What is a Golden Birthday? Golden Birthday Ideas

“What is a Golden Birthday?” is the question I asked my 12-year-old this weekend. She asked me how I celebrated my Golden birthday. And I had no idea what she meant! I had no idea what a Golden Birthday was, let alone how I celebrated mine!

Apparently, Golden Birthdays are all the rage! So of course, I decided to find out all about them!

Read on to find out exactly what is a Golden Birthday.

golden birthday ideas

What is a Golden Birthday?

Put simply, your Golden Birthday is your birthday on the year your turn the same age as your birthday date. For example, if your birthday is on the 24th of August, your Golden Birthday is the year you turn 24. Of course, some of us (like me) may have not realized we had a Golden Birthday and missed our Golden Birthday altogether!

Where did the idea of a Golden Birthday come from?

Many people say the concept of a Golden Birthday comes from the 1950s. If you’ve ever wondered who came up with the concept, you are not alone! Joan Bramsch was a mid-western Author and began celebrating her children’s Golden Birthdays. And it is thought that the tradition of Golden Birthdays has grown from there!

Why is it called Golden Birthday?

According to tradition, a Golden Birthday is so-called as it is believed to be one of the most special birthdays of your lifetime! After all, turning the age of your birthdate only happens once! Although some people call them Champagne birthdays or Lucky birthdays, most call them a Golden Birthday!

Does everyone get a Golden Birthday?

Yes, everyone gets a Golden Birthday! And there are many fun ways to celebrate it! Of course, depending on your age will depend on your celebration. But if you are celebrating a golden birthday as an adult, here are some fun ideas.

golden birthday ideas

Are Golden birthdays lucky?

Of course, many people believe that the year of your Golden Birthday is a lucky year for you!

What is a double Golden Birthday?

Now a double Golden Birthday is the year you turn your birth date, doubled. For example, if your birth date is the 12th, then your double Golden Birthday will be when you turn 44! If your Golden Birthday was when you were 6, then your double Golden Birthday will be when you turn 12!

What is a Triple Golden Birthday?

And just so you don’t miss out on the Golden Birthday fun later in life, you can even celebrate your triple Golden Birthday! This is a good one for those of us who didn’t know about Golden Birthdays until later in life!

How do you celebrate a Golden Birthday?

Undoubtedly, a great theme for a Golden Birthday is the color gold! Think gold decor, champagne, and sparkles!

Check out how this family celebrated their 6-year-old’s Golden Birthday!

For the cake, a Gold Drip Cake is a perfect option. Check out this video to make your own!

Isn’t your Golden Birthday when you turn 50?

Despite what many people beleive, no a Golden Birthday is not when you turn 50! When referring to anniversaries, 50 years is a Golden Jubilee. So this is where the confusion regarding 50th birthdays comes from.

Golden Birthday Final Note

These special celebrations are becoming increasingly popular. So make sure to get out the gold decorations and bubbles when yours comes around!

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