first birthday ideas for boys

First Birthday Ideas for Boys

best first birthday party themes for boys

Looking for First Birthday Ideas for Boys? Not sure what theme to choose? Well, look no further because we have done the hard work for you!

Throwing a First Birthday party is really special! A first birthday is the perfect time to begin some meaningful birthday traditions. If you are looking for First Birthday party ideas for boys that will delight your little man and your guests, stay tuned. And we have done the research so you don’t have to!

We have gathered all of our favorite themes here in one spot, so keep reading! For all the do’s and don’ts for planning your Baby’s First Birthday, read our How to Plan a First Birthday feature here. And for some budget-friendly First Birthday hacks, check out this post! If you are planning a First Birthday party you might want to consider a Smash Cake or a First Birthday time capsule. And if you are planning a First Birthday for Twins, check out our best Twins Birthday ideas here.

And if boys party ideas are what you are looking for, keep scrolling for our favorite First Birthday ideas for boys!

The Best First Birthday Ideas for Boys

Circus Themed First Birthday Party

First off, a fun circus theme! Come one, come all! Welcome to the big top!

A circus-themed party for your little strong man or lion tamer’s first birthday will be a huge hit. Set up an outdoor tent, and decorate it with bunches of red and yellow balloons. Then add crepe paper streamers in bright colors, animal crackers, and animal-themed plates and napkins. After all, they are all easy ways to instantly add that circusy flair.

Add some overflowing popcorn buckets with marshmallows as catchy centerpieces and use red and white striped tablecloths for the tables. Invite your grown-up guests to crunch on some old-fashioned peanuts and cracker jacks while enjoying a clown juggle bouncy balls and twist balloons into all kinds of shapes. This is also a fun theme for a twin’s first birthday!

Wild One First Birthday Party

Ohh baby, baby, you’re a wild one! Excite your little boy for his first birthday with a safari themed party! Time to get out the animal plushies and decorate the room with oversized wild animals. Place plush monkeys ‘swinging’ over the event. Decorate the tables with green table cloths, houseplants, candles or lanterns for a rustic look, and throw in some wooden boxes to accent and elevate your smaller details.

Toss decorative green or brown tall grasses (kudos if it’s real!) and add toy safari jeeps. Look for baby-friendly drumbeat playlists and add the ambiance. You can even play a background track with animal sounds to add to the jungle-like atmosphere.

Remember, cupcakes with mini animal figurines are a fantastic alternative to cake, and your little Wild One can smash one or two! Check out more pics of this gorgeous party here.

Rubber Duck First Birthday Party

Of course, Rubber Duck is such a classic theme for your baby boy’s first birthday party. Rubber Ducky represents a familiar and feel-good toy that most of us remember fondly. Place ‘families’ of ducks in baskets and on tables. Your guests will enjoy duck-shaped cookies and cake pops, and a tiered cake with a duck topper will be an absolute hit.

Plus there will be plenty of opportunities for adorable photos and you can also place ducks in a kiddie pool outside and have duck races! And check out this link for more pics of this pretty Rubber Duck party.

Vintage Garage Party

If your Baby (or your family) is into trucks, cars and vehicles, then this makes a great theme. A vintage Garage party is a fun idea for a relaxed party theme. You could event host a BBQ for the adults.

Baby Shark Party

If the song hasn’t driven you crazy, then Jump right in to this shark-themed first birthday party! Place silver and blue balloon clusters everywhere as well as fish netting, sea shells,  and baby shark decorations. A tiered cake with a shark-shaped topper is a great focal point.

Invite the guests to eat some shark bait (bite-sized appetizers).  Plus a blue mood light and bubble machine will have your guests feeling like they are deep in the ocean! Check out our Shark Party feature here.

Teddy Bears Picnic First Birthday Party

Next up, come to the Teddy Bears picnic to celebrate your baby boy’s first birthday party.

Of course, this is one of the childhood favorite rhymes and your little man will love bringing his teddy along to the party! And this is a great theme for both indoors and outdoors, rain or shine. Depending on the time of year, set up a cozy indoor setting.

Or go for the full picnic experience with a backyard picnic! And when the bears are all worn out they can take a rest on your picnic blankets and pillows. Remember to ask your guests to bring their own Teddies.

Or you can have several extras available for all to join in the fun. Either way, what a very memorable day it will be.

­­­Woodland Animals First Birthday Party

Next up, let’s go for a walk in the woods! Plus your little guy might have something in common with cute and mischievous woodland creatures!

Theming his first birthday around furry friends will put a smile on your baby boy’s face and his guests’ at his first birthday party. Mushrooms, toadstools, pine cones, and berries will transport the guests to the middle of a magical forest. Animal-themed sweets are an adorable addition to the ecosystem you’re creating. Add a green foliage backdrop and burn some woods scented candles before your guests arrive to transport them.  

Place artificial (splinter-free) or sanded chopped log pieces and greenery in the setting to enliven the atmosphere along with adorable animal cutouts. This party scene will surely make for a fun event that will have lasting memories. And for some cute woodland cake ideas, check out this post for more inspiration.

Oh The Places You Will Go Party

Pop on a pair of aviator goggles and get ready to pilot a hot air balloon to the best party ever! For your little boy’s first birthday let your imagination float away to all the possibilities for his future. Bring out the bunnies, bears and foxes to deliver the goodies for your guests. Pack your suitcases and fly a banner announcing the big number one!

The sky is the limit, so go baby blue, white, and yellow for sunshine. Throw in hanging puffy clouds and fairy lights and add stars to help create a classic scene. Maps and globes make amazing decorations, immediately filling up space and adding color to the room. Add travel-themed helium balloons to the room and this party will take off!

Farm Animals Birthday Party

Now, a Farm Animals party is one of the all-time childhood favorites!

Deck out your venue with farm-fresh decor. Bowls of apples and strawberries and old fashioned milk bottles with fairy lights make great centerpieces. Pass out deviled eggs and mini milkshakes to give your guests the country farm feels. 

Meanwhile, faux grass, a hay bale, and a white picket fence make the perfect spot for pictures. Then everyone can head over to the petting zoo and visit with the soft sheep, pink piggies, baby chicks, and cute ducklings!

Football themed First Birthday Party

If your baby enjoys kicking a ball around then this might be up your alley! This football-themed party will capture the attention of the little ones and get the party kicked into high gear. A trophy goes to your sweet boy for being the best!

Football and jersey-shaped cake pops will be welcome and tasty treats for the guests. Numerous football balloons will make everyone want to set up the net and start a match. This football-themed party will bring everyone together to celebrate this special day. And that’s what we call a win!

Construction Themed Party

ideas for construction party

If your little man loves all things construction, then this colorful Construction Party would be perfect! There are lots of fun birthday party ideas for boys, but if your little boy loves all things that move, then this is a winner! Mini diggers and cement mixers along with bite-sized treats make this a fun party for little boys.

You Are My Sunshine First Birthday Party

If your Baby boy is the light of your life, then this could be the theme for you! Just imagine, your guests arrive to the sounds of “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” in the background.

Show everyone how special he is with bright yellow sunflower cookies and a festive paper sun complete with streamers as rays on the wall. Embellish the scene with yellow roses and of course, don’t forget to top the cake with a beautiful sunrise.

Use blue as an accent for a clear sky, icing and decorative baubles. Puffy white cotton will create soft clouds and white candles dotted around complete the sunshine theme. Surely your guests will know how special your little boy is!

Lumberjack Party

If your family are the outdoorsy kind, then this Lumberjack party theme could be for you. Filled with rustic charm, delight your Baby with lots of greenery, fir cones and a grizzly bear!

And a picnic bench makes a great setting for the party table. Plus the leaves scattered on the floor will be fun for the babies to explore!

Vintage Winnie the Pooh Party

Finally, the last of our First Birthday ideas for boys is a classic! And, you can’t go wrong with a Vintage Winnie the Pooh first birthday party for your baby boy! 

Invite plush Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, piglet, and all of the unique characters to join in on the fun. Simply fill the table with sweet treats, and a big honey bear especially for Pooh.

Remember, this is a theme you can keep simple and your guests will feel comfy and right at home with all these familiar characters!

Final Note

Whichever first birthday party ideas for boys you prefer, remember that your little boy’s first birthday will be one of a kind because he is! Although he will not likely remember this first birthday party, your photos and stories from that day will live forever in your memories.

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