thanksgiving outdoor decor ideas

Thanksgiving Outdoor Decorations – How to decorate your porch for Thanksgiving

As the weather changes and attention shifts from summer vacations and water activities to school, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, it is the ideal time to change the décor both inside and out. Decorating the outside of a house for Thanksgiving is a great way to engage with the community and show your personality. This also helps to show pride in your home and is just fun. There are many Thanksgiving outdoor decorations, including lights, wreaths, and foliage, as well as standing decorations.

outdoor thanksgiving decoration ideas
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Thanksgiving Outdoor Decorations – Lights

how to decorate porch for thanksgiving
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Adding lights will create warmth and also brighten the area which can keep your home safer. For a gentle glow LED candles are both weather safe and will have the natural flicker of a candle. This sets a tone for the entire presentation. Candles of any colour can be used. And for a brighter and more dramatic affect place them in groupings, and even consider a candle holder. As Halloween nears your Thanksgiving gourds and LED candles can make stunning jack o lanterns. Plus lanterns that are lighted with candles can brighten a stoop or create a path up to the door.

For a brighter effect, solar lights can be found in many different shapes and colours. These can be used year round to light the sidewalk to the door. And they can be instrumental in creating a fall mood. As the sun sets earlier and the weather cools, there will be more time spent outside after dark, allowing them to bring the focus to the details that you’ve created.

Thanksgiving Wreaths

thanksgiving wreath ideas
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Wreaths are not just for Christmas and are finding their way into seasonal decorations year round. They allow for fun sayings. Or you can add any colours or small decorations that bring a smile to your face and are easily installed with a wreath hook. For a fast and simple way to spice up your front door, there is nothing better than a themed wreath. String a ribbon across with “welcome”, add a flower or a seasonal picture with your favourite Thanksgiving pun. They are also very well suited for wreath stands to go on other areas of the front porch, allowing you to create a continuity across the space. Or to bring a wreath to the home when there is no clear view of the front door.

pretty thanksgiving wreath ideas
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As this brings attention to your front door, standing signs on reclaimed or barnwood are rapidly growing in popularity. Stand them near the doors, flanking the stairs, or anywhere you want to bring attention too.

How To Use Foliage To Decorate Your Porch For Thanksgiving

thanksgiving porch ideas
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Fall foliage creates a beautiful array of colours and instantly brings to mind fields, harvests, and falling leaves. To convey this sense of change, wheat stalks, branches with changing leaves, dried flowers, pumpkins on the vine, and other gourds can be grouped around the front of the home. Plants that flower in the fall or at the end of the summer may survive the beginning of the weather change. Plus they will add to the colours in the space.

outdoor thanksgiving decor ideas
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Wheat and hay are part of the harvest in the fall. And they are intrinsically linked to both fall and Thanksgiving. Hay bails can be used to stage other decorations, create seating areas, and add texture to the display. Blankets or scarves can punctuate the shapes and offer a softer accent to any display of foliage. Using pumpkins and other gourds is reminiscent of the Thanksgiving centrepiece, creating a cornucopia upon your doorstep.

thanksgiving porch
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Mimic the abundance of harvest time by gathering these décor items, both plastic or other decorations or actual gourds, and placing them in groupings that include different textures and colours. Adding accents of flowers, branches, and growing plants while ensure it remains alive and represents growth and progress.

Other Thanksgiving Outdoor Decorations

thanksgiving outdoor decorations
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Boost the interest of the décor with standing pieces. This can include umbrella stands or plant pots with pussy willows or goat willows, branches with leaves remaining on them, small trees, and potted flowers. These can be taken indoors if the weather changes. And they can remain beautiful and intact for several months or even years. Silver accents and burlap can add interest to the display and can draw the eye.

thanksgiving porch display
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Stools can hold plants or gourds, bringing them up higher and directly into the line of sight. Add ribbon for both texture and colour, add lights to the stool top for both lighting and interest. Each of the accents should work well together, with colours that are complimentary and work together well.

Local Thanksgiving Decorations

thanksgiving porch idea
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Sourcing items locally can help to keep your decorations natural for where you are living. Greenhouses, pumpkin patches, you pick, and even local farms will have many items to grab interest and create a welcoming feel. Thanksgiving at its root is a celebration of the harvest and themes of abundance, feasts, and preparation for the next season are all key to that time of year.

When preparing your home for the beginning of autumn there are many things that will create an interesting and beautiful decoration. Seasonal items can easily go into the winter as well, and items like wreaths, candles, pumpkins, hay bales, and signs can all be easily changed for each season. Keep some living plants within your décor as a reminder that fall is a season of change and growth as well as harvesting. Natural items are ideal for this time of year, and they add comfort and welcoming to any home.

Thanksgiving Outdoor Decorations Final Note

A wonderfully decorated doorway or front porch creates feelings of cosy fall nights and soft scarves and clothing, which is sure to be echoed within the home. It helps guests feel as though you are happy to see them and shows the community your joy at the season. Use a variety of colour for a bright and eclectic display or a monotone minimalist approach for a calm Thanksgiving.

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