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3rd Birthday Party Ideas Toddlers Love – Fun ideas for 3rd party

Your little one is turning three and therefore is officially no longer a baby but well on their way to becoming a little kid!  They are showing new skills everyday and tend to be curious, fun loving and of course energetic.  When planning their third birthday, reflect on his or her interests and what they enjoy doing for ideas.  But don’t worry, because if you are looking for some 3rd birthday party ideas, we have some below!

General 3rd Birthday Party Tips

Though three is an age where kids are starting to become more independent, they are still young and often need parental assistance.  Some 3 year old’s may still nap too.  When planning a 3rd birthday party, keep the party shorter in length.  Also chose a time in the morning or late afternoon to accommodate anyone who may still need a nap. 

Three-year-old’s are usually also super active, so think about activities that will get them moving but don’t take too much concentration to enjoy. Sensory play is important at this age, so try to include some sensory party activities like sand play or playdough.

Additionally, when planning food for your party, consider limiting sugar and offering finger foods so the little guests can easily feed themselves.

At a 3rd birthday party, it is expected that young guests will be accompanied by a parent or guardian so ensure you keep that in mind when planning.  For more children’s party tips, check out our post here.

3rd Birthday Party Ideas


dinosaur party
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Kids of all ages love dinosaurs and it can start young.  Throwing your three year old a Three-Rex party is not only an exciting theme but also a cute play on words.   Play pin the tail on the dinosaur and decorate dinosaur cookies.  For decorations, place dinosaur footprints, figurines and jungle leaves around your space.  In addition, offer a dinosaur cake to your guests.  It will surely be T-rex-riffic! Check out our favorite dinosaur-themed decorations here.


construction party for boys
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A construction themed party is perfect for any little one who loves to dig and build!  Inspired by construction signs and caution tape, chose yellow and black as your party colors and create personalized signs for the birthday kid! Finally, have guests build something together and offer a chocolate “dirt” dessert for them to enjoy!

Baby Animals Party

rabbit baby shower cake
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A Baby Animals theme is super cute for a third birthday. Go with baby bunnies, deer and other cute woodland folk for one of the sweetest 3rd birthday party ideas around.

Character Theme

super heroes birthday party
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Every three old has a favorite movie or show so take inspiration from one of those for a theme.  Perhaps your child loves Disney movies or shows like Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig.  They may be into superheroes or a specific princess. To sum up, whatever character theme you chose, brainstorm decoration and activity ideas that relate to that character and have fun!   

Dr. Seuss Party

Dr. Seuss has been a childhood favorite for decades and is a great theme for a party!  If you are going to throw a Dr. Seuss party include characters like the Cat and the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 into your party planning.  Think whimsical and bright colors when it comes to décor and the food table. You will certainly have a Who-tastic party!

Farm Theme

farm animals party ideas
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In short, kids love animals! If your little one is an animal lover, consider having a farm party.  You could arrange a farm visit for your group or throw a farm animals party at home.  Firstly, chose décor in primary colors like red, yellow and blue.  Secondly dress in jeans and use a checkered table cloth for guests to use.   Thirdly as a party favor, have little attendees “adopt” a farm animal to take home.

Paw Patrol Party

paw patrol themed party

Every parent knows the excitement that comes with planning a birthday party for their little one. It’s a chance to create cherished memories and celebrate the joy they bring into our lives. When it comes to choosing a theme, “Paw Patrol” stands out as a stellar option that ticks all the boxes. This beloved animated series has captured the hearts of children worldwide, and for good reason. In this blog post, we’ll delve into why a Paw Patrol themed birthday party is a surefire way to bring smiles, laughter, and lasting memories to your child’s special day.

Baby Shark

What kid doesn’t love the song “Baby Shark?!”  It is not only a catchy song but easy to dance to and just so fun!  If your three year old likes this song or anything to do with the ocean, consider throwing them a Baby Shark inspired party. Choose hues of blue as your theme and don’t forget to have a dance party to this song!    

Car Wash

3rd birthday party ideas

Another one of our 3rd birthday party ideas is perfect for any warm weather birthdays.  Throw a car wash party!  Toddlers tend to have tricycles, push toys or little cars they can ride on. Ask guests to bring one of these or their child’s favorite waterproof toy for a scrub.  Set up a sprinkler and hand out buckets and sponges to your little guests (make a great favor too)!  Everyone will keep cool while having fun with bubbles!

Young, Wild & Three

safari party ideas
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A Young, Wild and Three party idea is a perfect theme for any child who may be a little wild or simply loves nature and animals.  Chose green, gold and animal print patterns for your décor and to tie the theme together.  One game idea would be to have the children act out animals and everyone has to guess what they are. Furthermore, have them do dance moves like animals to animal themed children’s songs.  It will surely be a wild time!

Cocomelon Themed Party

cocomelon party cake
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If your little one is a  Cocomelon fan, then this is a fun and colorful party theme for 3 year olds. Style with bright rainbow colors, balloons and decorations to bring this party alive. And add some character cut outs for the Cocomelon characters. And include some healthy, rainbow colored party food for healthy snacks. Check out our feature on how to host a Cocomelon party here.

Playground Party

ideas for third birthday party

Three-year-old’s love to be outside and often the playground is their go to happy place! So why not do a playground party?  Pick a playground location that is ideal for this age group.  Additionally, bring balls, chalk, bubbles and any other equipment for the kids to play with.  Pack favorite snacks, a blanket or two as well as sunscreen and enjoy a beautiful time outside.  Bonus, no cleaning your house before or after!


childrens birthday party 3rd

Hiring a clown or another type of entertainer could be a fantastic idea if you are looking for someone to come and entertain the kids!  Sometimes a hired performer will handle all the games and activities and keep the participants engaged hence leaving you to worry about other things.  Another idea would be to hire face painters or balloon artists.

3rd Birthday Party Ideas Conclusion

In conclusion, there are so many 3rd birthday party ideas out there to chose from for your special little boy or girl.  Whether you chose to have a few friends or family members or have everyone you know and love, it will surely be memorable!  Whichever theme or activities you chose, keep your child’s personality and interest in mind and all will be well! 

For more party ideas click here.  Have fun planning and enjoy celebrating your special three year old!  

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