This or That Questions - The Best of This or That Questions to Ask

This or That Questions – The Best of This or That Questions to Ask

This or That questions are a set of questions that you ask a friend, partner, or someone new you have met to learn more about them and discover what types of things they like. It is popular at slumber parties, teambuilding workshops, family gatherings, and more. Each question simply offers a choice of two things, and the person responding picks the one that most applies to them, that feels right, or whichever one they think of first. It is fast, easy, and fun. 

What are the best This Or That questions?

When deciding what questions to ask it is first necessary to assess the situation in which you will be using them. There are questions suitable for kids, and teens, and some are great for everyone while others are only for adults. If you are playing with good friends the questions are likely to be harder and more personal, while in a professional setting, they will be easy questions that don’t dig into their personal life and won’t make anyone uncomfortable. 

This or That Questions for Adults

This or That Questions for Adults

This or That questions for adults can be as silly, funny, or daring as is fitting for the group that is gathered. When playing with a partner or a group of close friends take some risks and ask difficult questions, you can learn more about your friends as you play, and this can be a good bonding experience. As an ice breaker for meeting new people, choose more shallow and silly questions. 

  • Cash or Cards?
  • Farm or City?
  • Driver or Passenger?
  • Comedy or Horror?
  • Wine or Beer?
  • Go Out or Eat In?
  • Opera or Ballet?
  • Love or Money?
  • Ice or Fire?
  • Trucks or Cars?
  • Friends or Family?
  • Singing or Dancing?
  • Mop or Vacuum?
  • House or Apartment?
  • Fabric or Leather?
  • Rustic or Modern? 
  • Doctor or Nurse?
  • Necklace or Bracelet?
  • Netflix or Hulu?
  • Rich and Famous or Rich and Unknown?
  • Train or Airplane?
  • Owe Money or Owe a Favour?
  • Embarrassed or Afraid?
  • Cooking or Be Cooked For?
  • Play or Stand-Up Comedian?
  • Lose Sleep or Skip a Meal?
  • Sweating or Shivering?
  • Fiction or Nonfiction?
  • Hot or Iced Coffee?
  • Reality Show or Documentary?
  • Coke or Pepsi?
  • Dress or Skirt?
  • Hot or Cold?
  • Comb or Brush?
  • Work at a Desk or Work at a Table?
  • Raise or Bonus?
  • Physical Job or Mental Job?
  • Pep Talk or Motivational Quote?
  • Show or Tell?
  • Be the Smartest or the Richest Person?
  • Misunderstood or Forgotten?
  • Apathy or Obsession?
  • Happy or Sad Endings?
  • Largely Successful by Accident or Modestly Successful on Purpose?
  • Painful Truth Comforting Lie?
  • Street Smart or Book Smart?
  • Hero or Antihero?
  • Vacation or Staycation?
  • Paperback or Hardcover?
  • Juice or Smoothie?
  • Shower or Bath?
  • Wash the dishes or clean the bathroom?
  • Pie or cobbler?
  • Hot coffee or iced coffee?
  • Popcorn or peanuts?

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This or That Questions for Friends

This or That Questions for Friends

When playing with your friends there are fewer limits than when engaging with people you have just met or with family who may not want to share all their preferences. There are few limits on what you can ask your friends, bur perhaps it’s best to set some boundaries in advance.

  • Chrome or Safari?
  • Gold or Diamond?
  • Long Hair or Short Hair?
  • Angels or Vampires?
  • Sunrise or Sunset?
  • Motorcycle or Bicycle?
  • Reading or Writing?
  • Physical Books or eBooks? 
  • Real Boobs or Fake Boobs? 
  • Day or Night?
  • Outback or Texas Roadhouse?
  • Manicure or Pedicure?
  • Roses or Tulips? 
  • Hawaii or Alaska?
  • Lobster or Crab?
  • Long Relationship or Short Relationship?
  • Shaving or Waxing? 
  • Written or Typed?
  • Wet or Dry?
  • Past or Present?
  • Bad haircut or Bad Hair Colour?
  • Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
  • Phone in the Bathroom or Not?
  • Funny Story or One-Liner?
  • Working Hard or Hardly Working?
  • Cough or Sneeze?
  • Guacamole or Salsa?
  • Speeding Ticket or Parking Ticket?
  • Store where Everything is Free or Restaurant where Food is Calorie Free?
  • Noisy Neighbours or Nosey Neighbours?
  • Camping or Glamping?
  • Salad or Sandwich?
  • Store or Home Made?
  • Surprised or Planned?
  • Loud or Quiet?
  • Animals or People?
  • Drive too Fast or Drive too Slow?
  • Watch Sports or Play Sports?
  • Fries or Onion Rings?
  • Online or Instore Shopping?
  • Books or Movies?
  • Roller Coaster or Water Slide?
  • Brand Name or Generic?
  • Android or iPhone?
  • Hero or Sidekick?
  • Social Media PM or Text?
  • Pictures or Videos?
  • Hitch a Ride or Give a Ride?
  • PayPal or Venmo?
  • Sushi or Ramen?
  • Home Gym or Go to the Gym?
  • Vacation to England or Vacation to Scottland?
  • Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome?
  • Live in 1969 or Live in 2069
  • Silver or Gold?
  • New Phone or New Laptop?
  • Carpet or Wood Floors?
  • Sweet Potato Fries or Regular Fries?
  • Sedan or SUV?
  • Cheese or chocolate?

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This or That Questions for Teens

Questions for Teens

Teens have a different set of interests from both adults and kids, and they are sure to have their own favorite questions as well. Mostly to bring a laugh but also to learn more about their friends and determine how well they fit in with their friend’s group, these games of choice are a simple and fast way to pass the time when there is a party or just an afternoon with nothing to do. 

  • Start Homework Early or Last Minute?
  • Group Project or Solo?
  • Art Project or Science Project?
  • USB or Cloud?
  • Physical or Digital Planner?
  • Messy or Clean Locker?
  • Pen or Pencil?
  • Pineapple Pizza or Candy Corn?
  • Talking Baby or Talking Pet?
  • Ketchup or Ranch?
  • Crunchy or Smooth Peanut Butter?
  • Boxers or Briefs?
  • Silly Hat or Silly Socks?
  • Instagram Fame or Infomercial Fame?
  • Facebook or Instagram?
  • Android or iOS?
  • Animals as Humans or Babies as Animals?
  • Air Guitar or Drums?
  • Zombie or Vampire?
  • Little Kids or Seniors?
  • Art Gallery or Museum?
  • Camping or Glamping?
  • Sneakers or Boots?
  • Party Guest or Party Host?
  • Sandwich or Soup?
  • Board or Video Games?
  • Weekend or Holiday?
  • Guy Friends or Girl Friends?
  • Text or Email?
  • Tattoos or Piercings?
  • TikTok or Twitter?
  • Share Your Texts or Share Your Grades?
  • Spelling Bee or Math Bee?
  • Poem or Story?
  • Recent or Ancient History?
  • Football or Basketball?
  • Homecoming or Prom?
  • Jeans or Leggings?
  • Laptop or Tablet?
  • New Phone or New Clothes?
  • Board games or video games?
  • Disneyworld or ocean?
  • Baseball or football?
  • French fries or onion rings?
  • Harry Potter or Hunger Games?

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This or That Questions for Kids

 Questions for Kids

Kids need questions that are simple and that can’t bring harm or embarrassment, and they are limited on their topics due to their life experiences. Any age can play this game, and it is a simpler version of Would You Rather, so great preparation for future sleepovers and slumber parties. This can be fun at birthday parties and camping and will keep the kids busy during road trips and other travel.

  • Vanilla or Chocolate?
  • Cookie or Cake?
  • Cartoon or Movie?
  • Xbox or Nintendo?
  • Sand or Grass?
  • Iron Man or Captain America?
  • Spiderman or Superman?
  • Cinderella or Snow White?
  • Mom or Dad?
  • Justice League or Avengers?
  • Math or Science?
  • Pirates or Ninjas?
  • Run or Bike?
  • Pudding or Jello?
  • Hamburgers or Hot Dogs?
  • Nuggets or Fries?
  • Unicorn or Dragon?
  • Cat or Dog?
  • Pizza or Pasta?
  • Oranges or Apples?
  • Waffle or Pancake?
  • Jump in Puddles or Make a Snowman?
  • Princess or Superhero?
  • Summer or Winter?
  • Soda or Juice?
  • Fly or Be Invisible?
  • Volcano or Mountain?
  • Zoo or Aquarium?
  • Disneyworld or Legoland?
  • Swim or Sandcastles?
  • Halloween or Christmas?
  • Outer Space or Deep Sea?
  • No Homework or No Bedtime?
  • Felts or Crayons?
  • Sandwiches With Crusts or Without?
  • Read Comic Books or Watch Cartoons?
  • Ice cream or cake?
  • Soda or milkshakes?

Funny This or That Questions

Funny  Questions

If you just want to have fun, then Funny This or That Questions are a great choice! They can be played with friends or family, on a first date or a first anniversary, and are great for road trips or long drives. You can ask people you know or ask people you are passing by, and bring a smile to the face of people you encounter during the day. Even told as a standalone, these can brighten any day.

  • Sugar or Spice?
  • Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys?
  • Public or Private?
  • Plane or Train?
  • Pizza or Tacos?
  • Batman or Superman?
  • Running Away or Running for Exercise?
  • Yahtzee or Uno?
  • Costume or Pajamas?
  • Late to Work or At Work in Pajamas?
  • Calculator or Phone?
  • Snowboard or Ski?
  • Hot Chocolate or Hot Toddy?
  • Food Truck or Restaurant?
  • Toilet Paper Goes Over or Toilet Paper Goes Under?
  • Talk or Listen?
  • Personality or Looks?
  • Better to be Early or Better to be Late?
  • Arrive on Time or Make an Entrance?
  • Sing Out Loud or Dance?
  • Concerts or Sports?
  • Feed Someone Else or Be Fed?
  • Bedroom Door Open or Closed?
  • Funny Movie or Drama Movie?
  • Star Trek or Star Wars?
  • Coffee or Tea?
  • Sleep Late or Go to Bed Early?
  • Free Travel or Free Rent?
  • Free Gas or Free Groceries?

Hard This or That Questions

Hard Questions

For people that you know well it may be necessary to move on to the hard this or that questions. They dig deeper into their answers and reveal more secrets and thought processes than easy questions. Some may be too hard to answer, and others may bring a laugh to all who are present. When selecting which questions work best for you, remember that you can tailor any questions to fit the group. 

  • To Give or To Receive?
  • Too Much Sleep or Too Little?
  • Drama or Fantasy?
  • Superhero or Villian?
  • Passion or Stability?
  • Money or Love?
  • Success or Happiness?
  • Successful or Popular?
  • Strong Pain for an Hour or Dull Pain for a Day?
  • Predictable or Exciting?
  • Sight or Sound?
  • Change the Future or Change the Past?
  • Save 1 person you know or 100 you don’t?
  • Logic or Emotion?
  • Word or Action?
  • Happy but Poor or Rich but Miserable?
  • Optimistic or Pessimistic?
  • Rekindle Friendship or Rekindle Romance?
  • Doubt or Regret?
  • Bad Company or No Company?
  • Pause or Rewind Time?
  • Musical or Mechanical?
  • Have Children or Adopt Children?
  • Own a Home or Rent a Home?
  • House or Apartment?
  • Rebuild a Classic Car or Drive a Classic Car?

This or That Questions for Work

Questions for Work

Though colleagues can become friends, they rarely start out that way. A lot of social interactions, team building, and working on projects together will often bond coworkers together and create shared memories for future events. Begin with those that are surface questions and work up to more probing ones, and be sure to share as much about yourself as they do about themselves.

  • Extrovert or Introvert?
  • AC or Fan?
  • Angry Coworker or Angry Customer?
  • Podcast or Audiobook?
  • Start Early or Leave Late?
  • Video Meeting or In Person?
  • Email or Phone Call?
  • Interview or Interviewee?
  • Salary or Hourly?
  • Speed or Accuracy?
  • Experience or Education?
  • Retreat or Holiday Party?
  • Leader or Follower?
  • Office or Home?
  • Start Work Late or Leave Work Early?
  • Day Shift or Night Shift?
  • Lottery or Dream Job?
  • Messy Workspace or Clean?
  • Snacks or Stationary Stock?
  • Work for Big Company or Little Company?
  • Old Established Business or New Start Up?
  • Paper or Digital?
  • Private Office or Private Parking?
  • Clear Instructions or Light Guides?
  • Team Build After Hours or On Weekends?
  • Slow and Perfect or Fast with Mistakes?

This or That Questions for Students

Student Questions

 Students have a different approach to many things from other people, and they live in a world that is different from that of work. This has led to them having their own set of This or That Questions, and they are funny and safe for both work and school. Prepare for a string of questions that will teach you about them and help them to learn about you, and how many experiences you share. 

  • Messy or Clean Locker?
  • Multiple Choice or Essay?
  • Home or School Classes?
  • Field Trip or Field Day?
  • Write a Short Story or Write a Poem?
  • Read a Play or Read Poems?
  • Chemistry of Biology?
  • Geometry or Algebra?
  • Cheerleader or Mascot?
  • College or High School?
  • Drive or Take the Bus?
  • Science or History?
  • Test or Presentation?
  • Save As You Work or Save At the End?
  • Win the Race or Win the Debate?
  • Visual Learning or Verbal Learning?
  • Free Lunch or Free Dessert?
  • Share Food or Not?
  • Friend Vacation with Your Family or You Vacation with a Friend’s Family?
  • Fast Food Lunch or Cafeteria?
  • Animals or People?
  • Get Up Early for Homework or Stay Up Late?
  • Hang Out in a Group or One on One?
  • Read the Book or Watch the Movie?
  • Get a Roommate or Live Alone?
  • Work Hard or Cut Corners?
  • Air Band or Battle of the Bands?
  • Playlist or Podcast?
  • Pool or Beach?
  • Gym or Music?
  • Computers or Paper?
  • Volleyball or Badminton?

This Or That Questions Final Note

As a new version of the popular slumber party game Would You Rather, This or That Questions are one of the ways that people learn more about those they interact with. They are simple to think of and can be fun to answer, and they pass the time on road trips and when traveling. Fun for all ages and easily adapted to any group of people, they can be tailored for work team building, for school lunch hours, or for birthday parties. If you know your friends well you can ask more daring questions and even try and guess what your friends will answer before they do, and when meeting someone new you can learn about them quickly.

 Best of Questions to Ask

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