What should I write in a Baby Shower card?

If you’re wondering what should I write in a Baby Shower card, we’re here to help!

Baby Showers are a great time to help out a new Mom and Pop to be, and to show your love and support. Once you’ve figured out your gift, all you have to do is show up and enjoy! Right? Not yet… there’s still the matter of that pesky Baby Shower card.

Ever since the dawn of gift-giving, what to write in a Baby Shower card has plagued man. But not to fear! We’ve got the ultimate guide to what to write in a Baby Shower Card so that you can write a good message for a Baby Shower and wow the Mom to be.

A card with a cute or funny message or something poignant will mean a lot to a Mom to be, so here’s our round-up of the best message ideas for a Baby Shower card.

what should i write in a baby shower card

Baby Shower Card Messages

Lots of good wishes and big kisses are coming your way! Congratulations on your upcoming little one, we’re so excited for your growing family.

We wish you all the best and good luck with your upcoming bundle of joy! Not long to go now! Please let us know if you need absolutely anything along the way.

So excited and happy for the two of you, wishing you well, let us now if we can help out in any way.

Wishing you an easy birth and good luck with your new baby!

To the soon to be parents! May everything go smoothly and your child always bring you joy and happiness.

We’re thrilled to be a part of your journey to parenthood, thanks for including us in this joyous occasion.

 Wishing you all the best with babyhood, exciting times ahead!

Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy and many years of cuddles, kisses and hugs.

May your parenthood be a magical experience of love and joy.

 All the best. We love you and can’t wait to meet your new arrival.

Wishing you both well in these upcoming months. We can’t wait to meet the little one!

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    Baby Shower messages for a boy

    baby shower message for a boy

    If you know that the happy parents-to-be are having a boy and that it’s common knowledge, then tailor your message to the occasion!

    Looking for inspiration? Check out our best baby boy vibes for stunning Baby Shower messages!

    May this precious boy bring his family and friends so much joy, may each day be an adventure and a gift, may every time you see him make your heart lift!

    Oh, boy! It’s a little prince and we’re so excited for you! Good luck, we’re always here if you need anything.

    This little guy will ace everything he does try, he’ll conquer dragons galore, bring back riches, joy and more, may he be a blessing on your home even as he tires you to the bone, but may his little pitter patter turn into a giant roar!

    This little prince is about to conquer your hearts and take his place as king of your house!

    Baby Shower Messages for a girl

    baby shower messages for a girl

    If you know that the expectant couple are hosting a girl-themed Baby Shower then you can tailor your messages to the joy of a baby girl!

    Here are our best ideas for some totally awesome and adorable girl themed Baby Shower card messages.

    Flowers and fun, sunshine and sparkles, glitter and giggles and all things precious and little – may your little girl bring you much joy and happiness as she grows.

    Wishing you every happiness ahead with your little princess!

    Love. fun and adventure! Whatever the future holds for your little girl, we wish you much luck and happiness and we will always be there for you and for your daughter.

    We look forward to meeting your beautiful baby girl!

    A treasure wrapped in joy is almost here to stay, may you all have success and delight as you journey on your way.

    We can’t wait to welcome you to our wonderful world, beautiful baby girl. Wishing you happiness and laughter and all things magical.

    Feel free to pick a few lines and play around with them.

    Remember, it’s the thought that counts. After all, a cute, sincere message of no more than a line is better than a whole hallmark poem that’s not from your heart! For more ideas, check out our post on the best Mom-to-be Quotes here.

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