Teddy Bear Baby Shower Ideas - We Can Bearly Wait Baby Shower

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Ideas – We Can Bearly Wait Baby Shower

Baby showers can be even more fun when they have a theme that everyone will enjoy. A “We Can Bearly Wait” theme is a great way to use a Teddy Bear Baby Shower theme to impress both the guests and the parents of the baby. A Teddy Bear theme will affect everything from invitations to food and music, and may even help to shape the gifts that are received. This theme addresses the excitement of the whole family and the new changes that are to come, it looks forward to new opportunities, new experiences, and growth.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Part of the decorations is coordinating them with invitations, flatware, and dinnerware. Having them all fit with the same theme will assist in sharing the theme with all the attendees. They can be purchased premade or created by email or printed at home.

Balloons are a popular decoration for all baby showers, as they are light and fun. It can be as simple as a few neutral-colored balloons or as detailed as a balloon arch. Teddy-shaped or designed balloons can add a bit of color and create a focal point.

A teddy bear baby shower is a great time to make use of all the teddy bears around the house! Grab them, give them bows, or ties, or just leave them as they are and dot them around the space. You can add colors that relate to the theme colors or contrast them.

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Create a countdown timer or display, a large calendar would work nicely, to see how long until the baby arrives. This can easily be made into a game with everyone initially or signing the square for the date they think the baby will arrive. An activity like this is sure to bring friends and family together and include them in the family.

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Create a photo backdrop or photo booth with fun teddy bear-related props. Headbands with bear ears, teddys to hold, or other related items. Not only will this be fun for all those in attendance, but it will also record many great memories for the parents and child to look back on.

Make a display table where the gifts will go, adding teddy theme decorations and table cloth to the space.

Build a stunning display around the cake with flowers that match the color scheme, small teddy bears as a centerpiece, and a cake or cupcakes decorated for the occasion.

For a dreamlike space, use a small pop-up tent or kid’s ball pit and fill it with teddy bears and/or colored balls. It provides a reminder of the purpose of the party and adds a whimsey to the décor.

Make adventures for the teddies. Place a teddy in a basket with balloons tied to the side for a hot air balloon, place them on chairs at their own tea party, hand them from a balloon garland for climbing bears, or place them near the desserts for a fun teddy adventure.

The theme of “We Can Bearly Wait” conveys excitement over a new baby to come, the experience of a newborn and a family growing, and portray that excitement with photographs of the family as they grew throughout the pregnancy.

Make directional and guidance signs with teddy-related puns and comments. Teddy Parking is only for strollers or coats and bags, Teddy Picnic is for the food table and snacks, and Bear Hunt is for scavenger hunts. The ideas are nearly endless and will be fun for everyone.

Stations of bears, some dressed to play sports, others for school, some in diapers and in bassinets, and others playing games, can provide a lot of things for the guests to see and enjoy and will share hopes for the future of the child. Ask the parents about their biggest hopes or what they think they will most enjoy doing with their child and reflect that in these displays for a bit of added personalization.

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Use bear paw prints from the road or parking lot to the event space, providing both a fun way to set the tone also a useful way for people to determine where they are intended to be and to arrive on time.

Stretch banners across tables or doors, welcoming people and announcing the purpose of the party. You can find them online, at any craft store, or make your own at home for a personal touch.

Provide a special flower arrangement for the family to enjoy after the event with a rose teddy bear. Small roses create the shape of a small bear, and it will last weeks if watered and kept in a safe temperature zone.

Pom poms can be scattered around the area to create additional color and interest, in an affordable and fun way.

Use gummy bears as decorations, large and small, and all around. They can be enjoyed as a snack throughout the event but will also add interest, color, and fun to the decorations.

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Teddy Bear Baby Shower Food Ideas

Finger foods and picnic meals are great for this theme as they fit well with how teddies and children eat.

Host a teddy bear tea party or picnic on the food table. Choose foods they would like, honey-topped treats, teddy graham crackers, small sandwiches, berries, and other easy-to-eat treats.

For a sit-down meal, there are many choices on what to create. A light meal with salad, potato, and a chicken or other creamy dish can be enjoyed without being overly time-consuming. Pasta or similar may be ideal for various guests and relationships but don’t forget the garlic toast.

teddy bear baby shower pop cakes
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Create a cupcake cake that is shaped like a bear, with chocolate or maple icing or honey flavors.

Use empty bear-shaped honey jars for drinks or toppings.

Try smores cupcakes with a swirl of chocolate icing topped with marshmallows, teddy graham, and a piece of chocolate as a garnish.

Create cake pops that look like bears, or the heads of bears, for a clean and easy treat.

Have a cake that matches the colors chosen, and top it with a bear sitting on the top, or climbing up the side to add a touch of fun to the dessert table.

teddy bear baby shower cake
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Create a candy bar with baby bottles, glass jars, baby food jars, or even honey jars. Fill some with gummy bears, gumballs, and other sweet treats. People can help themselves throughout, and baby food jars can be used to fill from larger bowls or containers for an easy way to take some treats as guests chat with each other and move around the room. Add baby bottle candies or others that match the theme for added fun and attention to detail.

Create cookies with the due date for the baby on them as a fun snack or even to go with the goodie bags.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Gifts

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  • Request gifts that match the theme for a complete commitment. These can be simple as onesies with bears, teddy bears, stacking bear toys, or any other clothing, bedding, or other items with bears on them. As not everyone wants a bear-themed nursery this is best discussed with the parents to be first, but bears are a gender-neutral design that fits any other space as well.
  • When choosing parting gifts for the guests use bottles to package candy or to put other small trinkets in. Tie it with a bow or add a bear sticker for decoration.
  • Bookmarks that have bears on them can be great for gift bags, gift tags, or additions to books as gifts.
  • Hand out small jars of honey complete with a honeycomb spoon to serve it with as goodies for the guests. Include a special thank you on the label for each person including the date of the party or the due date for the baby.
  • Fill clear bags with bear-shaped cookies, crackers, or even gummy bears, and label them with what they are and what the event was. For an added benefit, put them in baby food jars or bottles, and put a small teddy bear hugging the container.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Activities

we can bearly wait ideas
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  • Create a playlist that has a few fun bear-themed songs mixed in. Even adults can do the Bear Hunt to the music when it comes on.
  • Scavenger hunts are a fun way to get people interacting and can include any items you want. To make the most of the theme hide teddy bears throughout performing certain activities or wearing clothing items and add them to the scavenger list with people bringing back the bear or a photograph to add to their list.
  • Pin the Tail on the Bear by getting a cardboard cutout of a bear and making fluffy cotton tails with double-sided tape or pushpins on them to put on the bear.
  • Guess how long each animal is pregnant in a fun and interactive game that helps everyone get to know each other and have fun. This is sure to create a fun and even silly environment for all guests.
  • Blindfold participants and have them diaper a teddy bear to see who can do it the fastest. Volunteers can do this game in groups and winners can compete against each other until the fastest diaper in the room is found.
  • Hold a diaper raffle, where the prize is something everyone would enjoy, whether they have children or not, and offer a raffle ticket for each pack of diapers they bring. Every new parent will need a lot of diapers so this is both fun and very useful.
  • Hang a large calendar on the wall, or an outline of a pregnant woman on cardboard, and have guests guess what day the baby will be born. You can have a prize for the winner or just do it for fun. People with a small friendly competitive streak are sure to love this activity.
  • Baby Bingo by creating a bingo sheet with things that most parents go through with newborns. This can include having the baby in the hospital or having a home birth, forgetting how to fold the stroller, leaving the house without the diaper bag, etc. The parents-to-be can add the things they are most worried about and watch guests share how often these things really happen to help ease their anxiety while getting to have a laugh with their friends and family.
  • Guess the gummy bears! Fill a jar or bottle with gummy bears and have people guess how many are in it. The winner gets the gummy bears to take home.
  • Play don’t say baby throughout the event by putting a pin or sticker on each person every time they say the word baby. The person with the fewest at the end wins.

Planning a baby shower can be stressful but it can also be a fun experience. There are so many ideas and each can be personalized to fit the parents and guests. Several ideas are affordable or even free, making the We Can Bearly Wait for theme a great start for any baby shower. As a family-friendly theme, it can be used for a gathering that includes families with children or adults and is easily adapted to any age group. Teddy bears are strongly connected to babies and children, and celebrating a new birth with bears is a fun way to prepare the world for them.

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