how to tie a big bow

How To Tie A Big Bow – The easiest way to tie the prettiest bow!

If you need to know how to tie a big bow then read on! Big bows are great for decorating gifts, decorating your home, adding to garlands and generally making life pretty!

It’s super easy to learn how to tie a big bow. I love this bow tying method as it’s quick, easy and all you need is your favorite ribbon and a pair of scissors.

This method of how to tie a big bow should take you less than a 2 minutes! And even less once you have done it a couple of times. It’s super easy, even kids can tie a big bow with this method.

How to tie a big bow

All you need is your favorite ribbon (around 4ft is good) and a pair of scissors. I like to use a thick ribbon for a more luxurious bow.

how to tie a bow

Step 1

First, cut two pieces of ribbon into 2 equal lengths. Approximately 2ft for each piece of ribbon works well and leaves enough for the dangly bits!

what do you need to make a big bow

Step 2

Next, take your 2 pieces of ribbon and lay them in a cross shape. Make sure the vertical ribbon is placed on top of the horizontal ribbon.

easy way to tie a big bow

Step 3

Now take the horizontal ribbon and tie it into a bow. Just a regular bow that you would do to tie your shoelaces! Easy peasy!

how to tie a big floppy bow

Step 4

Once you have tied the bow, straighten out the dangling ribbons. Then make sure the bow loops are even and adjust if necessary.

how to tie a big pretty bow

Step 5

Finally, trim the lengths of your bow into a V shape. This gives a pretty and professional finish to the bow. Plus it stops any fraying edges from your ribbon.

easy ways to tie a big bow

Step 6

Your bow is finished! Use it to decorate gifts, add to a garland, decorate a Christmas tree or your home.

how to tie a big bow

How to tie a big bow final note

This is our easiest method for how to tie a big bow, without the need for any wire or cutting tools. After all, bows make such a pretty accessory to some many decorations, so get tying and make your self the prettiest bows around!

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