Baby Shower desserts

Baby Shower Desserts – Easy ideas your guests will love

There are so many amazing Baby Shower desserts that your guests will love. From cupcakes to cake pops, we’ve got you covered with the best ideas. Plus, we have some great dessert party favors that will make your guests thankful they attended your Baby Shower. With these tips and ideas planning food for a Baby Shower has never been easier!

Baby Shower Dessert Ideas 

If you’re looking for some inspiration for what to serve for the next Baby Shower you are hosting, look no further! These delicious and easy dessert recipes are perfect for any party. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large celebration, these sweet treats will be sure to please everyone.

Desserts To Serve At A Baby Shower

Pink or Blue Chocolate Dipped Strawberries 

pink and blue gender reveal strawberries

Add a little something special to your dessert table with these pink or blue chocolate-dipped strawberries. Blue or pink dipped strawberries make the perfect addition to any Baby Shower dessert table no matter if you know the gender or not! 

Mini Bundt Cakes

Using a mini bundt cake mold the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating these delicious and easy bundt cakes. Whatever Baby Shower decor you are using just match the icing on your bundt cake to your decor colors!

Salty Caramel Dipped Marshmallows

caramel marshmallows
Photo credit Baker By Nature

Serving salty caramel marshmallows are a heavenly combination. Guests will love this tasty treat! It is delicious and perfect for any celebration! Check out the instructions here.


Macarons are perfect for any celebration! They’re also great if you know ahead of time that some guests may have dietary restrictions like dairy or gluten-free. I would recommend ordering them from the bakery instead of making your own unless your baking skills are top-notch.

Mini Cream Pies

Mini Cream Pies to serve as a Baby Shower Dessert
Photo Cred: Created by Diane

These mini cream pies made in mason jar lids are darling. Not only are they adorable they are packed with fun flavors and will surely make your dessert table look fabulous. The variety of colors really helps bring color to the table. To find the recipe to make for your next Baby Shower be sure to visit Created By Diane!

Confetti Oreos

Everyone loves Oreos! Using Golden Oreos and melting chocolate you can bring baby blue and baby pink right to your table with confetti Oreos! It can’t get any easier than this! Also, a great option to serve if you are wanting more finger foods.

A little tip is to go ahead and make these a day ahead and they will still be good. It’s always great to have a few options to make before your party. That way you have less to prep on the day of your event.


ideas for baby shower desserts

You can’t go wrong with chocolate! Brownies are a chocolate classic which with added nuts can really be the highlight of your dessert table.

Mini Cheesecakes

mini cheesecakes for baby shower
Photo credit Beyond Frosting

There is nothing better than a bite-sized cheesecake to satisfy any sweet tooth! Top them with berries or tropical fruit for an added touch of flavor. See how to make them here.


dessert ideas for baby shower

These at times might not be easy to make but you can find wide varieties to purchase at any grocery store. Pastries are not only delicious but the perfect finger food to add to any Baby Shower dessert table.

Mini Mouse Cups

pretty deserts in a cup
Photo credit

Make your own pudding parfaits. Not only tasty but you can add a lot of color to your dessert table by mixing up your mouse flavors. You can have lemon, strawberry, or even Nutella flavors! Check out our Desserts in a Cup feature for more cup-based dessert ideas.

Cake Pops

gender reveal cake pops
Photo credit Big Top Cake Pops

You can’t have a Baby Shower without cake pops! Cake pops are a Baby Shower classic. Make your own using candy sticks, crumbled cake, icing, and melted candy of your choice! Roll them in sprinkles or glitter for more fun!

Baby Shower Take Home Treats

Everyone is excited to welcome the new baby to be. Keep that joy within them as they leave the baby shower with a delicious take-home treat. There are so many options to choose from when picking a treat. The list of possible treats is endless! Here are just a few that would be so cute.


donuts for baby shower dessert

Purchase some favor bags with personalized text and have an assortment of doughnuts guests can make their bags as they leave. Donuts don’t cost that much making this treat option a budget-friendly idea. 

Personalized Cookies

baby shower cookies

With the recent trend of personalized cookies, you are sure to find exactly what you want! The best part about personalized cookies is they still look cute in a clear bag. To turn them into a party favor all you have to do is place them in a clear bag and attach a simple tag that says thank you!

Chocolate Favors

chocolate favors for baby shower

Using chocolate candy bars of any size and printing personalized wrappers really makes for an easy take-home treat. Personalize it with the new baby’s name or even just a simple thank you with the shower date is all you really need on it.

Bags of Flavored Popcorn

Photo Cred: irisliewSTUIDO

With some cute personalized stickers from IrisliewSTUDIO, colored ribbon, clear bags, and flavored popcorn you can make some super cute take-home baby shower treat that is simple but also delicious.

Baby Bottle Candy Favors

candy baby bottle favors for baby shower

Prefill clear baby bottles with candy, or have a candy bar where guest can fill their own bottles. Either way, you can’t go wrong. If you decide to do a candy bar be sure to inform your guest when they should visit the candy bar so they don’t miss out on the sweet treats!

Baby Shower desserts – top tips

baby shower desserts ideas

These simple tips and tricks below will get you started on planning on what desserts to serve!

  • Don’t serve any desserts with raw eggs or contains alcohol – Due to the diet women have to follow while pregnant it is best to not serve anything she can not eat while pregnant at her shower.
  • Make Items ahead of time – To keep the stress level down of party planning and prepping it is best to make all the desserts ahead of time that you can. That way the day of the baby shower you have less to do when it comes to food prepping.
  • Plan your Dessert table layout ahead of time– before your party lay out platters and all your serving trays on your food tables. This help you have an idea of where everything will go. It also lets you know if you need to purchase or borrow more serving platters before your party date. See how to plan a dessert table like a pro here.

How Many Desserts Should You Have At A Baby Shower?

There is no magic number but it is best to have options. Try to keep your desserts around four to five. This would include a themed cake if you plan on having one!

Do Baby Showers Need A Cake?

baby shower cake

Times are changing and more and more baby showers are going away from the traditional sheet cake that is cut into tiny squares and served. To answer this question you do not need a traditional cake but some cake would be nice! Try maybe getting a cake that matches the nursery of the baby to be!

Desserts are a staple of any Baby Shower. With these Baby Shower dessert ideas, you will host a Baby Shower that the mom-to-be will remember forever.

If you are looking for more Baby Shower dessert ideas be sure to check out 10 Easy Ideas For Party Desserts and How to Style A Dessert Table Like A Pro!

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