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Touchdowns or Tutus Gender Reveal Ideas

Touchdowns or Tutus is a great theme for a fun Gender Reveal party. A Touchdowns or Tutus Gender Reveal takes the classic girl or boy theme and gives it a sporty spin!

If you are looking for a change from the traditional Gender Reveal, then Touchdowns or Tutus could be the perfect Gender Reveal theme for you!

How to throw a Touchdowns or Tutus Gender Reveal

Now, this Gender Reveal theme works well all year round but is great in the Summer or Fall. Then you can get outside to do the big reveal! And how to do the big reveal? Well, a Gender Reveal football is a great way to reveal your Baby’s gender with this theme.

What is a Gender Reveal Football?

A Gender Reveal football is a breakable football shaped shell, that you fill with pink or blue powder. You seal the two halves of the football together with the powder inside. Then, when you kick the ball, the outer shell breaks revealing a big could of pink or blue powder.

touchdown or tutus reveal
gender reveal football
what is a gender reveal football

Make sure someone has a camera at the ready to capture the big reveal! This Gender Reveal powder football is from Amazon, $24.99.

Of course, green and pink are the go-to colors for this theme. And they make a nice change from pink and blue! A Touchdown or Tutus backdrop is a great way to enhance the theme, like K and K Sweet Events have done here.

If you can, bring the theme into the Gender Reveal Party food. These sweet Touchdowns or Tutus cookies by Annie’s Cookie Co are just the perfect addition to your party table.

And if you are having a Gender Reveal cake, take inspiration from this beauty from Sydney’s Sweets. The cute Tutu skirt works wonders around the base of this cake. You can even have colored frosting inside the cake to make your big reveal! And check out this post for even more pink and blue party food ideas.

And if you are planning a Gender Reveal party, be sure to check out our Gender Reveal Party planning guide here.

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