9th birthday party ideas

9th Birthday Party Ideas for a Fun Filled 9th Party

As your child grows, every year may seem to fly by.  Before you know it, they are turning 9 years old!  Often this is the age where your child is starting to enter the “tween” years and are very independent.  They may have their own opinions about the world forming around them as well as being able to accomplish home work and tasks mostly on their own.  If you are looking for ways to celebrate their 9th birthday, keep reading!  Below are our 9th birthday party ideas for a fun filled party! 

9th Birthday Party Ideas

Though they may not be able to stay completely on their own, 9-year old’s can certainly hang with their friends with minimal supervision.  Keep their sense of independence and maturity in mind when considering any of these fun party ideas.

Tea Party

This birthday party idea is perfect for any child who likes to be fancy!  A tea party is an elegant way to celebrate turning 9 years old. Firstly, set up a beautiful table in a garden with tea cups and saucers placed on a pretty tablecloth. In cooler months, prepare a lovely dining room table for guests to sit around. Secondly, encourage guests to dress in tea party attire like fascinators and lovely dresses or dress shirts.  Finally, serve delicious tiny sandwiches, cookies and squares, along with an appropriate beverage in their tea cups.  If you wish to add a little more to this party, make it a Alice in Wonderland theme!


A sleepover or slumber party is a special way to celebrate any birthday.  The birthday boy or girl may want to have a few best friends over or invite the whole team. Either way, prepare for a night of fun! Ask guests to bring over sleeping bags and pillows and pile everyone into a family room. Another idea is to set up adorable sleepover tents for guests to sleep in!  Prepare a variety of snacks for the kids to enjoy while they play games, watch movies or have a dance party.  For breakfast, consider a continental breakfast with juice, muffins, fruit and yogurt. You could also do a fun waffle bar.  No matter what, it will be a birthday to remember.

Slime Party

ideas for a slime party

Get your Slime party started with a “Slime Lab” where the kiddos mix up their very own colorful concoctions. Set up different stations with glitter, beads, and even glow-in-the-dark options for that extra wow factor. Then, hold a “Slime Olympics” with contests like the “Stretchiest Slime” and “Biggest Bubble.” Of course, don’t forget the slime-inspired snacks like “Slime Popcorn” (green popcorn with a touch of edible glitter) and “Slime Jello Cups” with gummy worms wriggling on top. See our best Slime party ideas here.

Picnic Party

Another one of our 9th birthday party ideas is to make it a picnic party.   The great thing about picnics is that you can host it outside or indoors!  For an indoor picnic you don’t need to worry about packing up everything and traveling with. You also don’t need to worry about the weather! Set up a table and place pillows around it to sit on. Feel free to add some flowers or greenery to give it more of an outside feel.  

If doing an outdoor picnic, place some picnic blankets down or use picnic tables if going to a park.  The great thing about an outdoor picnic is that you don’t need to worry about cleaning up your home before and after.  Just remember to throw out any garbage.  Either idea will be a fun way to celebrate!

Mini Golf

party ideas for 9 year old

Taking your child and their friends mini golfing will not only be a blast, but also a fantastic way to experience something together.  Mini golf is active, takes some strategy and everyone will have fun checking out the different holes on the course.  Look into locations that host birthday party packages too.  Whether you chose an indoor mini golf course that glows in the dark or a course that is outside, the party will surely feel like a hole in one!

Trampoline Party

Either head to a trampoline park, or if you have your own trampoline then you could have a garden party / trampoline party. Play some fun trampoline games and the kids will have the time of their lives!

Sonic The Hedgehog Themed Party

sonic party ideas

A Sonic the Hedgehog themed party is a sure fire hit for any young adventurer with a love for speed and excitement. Imagine their eyes lighting up as they step into a world filled with vibrant blue and gold decorations, echoing Sonic’s iconic style. The activities, from Sonic races to ring toss challenges, promise boundless energy and laughter. And let’s not forget the delectable Sonic-themed treats, guaranteed to satisfy any budding hero’s appetite.

Laser Tag           

Similar to mini golf, laser tag is a super fun thing to do with friends!  One option is to visit a laser tag location that has an arena for players to run around in.  Additionally, there are often party packages available with onsite party rooms to enjoy.  Some places also have the option to rent laser tag equipment so you can host your own game at home! Consider trying different game modes like every person for themselves or make it a team game and play capture the flag.  No matter what, it will be awesome!

Escape Room

escape room diy for kids

An Escape Room Kit is a great way to have an escape room party from the comfort of your own home. The Time Travel Escape game is terrific for kids ages 7-9 years old and can accommodate two or more players.  It is really simple to set up.  All you need to do is download the instructions and game materials to print.  You can customize the difficulty and aspects of the game, making it perfect for your group!  Just follow the step by step instructions before the party and everything will be ready to go for when the birthday crew arrives!      

Ninja Warrior Party

If your child is into ninja’s or the hit show American Ninja Warrior, than considering hosting a ninja warrior inspired birthday party!  Ninja’s are thought of as being stealthy and very skilled, especially in martial arts and physical skills.  Have ninja headbands for each guest to wear as they attempt different tasks and obstacle courses.  These may include throwing “ninja stars” or who can walk on a balance beam.  Cheer each other on as you see who can complete each activity the fastest.  For more ninja warrior ideas, check out this post!    

Scavenger Hunt

If you want to take an outdoor party to the next level then include a scavenger hunt in your party games. Kids work in teams to find the items on your scavenger hunt list and the first to find them all wins.


Carnival Party

circus decoration set

A carnival themed birthday party is great for anyone who loves games!  Red, white and yellow will add to the traditional carnival feel so chose these colors when picking out streamers and balloons.  Typical carnival games may include balloon popping, knocking down milk bottles or ring toss.  Have guests guess how many jelly beans are in a jar while they snack on popcorn.  Add a face painting station and a phot booth and it will definitely be one awesome birthday party!  

TikTok Party

If your 9 year old loves to dance, then a TikTok party could be a fun idea. Host dance competitions, dance to music and have some TikTok swag as prizes. Go all out with a TikTok color scheme of pink, blue and black and really have some fun!

9th Birthday Party Ideas Summary

In summary, when it comes to turning 9 years old, there are so many ways one can chose to celebrate.  From an outside event with many friends to a more intimate sleep over to holding the party at a third party location, so many ideas! We hope you consider any of our 9th birthday party ideas above, or check out our other party ideas and see what may inspire you and your child.  Whatever you chose, it will be a wonderful time! 

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