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Gender Reveal Ideas With Twins – 12 Cute Twins Baby Reveal Ideas

Looking for Gender Reveal ideas with twins? Well, look no further as we have done the hard yards for you!

The best Gender Reveal ideas with twins

So, how do you announce the gender of twins? There are few moments in life more precious than those shared with loved ones. Gender Reveals for twins are a great way to have a little fun and drum up some excitement around the arrival of the newest members of your family! Double the genders are double the fun! Gender reveal ideas for twins are super exciting and loads of fun. Many Gender Reveal ideas for twins are variants of Gender Reveal ideas for single babies but some take the Gender Reveal to a whole new level! So if you are planning a Gender Reveal party and twins are on the menu, read on!

Let’s explore some of best Gender Reveal ideas for twins.

1. Twins Gender Reveal With Balloon Boxes

This twin Gender Reveal idea is low key, budget friendly but doesn’t compromise on the excitement. You can either buy special boxes or have fun decorating two yourself, or maybe have guests give it a go as a party activity! The idea is to have two boxes decorated with colours for both genders (obviously a colour doesn’t have to be specific to a gender but we’re just using colours that drum up ideas for people, pink and blue scream babies so they’re great colours to use, but use whichever you prefer). The boxes should be filled with colored balloons representing the gender of each baby. When it’s time you simply open the boxes, the helium balloons float up and give the game away!

2. Twins Gender Reveal with Pets

This Gender Reveal idea for twins can either be used a party centrepiece for a grand finale to your Gender Reveal party, or simply as a cute way to surprise a friend or family member. Dress your pets up with cool costumes, or have them eat smash cakes to reveal the gender of their new family members! Check out this article for pet gender reveal ideas.

3. Twins Gender Reveal With Confetti Cannons

Confetti canons are super cool and so much fun. You will need two canons for a twin Gender Reveal, one with the right colored confetti for each baby. When the time comes, Mom and Dad pick up a cannon each and voila! Gender reveal extravaganza! Check out our favorite Confetti cannons here.

Alternatively, give all of your Guests a mini cannon each and pull together on the count of three for a big impact reveal that involves everyone!

4. Twins Gender Reveal with Confetti Balloons

twins gender reveal ideas

Confetti balloons take the confetti Gender Reveal in a different direction. It’s basically piñata with a twin Gender Reveal as an outcome. The balloons are filled with colored confetti and either the parents to be, or guests can have a go taking a swing. For a cute twist, have each guest smash their own piñata, or in small groups.

5. Twins Gender Reveal With Smoke Cannons

Who doesn’t love a smoke cannon? The ultimate in pomp and grandeur, you simply load it up with colored smoke and have the wind spread the good cheer! The parents to be get to light the cannons and as long as all your guests are standing clear and you aren’t lighting it near anything flammable, it’s perfectly safe. It makes for great pictures too.

6. Twins Gender Reveal With Eggs

twins gender reveal with eggs

Twins Gender Reveal With Eggs?! Yep, this twin Gender Reveal idea is super fun! We actually have a whole article where you can read up all the details right here! In short, the parents crack the colored eggs on their heads, all of which are hardboiled egg-cept (geddit?) for the two colored in the correct genders.

7. Twins Gender Reveal Cake

Gender Reveal cakes have been around since Gender Reveals began. You’ll need to order these from a bakery, or if you love baking and decorating, you could whisk one up yourself. Make sure the outside is covered in plain frosting and then cut the cake to reveal that inside of each cake. Some of the layers are full of pink or blue frosting. You could either have two smaller cakes for a twin Gender Reveal, or simply have double layers like this cake here.

8. Twins Gender Reveal with Siblings

As much as we love getting pets involved, we love getting the almost big siblings to help out too. They can run in with colored clothing, wear cute messages or even hold hands, to show one and all if they’re getting two bros, two princesses or one of each!

9. Twin Gender Reveal with Paint Powder

This is probably the messiest twin Gender Reveal idea on our list today but it is so much fun you’ll still want to give it a go. You smash or blow on a container containing powdered paint to literally spread the news!

10. Twins Gender Reveal Pinata

twins gender reveal pinata

You know what a piñata is! Fill it with colored paint powder, confetti or colored sweets to reveal the sweet news. Check out our easy to follow how-to here to make your own!

Or grab a ready made one here.

11. Twins Gender Reveal Burnout

For this twin Gender Reveal, you’ll need a friend with a car and a good exhaust pipe. Make sure the area is clear before revving the engine and letting the paint powder spread! Have the parents, or good friends stand on the correct sides holding up A and B to complete the look and make for a cool photo op.

12. Twins Baby Reveal Flatlay

What is a Gender Reveal flat lay? A flat lay is literally just a photo taken from above objects laid flat. So here you either set up a live flat lay or post one to your social media accounts and let the colours speak for themselves!

More Twins Gender Reveal Ideas

Get all the gender reveal feels with this awesome twins reveals video!

Remember a Gender Reveal with twins is all about having fun. So let your creative juices run as wild as they can and go for it!

And if you are planning a Gender Reveal party, make sure to read our easy to follow guide.

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