prosciutto
  • Sharp Cheddar cheese

A little tip try using cupcake liners to help keep everything sorted and look more presentable. Your guest will love these and will still be talking about them for days to come!

Popcorn Bags

Popcorn comes in so many different flavors making it an excellent choice for food at a baby shower. You can have a variety of pre-packaged popcorn bags of all different flavors for your guest to enjoy. From salty to sweet, spicey to mixed with chocolate having popcorn bags to serve will not disappoint. I can guarantee that. 

Fruit Cups in a Waffle Cone

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These crunchy waffle cones make the best way to serve up seasonal fruit. Chop up your fruit and pour it into your waffle cones. Such cute and easy cups of fruit to serve to your guest as they drive by! If you are worried about them spilling out you can also place them in a clear party favor bag and tie them with a cute ribbon to keep everything in the cone.

Cheese and Meat on a Skewer

Use a wooden skewer to serve up some of the best bell peppers, cucumbers, meat, and cheese! Wrap in plastic saran wrap so they can easily eat in their cars or take home to enjoy later! This is such an easy food idea to serve at any Drive By Baby Shower

Mini Muffins

There are so many yummy options when it comes to baking muffins. Be sure to add a colorful ribbon around your muffins to add a touch of sweetness your guest will adore. 

Cake Pops

drive by baby shower food idea

Packed in an elegant clear wrap, these cake pops are the perfect treat for your baby shower. They’re simple to make and bite-sized making them a perfect drive by bay shower treat! If you want them decorated just use colors from the theme of the baby shower or even blue or pink depending on the gender of the baby! Cake pops really do make this special event even more memorable.

Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches to serve at a drive by baby shower
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The perfect finger sandwiches that are cute and oh so delicious. You can make any variety you wish. From cucumber sandwiches to PB and J mini tea sandwiches are dainty and give a delicate look to any party. 

Party Chex Mix

Another great food option is party chex mix. You can make your own serving of party mix using check mix, pretzels, and cashews. Just shake together with some spice or seasonings to taste! Mix the night before and pre scoop into small bags and you are ready to go the day of the party. 

Drive by Baby Shower favors – take home treats

Guest typically leave a traditional Baby Shower with a party favor and Drive By Baby Showers are no different. You can give a small gift to show your thanks for their time and an even smaller way of saying “Thank You!” with one of these ideas.

Thank You Gift Bag

This bag can be simple. Include a bottle of water, a small snack,  mints, and a small hand lotion bottle with a personalized sticker using something from the Baby Shower theme. Just something they can take with them to nibble on as they go about their day. 

Donut in a Box

Drive by baby shower food idea take home treat
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A delicious glazed donut in a cute treat box with a Thank You tag attached to it makes for a simple but cute.

Desserts In A Cup

Desserts in a cup make a great gift because they can be closed and decorated. Using the lids place a personalized thank you sticker which allows you to add your own personalization on top! This is an amazing option for a baby shower take home treat! 

Individually Packaged Themed Cupcakes

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Cupcakes are everyone’s favorites: Buy a few boxes of blue, pink, green, purple, yellow frosted cupcakes from your local bakery or grocery store. Once you get them home decorate them with sprinkles that match the gender of your baby. Place a single cupcake in a treat box and tie some ribbon around the box and make a small bow on top. 


Macarons will be a real treat for any guest. They’re stuffed with jam or delicious cream, or even something more delicious like a ganache! Order or make them the color scheme of your shower theme. These will surely have your guest remembering the shower after they have driven away.  

S’mores To Go

Use clear bags and fill with graham cracks, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. That way your guest can make their own S’mores at home. S’mores are always a crowd pleaser and who doesn’t love S’mores? After you have filled your bags add a cute tag that says “Adding S’more Love To Our Family” or something similar!

Drive by Baby Shower Food Ideas Top Tips

Now that I’ve share with you my Drive By Baby Shower food ideas and some inspiration for take home treats let’s just go over a few top tips for planning a Drive By Baby Shower.

Plan Your Food Table Set Up Ahead Of Time

When you plan your shower, one of the most important things is to make sure that you have enough table space for food. In addition to table space don’t forget about platters! You may need to have a place where you can place a tent over your food table to keep the sun from melting food, or possibly even rain if it happens to be bad weather. Planning ahead takes away any stressors that may arise the day of your party!

Designate A Friend To Pass Out Food As People Drive By

If you are the host you don’t have time to worry about passing food to each guest that drives by. It is very important to designate a person to do this for you. You will be busy enough making sure the cars are flowing not blocking your neighborhood and refilling platters as they get emptied. 

Serve Beverages With Lids

You can never go wrong with cold water bottles and an assortment of soda. In fact, the typical colored punch served in plastic cups you normally see at a baby shower isn’t ideal for a drive by shower. Instead, serve things that can easily be handled through a car window and drank while driving. Having bottled water in coolers as well as mixed drinks is the way to go. Remember nonalcoholic beverages only! 

Drive By Baby Shower Food Ideas Final Note

A Drive By Baby Shower has become a great option for those who don’t have a big enough place to host all the guests they wish to invite or for a mom that has already had her baby. Sometimes babies like to surprise us and come a little early that is why having a Drive By Baby Shower works out best for everyone no matter the circumstances. 

For more Drive By Baby Shower ideas be sure to check out our How To Guide to Planning A Drive By Baby Shower. 

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