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Best Diaper Raffle Wording Ideas – How to plan a Diaper Raffle

Are you planning a Baby Shower? You may be surprised at the amount of stuff you need to prepare for the arrival of the newest member of the family. You need to prepare clothes, a car seat, a crib, a stroller, bottles, nursing pillows, and so on. But probably the most important item of all is diapers, because those are the ones you never want to run out of. So, why not incorporate a Diaper Raffle into your Baby Shower. And read on to find out exactly how to do it and the best diaper raffle wording ideas.

A diaper raffle is a chance for you to have a little relief from buying all those diapers yourself! You surely don’t want to miss this kind of opportunity, right? New babies get through a lot of diapers, so why not have your Baby Shower guests bring you something really useful AND have some fun into the bargain! A Diaper Raffle makes a great Baby Shower game that everyone enjoys.

What is a diaper raffle?

Perhaps the idea of a diaper raffle is new to you. Well, there are many first-time parents who are unfamiliar with this event.

A diaper raffle is part of the celebration of having a new member in the family, and it adds more fun and excitement. A diaper raffle is an activity where guests bring diapers, which is a way for them to get tickets to be able to enter a raffle. Of course, there will be special prizes waiting for those who are going to win.

It doesn’t only help the parents save money by being able to collect free diapers, but it also allows the guests to have fun and be excited.

And one for the Dads, how about hosting a Huggies and Chuggies diaper raffle!

diaper raffle for baby shower
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Every parent knows that diapers are a huge part of their expenses. Having a diaper raffle is really an opportunity to save some money. In general, the benefits of holding a diaper raffle are as follows:

  • It will give new parents something you know they’ll use.
  • Parents will be able to stock up on diapers to save money both up front and over time.
  • It allows new parents to test a variety of diaper brands, sizes, and types to find the one that works best for their child.
  • It allows guests to have some fun and excitement.

How does a diaper raffle work?

diaper raffle wording ideas
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The mechanics of a diaper raffle are super easy.

Every pack of diapers is equivalent to one ticket, which will be used for the raffle. Therefore, the more packs of diapers they bring, the more chances they have of winning exciting prizes, as they will have more raffle tickets.

A successful diaper raffle has three major components:

  1. The Baby Shower invitation should include information or directions about the diaper raffle. The guests should be notified beforehand so they have time to prepare, like buying packs of diapers.
  2. Tickets for the diaper raffle
  3. The diaper raffle prizes

Best diaper raffle wording ideas

what is a diaper raffle

Here are some fun ideas for what to write on your Baby Shower invite to tell your guests about the Diaper Raffle.

  1. “Diaper Raffle! Join in with the fun and bring some diapers to help Dad and Mom!”
  2. We’ve prepared a diaper raffle in honor of this adorable baby. Please come and celebrate with us.”
  3. “Changing a baby is hard, so please provide diapers instead of a card!”
  4. “Bring a pack of diapers for our diaper raffle celebration. We have plenty of fun prizes waiting for you.”
  5. “Oh baby! Diapers disappear in a flash, so help us stock up on them at our Diaper Raffle!”
  6. “We’re hosting a diaper raffle; instead of gifts or cards, bring a pack of diapers for a chance to win.”
  7. “We can’t wait for you to bless our baby. In honor of the new parents, we’re doing a diaper raffle. Along with your blessings, please bring some diapers for the baby.”
  8. “Special rewards for those who have given diapers to the parents! Come see us at the diaper raffle.”
  9. We have one request, we hope it isn’t too hard. Please bring a pack of diapers instead of a card.
  10. “Diaper Raffle! Bring a pack of diapers in any size for a chance to win yourself a prize!”
  11. “A new little baby is on the way, please bring a pack of diapers in order to play!”
  12. “Babies need changing around the clock, so bring a pack of diapers to help with their stock!”
  13. “No one likes change, but babies in diapers! Bring a pack of diapers for entry into our Diaper Raffle!”
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You can even have a special sign made up for your Diaper Raffle like this pretty acrylic sign. Simply tie the design in with your Baby Shower and you are good to go!

how to set up a diaper raffle
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Diaper Raffle Wording Ideas Final Note

If you’re a mom-to-be or a dad-to-be, hosting a diaper raffle at your Baby Shower or Baby Sprinkle is a great way to ensure that you are very much prepared for the arrival of your little one. 

For for Baby Shower ideas, see our Baby Shower planning pages here.

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