14th birthday party ideas

14th Birthday Party Ideas – Easy Teen Party Ideas They Will Love!

By the time your child is turning 14, they are well on their way to becoming more like a young adult than being a child.  They may be starting high school soon, have their first job and in some places may even be getting a driving learners permit. It is an big age! If you are looking to celebrate a 14th birthday, keep reading and check out our 14th birthday party ideas below.

14th Birthday Party Ideas

The typical 14-year-old is growing not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.  Parents may seem uncool to some, especially as they are navigating their independence and freedom.  Every 14-year-old will be different in their interests and sense of self, so we hope one of the following ideas appeal to your teen!

Backyard Camping

14th birthday party ideas

If your child likes to be outdoors, an overnight camping event may be the right choice in celebrating their birthday.  Set up tents in the backyard and ask guests to bring their own sleeping bag and pillow.  Provide campfire snacks for the campers like a smores bar and hot dogs.  If allowed, roast marshmallow on a open fire.  If the weather cooperates, see who can find constellations or tell the spookiest story. Play some fun teen party games. The great thing about a backyard campout is that your child and friends can still have some privacy from the rest of the family without being too far away.


karaoke party

A karaoke party is the perfect idea for any teen who loves to sing and is not afraid to perform!  Whether you rent a machine, have your own or just sing out loud, this would make one awesome party!  Create a stage with a backdrop and funky lights around it and take turns performing.  Furthermore, to add to the fun, have guests come prepared with a song and encourage them dress up like the artist.  It will be one memorable night!

Dance Party

Similar to a karaoke party, a dance party is also a terrific idea for any music lover!  Prepare a list of songs before hand or ask guests to make requests.  Perhaps pick a genre of music or a decade and play hits from that. Ask everyone to wear neon colors and make it a glow in the dark party as well. You could also add some karaoke too. Lastly, for those who are social media savvy and really love to dance, consider making it a TikTok party.  No matter what, everyone will have a good time busting a move!

Pool Party

pool party for teenage girls

A pool party is another one of out 14th birthday party ideas.  If your child’s birthday falls during the warmer time of year and you have a backyard pool, then this may be the perfect choice! Even if you don’t have a permanent pool, purchase an inflatable pool for the kids to cool off in.  Serve fun drinks with umbrellas in them and BBQ hot dogs and burgers.  Maybe keep some water guns on hand in case a water fight breaks out!


bowling party for 14th birthday

Bowling is a classic way to celebrate a birthday.  Not only is it enjoyable, but anyone can do it.  Rent a few lanes for your child and their crew and see who can get the most strikes!  Play as individuals or break off into teams and see who has total combined score.  Look for a place that also serves pizza and snacks so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.  In addition, look into local bowling alleys that have cosmic or glow in the dark bowling for some added excitement.    


If you have a local waterpark nearby, this could be an option.  Your child could spend their 14th birthday going down slides and swimming in the wave pool with their buds.  At this age they are usually responsible enough to go off on their own, just set a meeting time and spot to check in.  Also make sure your guests can swim.  Pack some sunscreen, extra towels and enjoy! 

Escape Room

escape room kits for kids

An escape room is the perfect idea for anyone who likes games and adventure.  You could book a game at an business or host one in your very own home with this escape room kit.  The Rebel Revolt Spy mission game is for ages 14+ and is super easy to set up.  All you need to do is download the game kit, print the clues and follow the step by step instructions for set up. Good luck trying to escape. It will surely be a party to remember!

Paint Party

Have a budding artist in your home?  Then consider throwing them a paint party for their 14th birthday.  This can be done a few different ways including going to a local art hub or doing it at home.  Hire an instructor to teach the group how to paint a picture or find a video online to follow.  As long as you have the materials needed for everyone, a paint party should be easy, creative and fun!  Also, everyone gets to take home their own masterpiece!

Mystery Party

Another party idea is to host a mystery party.  This is perfect for any group of teens who love games, drama and costumes!  Depending on the maturity of the group, it could be a murder mystery or a non-murder mystery.  Look for ready made kits in store or download a game from a website like this one. Assign characters before the date so guests have time to decide what to wear and get into their roles.  Depending on the mystery theme, decorate your home for added atmosphere.  The teens will have the best time solving the mystery!

14th Birthday Party Ideas Conclusion

In conclusion, there are so many things your 14-year-old can chose to do to celebrate their birthday.  They may chose a big event or a smaller shin dig.  Perhaps they will chose an outdoor party or going out somewhere.  We hope our 14th birthday party ideas inspire some ideas! If you are looking for more inspiration, check out our other party ideas here.  In short, whatever your teen decides, have a wonderful time celebrating with them!

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