How to make a ribbon wreath – Easy step by step Christmas ribbon wreath

Ribbon Wreath

If, like me, you enjoy Christmas crafts, then this ribbon wreath is a fun and easy decoration to make this holiday season. A ribbon wreath is not only simple to make, but makes such a pretty Christmas decoration. Hang your ribbon wreath on your door, fireplace or wall for extra Christmas cheer! Find out how to make a ribbon wreath with our easy to follow tutorial below.

How to make a ribbon wreath – materials

how to make a ribbon wreath 1

I love a Christmas craft that just has a few easy materials. For this ribbon wreath all you will need is:

  • A wooden wreath frame
  • Red ribbon
  • Green ribbon
  • Silver ribbon

Step 1

ribbon wreath tutorial

Firstly, cut your ribbon into 11 cm lengths. For the wreath we made, we needed 40 strips of red ribbon, 40 strips of green ribbon and 40 strips of silver ribbon.

how do you make a ribbon wreath

Step 2

make a ribbon wreath

Take one piece of ribbon and tie it around your wooden wreath. After tying, straighten the lengths so they face outwards around the wreath.

making a ribbon wreath

Continue adding red ribbons until you have filled the wreath, which in my case was approximately 40 ribbons.

how to make a christmas ribbon wreath

Step 3

christmas ribbon wreath ideas

Repeat this process with the green ribbon. Add the green ribbons so that the red and green colors alternate evenly.

red and green ribbon wreath

Continue until you have filled the wreath. Your ribbon wreath should be looking quite full now!

Step 4

holiday ribbon wreath ideas

Now it is time to add your silver ribbon. My silver ribbon was thicker than I wanted it, so I cut each length into slightly narrower pieces.

ideas for ribbon wreath

Begin to add the silver ribbon, tying in exactly the same way as before.

red and green wreath with ribbon

Continue until you have tied on silver ribbons at regular intervals around the wreath.

Step 5

ribbon wreath pretty ideas

Now it is time to add a hanger. Take one piece of ribbon and fold it in half. Loop it around your wreath and pull the ends through the loop to secure in place.

Step 6

holiday wreath with ribbon

Next add a bow to the front of the hanger. I added a silver card button as well.

ribbon wreath red and green

Now your Christmas ribbon wreath is finished. Hang it on your front door, wall or anywhere you want to add a little extra Christmas cheer.

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