rubber duck party ideas

Rubber Duck Birthday Party

This Rubber Duck Birthday Party by Ms. Laine Events is so fun and colorful. Plus it’s super sweet for a Baby’s Birthday Party.

cute rubber duck party

The beautiful party table gives the room a lively feel with pastel blues and yellows. And the twinkling fairy lights make the room feel comfortable and welcoming.

rubber duck party ideas

Of course, this theme is very versatile and could be used for a boy or a girl. Also, it works really well as a Baby Shower theme! After all, who doesn’t love a Rubber Duck Baby Shower!

Party type: Birthday

Color scheme: Pastel yellows with soft blues

rubber duck party cake

Rubber Duck Birthday Party décor ideas:

● A string of fairy lights under the table cloth gives the room a cozy feel.
● And flowers and greenery help to accentuate the pastel theme. They bring a nice garden feel to it.
● Plus the white in the tablecloth and party favor bags help to make the pastel blue and
yellow feel less blocky.
● I really like the symmetrical layout of the food which gives the table a very professional look.

rubber duck party theme

Gorgeous food ideas:

● I love the gorgeously iced cookies in the shape of rubber ducks.
● Check out the prettiest cupcakes with pastel yellow frosting and a cupcake topper.
● The highlight is a stunning tiered cake with pastel blues and yellows and some fondant decorations.
● You can make personalized drinks by adding a rubber duck sticker and a name tag to each

rubber duck baby shower ideas

Rubber Duck Birthday Party Theme tips:

● Firstly, start with pastel blues and yellows to complement each other and to give the
party a sweet color theme.
● Then, decorate with your theme colors by adding a tablecloth and pastel flowers and
● Next, add baked treats. Great options are iced cookies, cupcakes, and a matching cake.
● Also, make customized party favors and drinks to give a personal touch.
● Finally, thank you to Ms. Laine Events for another stunning party set-up!

baby shower iced cookies

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