what to write in a baby shower card

What to write in a Baby Shower Card

What to write in a Baby Shower Card is a question we get asked a lot! You can write meaningful Baby Shower messages, funny Baby Shower messages or even rhyming Baby Shower messages!

Baby showers are usually held to give expectant parents, especially the mom-to-be, one last hurrah with family and friends before the baby is born. It is the perfect opportunity to show them how much you care about them and to wish them all the best with a cute Baby Shower message as they welcome a new addition to the family.

Besides the usual gifts for mom and baby, a Baby Shower card with a great Baby Shower message on it can also make a thoughtful and welcome addition to a Baby Shower. But what do you write in a Baby Shower card? Well, that is exactly the question that will be answered here.

What to write in a Baby Shower card

What to write in a Baby Shower card can be a little tough for most people. If you are like a lot of people, you want the card you give to be as personalized and as unique as possible. If you put a lot of thought into it, it will be more memorable and meaningful to the mom-to-be.

what to write in a baby shower card

Baby Shower etiquette suggests the message you write on a Baby Shower card should show the new parents your excitement about the baby.

Here are some examples of what message to write on a Baby Shower card:

  • Wishing you all the best as you await the arrival of your bundle of joy!
  • Your new baby is almost here! Wishing you the very best. We are here if you need anything.
  • We are wishing you an amazing and magical time as you await your new arrival!
  • Here is to the soon-to-be parents. We are so excited to hear your happy news!
  • Wishing you love and happiness at this exciting time!
  • May your journey through pregnancy and parenthood be everything you hope for!
  • Lots of kisses and well wishes to you as we wait to meet your little angel!

Baby Shower Messages for a girl

When a couple already knows that they are having a girl and hosting a girl themed Baby Shower, you can tailor your message accordingly.

Here are some of our favorite things to write in a Baby Shower card for a girl.

  • May this precious flower bloom and give you so much happiness.
  • We look forward to meeting your beautiful princess.
  • A great gift wrapped in pink is coming your way, may it bring you joy and smiles every single day.
  • May your baby girl bring you every happiness you dream of.
  • We can’t wait to welcome you to our world baby girl. Wishing you happiness and laughter.

Baby Shower Messages for a boy

If you know the baby is going to be a boy and the couple are hosting a boy themed Baby Shower, then try some of these boy Baby Shower messages.

  • May this precious boy bring his parents so much joy.
  • Oh, boy! We cannot wait to meet your precious little man!
  • This little guy is already blessed with amazing parents!
  • We know this little prince cannot wait to be crowned king of the house one day!

Meaningful Baby Shower Messages

If you want to add a little extra to your Baby Shower greeting, try these ideas.

  • Here’s to celebrating a new baby, a new adventure, and many firsts!
  • I’m just so excited for you and your new addition to your beautiful family!
  • May your new baby bring you a lifetime of blessings. Enjoy every single moment.
  • The best thing to spend on your baby is time.
  • Enjoy every moment, each day will bring new wonders!
  • Wishing you so much love at this magical and special time. Treasure each day as it goes so fast!

New Baby Congratulations messages

When the baby is born, you will probably send another card to congratulate the couple. New Baby Cards are often treasured as keepsakes and carry a lot of meaning. Showing them how much you care in this way will really mean a lot to them.

Here are a few examples of what you can write:

  • Cheers to the new addition to the household!
  • Congratulations on your precious bundle of joy!
  • Congratulations on your happy news!
  • These two little feet will bring us great joy!
  • Goodbye big tummy, welcome new baby!
  • Welcome to our world baby, we hope you love it as much as we love you.

What to write in a Baby Shower card – final note

As you can see, there are so many easy ways to show a parent that you are proud to be part of their pregnancy journey. With just a little thoughtfulness and a card, you can show them how much you care through these simple messages.

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