Can I have a baby shower for second baby

Can I have a Baby Shower for a second baby?

Can I have a Baby Shower for a second baby is a question lots of Moms ask!

Many women have the traditional Baby Shower for their first child but what about a Baby Shower for a second (or third) baby?

Well, rest assured, it is quite common and acceptable to have a Baby Shower for subsequent children. Lots of women hold a traditional Baby Shower for their second children, very similar to what they did for their first.

Alternatively, some Mamas hold what is known as a Baby Sprinkle for their second babies.

So, how are they different from Baby Showers? Below is everything you need to know about Baby Showers for second babies, including our best tips for how to plan one.

Baby Showers for second babies

Often, a Baby Shower for second children is a smaller and more low key affair than the first baby. Many parents are keen not to seem greedy and so hold a more casual party than their first time around, usually with a smaller guest list and some smaller items on the gift registry.

What is a Baby Sprinkle?

can i have a baby shower for a second baby

Typically, a Baby Sprinkle is a relaxed and small gathering of friends and family to celebrate a new baby on the way. This Baby is often the second (or third or fourth) baby in the family. Baby sprinkles are often fairly casual, don’t require much work, and usually last between 2-3 hours.

Baby Shower vs Baby Sprinkle

Second babies deserve to be celebrated as much as the first, so if you are keen for a second Baby Shower, then go for it! Usually, Baby Sprinkles are held by couples expecting their second (or third/fourth) child and who already had a Baby Shower with their firstborn.

However, Baby Sprinkles may also be thrown by first-time parents who would rather have a more laid-back gathering.

Why is a second Baby Shower called a Sprinkle?

A second Baby Shower is often referred to as a Baby Sprinkle because it is usually a smaller, more low key celebration than the first Baby Shower. The parents-to-be will likely have all of the big-ticket items that they need for a baby, so gifts are often smaller items.

So, what happens at a Baby Sprinkle?

Baby sprinkles are relaxed, casual and fun, usually with a small group of close friends and family. There aren’t too many hard rules about what needs to happen at baby sprinkles, but one thing you can be sure to see is gift opening. Most baby sprinkles also include light food, drinks, and games for the guests to participate in.

What do you give for a second Baby Shower?

First-time parents will usually create a registry for Baby Showers to make shopping easy for their guests and to make sure they get everything they need for the new baby. Gifts given at a baby shower often range from little items, like onesies and blankets, to more expensive items, like prams and car seats.

However, for Baby Sprinkles, parents don’t often use a registry. By the time a second baby is on the way, they most likely have all of the “big” things they need. Rather, the mom-to-be might be in need of smaller items like new onesies and blankets. Baby Sprinkles are an opportunity to upgrade some existing baby things (especially if there was a large gap between her last child and her new baby) or to help her prepare for a baby of a different gender from her first.

Some gifts that are appropriate for Baby Sprinkles are:

  • diapers
  • keepsakes
  • gift cards
  • new outfits
  • bedding
  • books
  • toys
  • bibs
  • wipes

Our top 10 Best Baby Shower Gifts will give you some more inspiration!

What’s the difference between a Baby Shower and a Baby Sprinkle?

Generally, Baby Sprinkles are much smaller and more intimate than Baby Showers! Only close friends and family are invited to Baby Sprinkles, rather than distant friends and family or colleagues. Oftentimes, Baby Showers are ladies-only, however, Baby Sprinkles can be co-ed. Due to the casual nature of Baby Sprinkles, they are also usually shorter than Baby Showers.

A Shower can be a grand party with fun, extravagant decorations, and food, while Baby Sprinkles should require much less work. At Baby Showers, the theme is usually focused around the baby. Baby Sprinkles allow the expectant mother to take on more of the spotlight. The food should be her favorite, the theme might be her favorite colors.

Tips for Planning a Baby Sprinkle

baby sprinkle gifts

Whether you’re planning a Baby Sprinkle for yourself or a mom-to-be in your life, be sure to keep it simple. The whole point of Baby Sprinkles is to celebrate the new baby without the overwhelming to-do list of a Baby Shower.

Be clear that the party is a Baby Shower for a second child

Baby Sprinkles are still a very new idea that many people will be unfamiliar with. Make sure you outline what is expected in the invitations. It may help to have the mom-to-be set up a small registry so that guests know what kinds of gifts are appropriate for the event.

Serve finger food

Usually, Baby Sprinkles tend to be only a couple hours long, meaning guests probably won’t need a full meal. That said, it’s always smart to serve some food to keep everyone in high spirits! Keep your food choices simple and look to the mom for her favorite finger foods. This might include a fruit or veggie tray, chips and salsa, and cupcakes.

Include Baby Sprinkle Games

While not strictly necessary, games are a fun way to liven up any party!

One fun game idea is to have guests write their best parenting advice on a card, which can be put into a photo album for a nice keepsake. 

Another great game is called “Remember When”. Ask your guests to share stories of raising children and/or their pregnancy. These can be funny, embarrassing, or sweet and the mom-to-be can decide which stories win. This game is especially fun for family reminiscing.

If you are keen on including games in your Baby Sprinkle, we have put together a FREE DOWNLOAD of our most popular Baby Shower Games here. Just print them out at home and you are ready to play!

For more fun Baby Games check out our post here.

Check out our Pinterest board for heaps of gorgeous Baby Sprinkle decor ideas!

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