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Alternatives to Halloween Candy – 10 Ideas Kids Love!

Alternatives to Halloween Candy is something we get asked about a lot! With the record levels of food allergies and special diets among children, Halloween has become a minefield for parents balancing their kids’ wellbeing and making memories of a beloved holiday.

Whether it’s a school party or trick-or-treating, no one wants to tell kids that they can’t dive into their goody bags because of concerns for sugar, gluten, nuts, and dyes.

fun alternatives to halloween candy

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to Halloween Candy that will delight children with treats while avoiding the tricks! Whether you’re a room mom looking for an inclusive way to celebrate the holiday in school, a parent with a sensitive kiddo, or just a concerned neighbor, check out these ten alternatives to the typical sugar- and preservative-laden offerings.

And if you’re still worried about the tricks (and the price), you can still give out candy. Just keep a bowl of alternative prizes at the door should you need them for the neighborhood ghouls and goblins.

Alternatives to Halloween Candy

1. Glow toys

A perennial favorite, especially at Halloween, glow toys come in stick, bracelet, or necklace form and make a great (and safe) option for trick-or-treaters! You can often find them in packs of ten or twenty at your local dollar store. Or order them in bulk online.

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2. Mini Erasers

These Halloween erasers are a great fun trick or treat idea for kids. Plus they are useful as well as cute! $20.99 from Oriental Trading.

3. Coffin Chest Toy Assortment

Scary spiders, eyeballs, hand clappers and other Halloween toys that trick-or-treaters love! This treasure chest is perfect for trick or treating or your trunk-or-treat event.

$19.99 from Oriental Trading

4. Jack O Lantern Toy Assortment

If you are looking for some family-friendly Halloween toy ideas, then this Jack O Lantern pack is perfect. Filled with 100 pumpkin-themed trick or treat surprises, kids will love them!

$27.99 from Oriental Trading

5. Putty and Slime

Another great option that kids love is mini slime and putt tubs! This slime multipack contains 50 pieces and will delight your trick or treaters!

$24.98 from Oriental Trading

6. Slap bands/bracelets 

A kid fashion accessory that never seems to go out of style, slap bracelets can also be purchased in bulk. They come in a variety of crazy colors and designs to please every kiddo on your doorstep.

7. Temporary tattoos 

Consider packaging a few tattoos together in small plastic pouches and tie them with blue and pink ribbons to indicate boy or girl designs. This way you (and they) don’t have to rummage through a bowl of designs, but are guaranteed to get at least one that they like. Besides, anything in a plastic pouch with a ribbon is a winner with the younger set.

8. Sticker sheets 

Go extra-luxe and hand out full sheets of stickers instead of individual ones. Picking a couple of boy and girl designs makes the choosing process quick and keeps the price low. You can typically buy booklets full of identical sticker sheets at educational supply stores.

9. Scented markers 

Forget the pencils! Those remind kids too much of homework! Pick up a few multi-packs of scented markers and let your visitors pick their favorite color (or three)! Decade after decade, this art supply remains a kid favorite.

10. Pocket puzzles 

Remember those small plastic ball mazes that showed up in birthday party goody bags? Up your puzzle game with mini Boggles or shaped jigsaw puzzles, usually available by the dozen. These are a more expensive option, so they’re better saved for class parties and low-volume trick-or-treat areas.

11. Magnetic bookmarks  

Sure, not every child is a reader, but no one can resist two-sided magnetic bookmarks in the shape of animals, cartoon characters, or emojis. Buy them online in large packs. Then cut the cardboard backing into individual pieces for easy distribution.

12. Backpack hangers  

Cuddly, cute stuffed animals on plastic backpack clips? Even teenagers won’t be able to resist the lure (even if they enjoy them somewhat ironically). This is another slightly pricey option, so they’re better in a situation where you only need to buy a handful. But hand these out and you’ll definitely be crowned Halloween King or Queen.

13. Cable bites/buddies 

Almost all kids have at least one electronic device… which means they also have broken cords. Hand out animal or cartoon-shaped cable bites, plastic protectors which surround the delicate junction between the cord and connector, and both kids and parents will thank you!

14. Lip balm 

There’s not a kid on the planet who doesn’t like flavored lip balm… buy them in bulk online and let your trick-or-treaters pick their favorite flavor! These work even in a high-volume situation, when you buy the mini lip balms of the type given out in doctor’s offices and salons. Just be sure to pick kid-friendly flavors!

Alternatives to Halloween Candy – Final Note

With these ten ideas for every budget and preference, you’re sure to find an alternative to candy that will surprise and delight kids who would otherwise be left out of the fun and magic of Halloween. These ideas work great for parties, trick or treating or even Trunk or Treat!

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