gender reveals with dogs

Gender Reveal With Dogs – Best Dog Gender Reveals

A Gender Reveal with dogs is a cute way to involve your four-legged friend in the reveal of your new baby’s gender.

Gender Reveal parties are now in their second decades. And the fun craze is reaching new levels of creativity and ingenuity. Finding out your baby’s gender is such a tender precious moment, full of promise and joy. And Gender Reveal parties are a way of sharing that joy with family and friends. Plus they’re a lot of fun. Above all, Gender Reveals are an opportunity to let your creativity shine!

If you’re looking for the best ideas to reveal a baby’s gender, we’ve covered the best Gender Reveal ideas right here. From Gender Reveal Cakes to Gender Reveal Lasanga, from smoke bombs to Gender Reveal nail art, there is something for everyone!

How do you put a dog in a Gender Reveal?

gender reveals with dogs

Today we’re going to talk about man’s best friend. That’s right, your beloved dog is going to be welcoming a new member of their family too. So how can you include your dog in a Gender Reveal party? Well, that’s what we’re here for, to provide you with the ultimate guidance on doggy gender reveals. So let’s get started!

Best Dog Gender Reveal Ideas

Of course there are heaps of ways to reveal your baby’s gender. Some parents do the big reveal on social media. Others with a Gender Reveal cake and some with fancy balloons!

But if you are a dog parent too, why not involve your dog in the Gender Reveal festivities for a doggy Gender Reveal? With your bestie involved, you can be sure that the reveal will be super cute! From having your dog run-in with the gender or dressing up your puppy in special colors, we’ve narrowed down the best dog Gender Reveal ideas!

Cute ways to reveal your Baby’s gender with your dog

 How utterly adorable! Dressing up your dog to display the gender is a sweet way to delight family, friends or your partner with the big news. We are loving this guy’s serious reaction to the big news! Dress your furry friend up with a big pink or blue bow and add a handmade sign!

How do I incorporate my dog into a gender reveal?

Dog Gender Reveal Tuxedo

dog tuxedo for gender reveal

As it’s a very important announcement, why no dress your dog up in his finest attire! This super cute Dog Tuxedo is the perfect outfit for the job and available in sizes from small to 3XL so will fit even the biggest dog! Add a letterboard or chalkboard sign and tell the world your happy news!

Dog Gender Reveal Bandana

dog gender reveal with bandana

This gorgeous Gender Reveal dog bandana from Etsy is reversible, meaning you can arrange all the details of the Gender Reveal, but still be surprised. Hand the envelope with the gender to a friend and have them fix the bandana around your dog for a brilliant doggy gender reveal idea! Plus it’s available with or without pompoms and with or without the words so you can customize it to your tastes.

Dog “Graduating” to Big Brother

dog graduating to big brother

Dress your doggy up in this cute Dog Graduation costume and add a sign that says “Graduating to big brother/sister” to make your big reveal.

Dog Gender Reveal T-Shirt

Now does it get any cuter than these dog Gender Reveal tees? This is our favorite way to reveal your baby’s gender with your dog! If you have several dogs, it’s even cuter. Plus this tee shirt makes for a great photo shoot afterward and you can frame it for a perfect souvenir of your doggy Gender Reveal.

Dog Gender Reveal Sign

Available in several designs, this super customizable dog Gender Reveal idea really takes the biscuit! If you do decide to buy one, this Etsy store will custom design for you and send you a proof to make sure you’re happy.

Or combine the bandana and chalkboard idea to create something like this!

Dog UPS Costume

dog ups costume

If your pup is going to be the bearer of your Gender Reveal news, then why not have him dressed up as a UPS delivery dog! Simply add a letterboard or chalkboard sign with the wording “Special Delivery” and you have the perfect Dog Reveal photoshoot!

Dog-Friendly Cake

Aww, treat your first baby whilst announcing the gender of your second! This dog cake is completely dog friendly with mashed potatoes instead of icing. It’s a cute spin on a smash cake for a baby’s first birthday party.

Make sure you have your camera at the ready! Love how the blue really shows against these white dogs coats!

Dog Gender Reveal with balloons!

Next up, this dog Gender Reveal is a Valentine affair, with romantic tones and doggilicous decorations. Either copy this version, or make your own with balloons, chalkboard, and ribbon.

gender reveal with dog
Photo, Jessica from Maine

Add a letterboard or chalkboard sign with some announcement text. A matching bandana lets us know that Hubert is looking forward to welcoming his new baby brother!

As long as the balloons don’t pop, this is a super cute Gender Reveal with your dog! Just be careful he doesn’t get his claws anywhere near the balloons or your photoshoot could be ruined!

DIY Dog Gender Reveal

If you’re looking for the best Gender Reveal ideas with dogs, look no further. Why not kick it up a notch with a full-on costume? And we love the wording on the sign, it matches totally with this dog’s expression!

Dog Paw Print Gender Reveal

Now this idea can get a little messy so best take this one outside! You will need to enlist the help of a friend to set up your doggy with some pink or blue finger paint on her paws. Then send her off to walk down a long strip of paper for your dog gender reveal!

dog print gender reveal

Or do what this creative Mama did and set up doggy paw prints on your T-shirt. Then share on your social media for your big reveal. Thanks Brooke for sharing your photo.

Of course, there are loads of great ways to reveal your baby’s gender. And it’s a chance to have some fun and challenge yourself to see how creative you can be or keep it low key. After all, it’s your news, your day, your party, do it your way. But if you have a family pet and want to share the love and include or utilize your fur baby to reveal your baby’s gender, go for it.

If you’re looking for some other, non-dog related ways to reveal your baby’s gender, check out our article with a ton of ideas, inspiration, and practical tips right here; The best Gender Reveal ideas. And for our favorite Gender Reveal party supplies, click here.

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