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Baptism Party Ideas – Our Favourite Ways to Celebrate A Baptism

For many families a baptism is a milestone in any life. It is a tradition that has been in families for centuries. As a way to welcome a new baby into the world and into their faith, it is believed to offer protection and prepare them for life. Most often held for babies, those who find religion in life later will also have a baptism and will want to celebrate it as well. Read on for our favorite Baptism party ideas.

What do you do for a Baptism Party?

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A baptism party is any party that is held in the honour of the person, or people, who are being baptised. They are often held on the day that the baptism occurs. Some will go to a restaurant after the service and have a meal, others will have BBQs and backyard gatherings. As there are many different types of families and many different traditions within those families, there is really no wrong way to celebrate this occasion.

Baptism Party Cake

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Cake is a frequent dessert at any celebration, and the baptism party is no exception. A white frosting with a message of congratulations, or a cupcake cake are very common. As the baptised traditionally dress in white, especially the babies or young children, this theme is carried over into the decorations and the cakes. Many bakeries will offer specialty baptism cakes. These may have white and muted colours or be created with the guest of honours favourite colours and characters. Some larger events will have a multi-tiered cake that is similar to a small wedding cake.

Baptism Party Decorations

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Decorations of streamers and balloons are a fun way to add colour to the room. Tablecloths can be added to both keep the tables clean and to create an elegant appearance to the space. This type of celebration can be held at home, or they can be held in restaurants. For larger groups a private room or a party room may be rented at a local restaurant or hotel.

Where To Have A Baptism Party

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In some families or cultures this is a large moment in their life. And when it, or the confirmation, occur when there is an older child, young teen, or an adult, the parties may appear very different. Dinning halls are sometimes rented, and everyone will dress to eat, dance, and enjoy the evening together. Others may prefer a low key celebration. Perhaps a backyard BBQ with all of their closest friends and their family.

Baptism Gifts

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The theme of the celebration is the commitment to and the welcoming into the religion of choice. Due to this reason, there may be crosses included within the decorations, and gifts that relate to the practice will often be presented. Traditional gifts include bibles, necklaces with a cross or praying hands, a rosary, and even books or tapes with bible stories. Other gifts may include stuffed animals for children, devotional guides for adults, and money or gift cards for anyone who has just been baptised. Some will present savings bonds to be put away for college savings or other uses. Games may be played at some baptism parties for children. Others may consider them to be a serious event that is not taken lightly and will have a respectful and calm demeanour.

What is a Baptism Reception?

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A baptism reception is a gathering that is held by the family or by the church. Friends, family, and church members join to celebrate the baptism that has occurred. There are many accepted ways to host a baptism reception,]. This can include a gathering at the church after the ceremony, renting a hall for everyone to go to after the ceremony for a meal or refreshments, or another venue such as a restaurant or home. In some churches there will be a reception that follows the ceremony directly, that is held within the church and prepared by the church members. This may be a potluck, or some may have volunteered to provide the food.

The reception is a way for the members of the church and the family to welcome the newest member. It allows for the newly baptised to bond with those who care about them and will help them to grow. God parents are traditionally chosen in time for the ceremony and will be prepared to help support the faith of the child as they grow.

Who pays for a Baptism party?

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The parents or the godparents of the person for whom the party has been planned are most often the people who pay for the party. This can vary by who holds the party and the expenses that accompany it. Some families may see the family member such as grandparents and aunts or uncles contributing to the cost of the party. This might include bringing gifts and providing money towards the venue or the food. Anyone who wants to contribute is welcome to. And if there is a reception held at the church itself it is often funded by the church and completed with volunteers.

Baptism Party themes

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Some Baptism party ideas are more popular for a baptism party than others. But the traditional ones often remain popular regardless of how much time passes.

Baby Animals Baptism Party Ideas

One of the most popular is animals. This will include the animals that are small, soft, or cute, such as bunnies, goats, ponies, bear cubs, puppies, kittens, and more. This type of theme is evolved from another popular baptism theme of Noah’s Ark. This particular theme has music, games, and often has decorations of animals in pairs and cartoon arks. It is a fun and brightly coloured theme that is easily recognized by most people.

Seasonal Baptism Party Themes

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Others will use a seasonal theme that will celebrate the seasons of the life of the baptised. Winter will focus on snowflakes and their individuality, but also on the beauty that they create together. Winter sky and snow covered trees can make attractive decorations for this. Spring baptisms may focus on the new flowers and new growth that occur in the spring. The colour choices are endless and there is a fresh start focus that fits well with a baptism.

Summer is often marked with clear skies, sun, and the outdoors. Sailing or beach themes fit will with a summer baptism party. A sandbox with toys can be added for a beach feel. Plus this will provide young children with a fun way to pass the time during the party. Fall is marked with falling leaves, oranges and yellows, and can include pumpkins and other fall foods as well. This season marks the beginning of the hibernation through winter, and the preparation for new growth in the spring.

Religious Baptism Party Themes

Sheep or lambs have a special meaning in many bible stories. And this makes them a common theme for baptism parties. Using light colours, baby blues and pinks, yellows and whites, it creates a soothing and calm surrounding. The cheerfulness of lambs at play or sheep in the open fields is sure to lift anyone’s spirits and keep the mood light and fun.

Precious Moments figures are frequently connected to baptisms and other religious events. As a theme of their own, they use muted or soft colours. These figurines can be gifted to match the theme. Plus they can be found in cake toppers for continuity, and are often found on cards and even children’s bibles. The precious moments that are scattered throughout childhood are a lovely focus for a baptism party. And this can be expanded upon with baby pictures and even slideshows. A theme focusing on the positive and memorable moments in life is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults and is well suited to the event.

Another theme to consider is a handmade or homemade theme. This can include gifts of knitted blankets or sweaters, wooden toys, and knitted baby booties. Brown wrap or burlap can be used to decorate the space, along with sunflowers and other bright flowers. Twine and brown wrap paper can be used along side gingham for a country home feel. And it all ties in nicely with the family focus of a baptism.

Baptism Party Ideas Final Note

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The point of a baptism party or a baptism reception is for friends and family to gather and celebrate the new baptism. This can be for infants, children, and even adults when they choose to do so. They involve food, drinks, bonding, and usually cake. Church members may wish to help with a reception to welcome the new member to the church and celebrate their decision.

While gifts may be presented, they are not mandatory. And guests are welcome to help with the costs of the party through paying for a portion or giving the parents or guest of honour money towards the cost. When gifts are given they are frequently religious including bibles, devotionals, jewellery, rosary, and more. It is a celebration of growth, rebirth, faith, and hope. Even those who do not share in the beliefs of the baptised can find joy in celebrating with them at this moment in their life.

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