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14 Amazing Baby Shower Venues in Chicago

Welcoming a new life into the world is a beautiful experience. Celebrating the blessing of a new baby showcases the love of a parent to a child. So if you are hosting a Baby Shower in Chicago, we have a roundup of the best baby shower venues in Chicago to help you plan the perfect Shower.

It can be a pretty big event. Are you not sure where to begin? Have you chosen a Baby Shower theme yet? Whatever the case may be, you should start with the venue first. Some restaurants and event halls nowadays offer packages for Baby Showers. From here, you can choose a Baby Shower theme, menu items, color schemes, and many more party elements.

Places to Have a Baby Shower in Chicago

Browse through this list of unique Chicago Baby Shower venues in the city of prairies and lakes. All of these venues offer unforgettable settings, like old-world glamor, Italian dining, local art, rustic countryside, and many more. Chicago indeed has a plethora of restaurants, rooftop patios, and outdoor spaces, but only a dozen or so stand out.

Creativo Loft

creativo loft baby shower venue

Address: 1105 W Chicago Ave

Creativo Loft provides all-inclusive packages, from photography to event design. Stand-alone venue rentals are available as well.

You can also have plates, linens, and napkins customized to your taste. Located just 2 miles from Michigan Avenue, Creative Loft offers a unique vintage partying space.

Here, your guests can revel at the view, both outside and inside. In the veranda, the majestic cityscape of Chicago unfolds right after dawn. Inside, the historical building, with its pillars and walls made from age-old redwood, gives off a suiting atmosphere.

You can splash their event hall with any party theme. The people behind Creativo Loft will be right beside you, all the way.

Blue Door Kitchen and Garden

blue door chicago baby shower

Address: 52 W Elm St, Chicago, IL 60610, United States

A vintage tea party for your Baby Shower is something out of the ordinary. The same can be said with Blue Door Kitchen and Garden.

This French-inspired restobar and event hall offers a classy space for private gatherings. With their European-style furniture and well-furnished cottages, their outdoor garden can host up to 50 guests.

When it comes to the food, you won’t taste any additives in their dishes. All the ingredients they use are locally-sourced. For the flavorings, they use herbs and spices grown in the herbal gardens nearby.

The venue has a vintage appeal. The furniture and amenities there seems like they come from the 18th and 19th century. At every corner, you’ll see antique furniture with artistic carvings. And some of the artworks here are more than 100 years old.

Loft Lucia

loft lucia chicago baby shower

Address:  7 N Carpenter St., Chicago, IL 60607, United States

Loft Lucia offers a western-themed Baby Shower and historical passion right here in Chicago. Exposed brick walls and antique decors contribute to its warm, fuzzy, and rustic atmosphere.

In this cocktail bar venue, you can invite up to 75 guests to enjoy a meal dedicated to your upcoming baby.

What’s more, you can move the party outside under umbrellas, in their classical-looking covered balcony. In case you want an open-air Baby Shower, Loft Lucia could be a good option too.

Taureux Tavern

best baby shower venues in chicago

Address: 155 W Van Buren St, Chicago, IL 60605, United States

The name undersells the place because it’s more than just a tavern. For celebrations, its outdoor patio is made available. The space is complete with a European-themed garden and iconic garden sets.

The atmosphere in this classical restaurant will make you feel you’re strolling along Parisian streets. For your upcoming baby shower party, you can opt to have an indoor party or a garden gathering here. The venue can accommodate up to 100 guests.

They serve various French-inspired dishes. From foi grass pate to filet au Roquefort, they have many of the classical dishes here.

As a prominent Tavern in town, their beverages don’t fall short too. Taureux offers an extensive wine list. This includes over 75 bottles popular across their country of origin–France.

Siena Tavern

baby shower venues chicago

Address: 51 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Here’s another Tavern that gives more value than its name suggests.

Siena Tavern brings forth the charisma and sophistication of Viviani’s dishes to Chicago. If Tareaux is for the French at heart, then Siena is for those fond of Italian culture and cuisine. If you and your guests fancy an Italian vibe, then Siena’s elevated dining, private cellar, and deluxe risotto will be worth checking out.

The moment you enter this Italian resto-bar, the 360-view oval bar will catch your eye. High-top furnished wooden tables fill the space, providing ample room for birthday parties, baby showers, and other celebrations.

Baby Showers are often held in the Elevated Lounge. This space features vintage leather sofas that complement the rustic-industrial decors. The lush backdrop can evoke feelings of appreciation and great delight.

The Bradford Barn

venue for baby shower chicago

Address: 20712 Western Ave B, Olympia Fields

A picturesque estate located on a sprawling landscape, The Bradford Barn combines nature’s ambiance with rustic design. This venue showcases white-polished clay walls, vaulted ceilings, and furnished wooden windows.

In its classic simplicity, it can serve as a blank canvas to bring your party vision to life. The outdoor area and indoor hall here can host up to 250 guests. It’s a wonderful place to spoil an expectant mum.

Tack Room

baby shower at the tack room chicago

With Tack Room’s carefully-prepared cocktails, entrees, bar snacks, and desserts, you can coordinate any occasion in here. Inside their entertainment center is the Thalia Hall. This hidden piano saloon is a decked-out modern venue hall and resto-bar, with a touch of equestrian fervor.

Tack room exudes the air of the countryside, even though it’s in the middle of the city. The menu and everything inside is like falsetto music–far exceeds expectations. This place is for the artists at heart, the wild children, and the sophisticated city dwellers.

With cowboy hats and the memorabilia of an era long gone, the menus and the setting here could be a breath of fresh air from your standard baby shower venues.

Glesner House


“Elegant” is the first word you’ll think of when you first enter Glesner House. The allure of Nobel abodes and the classical style of Renaissance Europe are here.

It’s a mansion, a museum and a sophisticated restaurant, all in one. Sitting on a picturesque estate, Glesner House has a gorgeous backdrop. Lush green grass, ivy draped brick walls, and manicured spruce trees surround the main event hall.

The venue exudes a whimsical atmosphere and it can host an event with over 100 attendees. This is perfect for a mom-to-be. Its calm ambience, spacious grounds, and furnished wooden interior can make baby shower parties appealing and unforgettable.

Elmhurst Art Museum

baby shower at elmhurst art museum

With modern art exhibits and exclusive views of Wilder Park, Elmhurst can be a cultural hub and a space for a creative baby shower.

The gallery is known for its clean and versatile design. The artworks are changed regularly. No two parties here are alike. You can even request a change in the theme and design if you avail of their catering service.

The wide windows flood the venue halls with natural light. You can also decorate the amenities and furniture to your liking. This one-of-a-kind venue is also located at the heart of Chicago.


baby shower in chicago

Address: 150 W Erie St.

West of Chicago, you’ll find Assemblea, a spacious event space with a historic charm. 4,500 square feet of open indoor space awaits you here. Glossy, furnished redwood flooring will illuminate the special occasion of your baby-to-be.

Assemblea is a warehouse-style venue that can host up to 100 guests. Illuminating the entire venue hall, beautiful chandeliers adorn its 24-foot tall white-washed ceilings. On the upper balcony and outdoor patio, your guests can explore and marvel at Chicago’s cityscape.

Formento’s – Patio

where to host a baby shower chicago

Address: 925 W Randolph St.

Here’s another hidden gem at the heart of Chicago. Formento’s Patio is an exquisite eatery, combining Italian cuisine with a modern approach.

As a renowned Italian restaurant, it has catered to thousands of Americans fond of Americanized Italian cuisines. In fact, Formento’s Patio was one of the pioneers of the Italian cuisine revolution in Chicago.

Today, pizza, topped with melted parmesan and roasted meaty slices, is as Americanized as the classic apple pie. In Chicago, the memorable dishes at Formento’s Patio are to be credited for the growing love for pasta and pizza.

Formento’s patio is definitely a slice of continental delight surrounded by Chicago’s urban metropolis. You can curate their space to sate and entertain up to 50 guests.

And their wine list is phenomenal too. They have over 600 wine varieties, which can be used on menus, cocktail drinks, and celebratory parties. The attentive staff ensures that every detail of a private event is well tended to.

The patio’s executive staff has dedicated themselves to creating delectable dishes, staying true to its Italian roots. Working with an experienced catering team, the management behind this restaurant strives to provide innovative culinary excellence.

From plated dishes to buffet-style service, pre-designed menus are available here.

Cheesy meatballs, chocolate marble cake, and sweet-style carbonara loaded with mushrooms and meaty goodness are just some of the delicious meals they offer.

Morgan MFG: Skylight

table setting for baby shower

Address: 401 N Morgan Street

Chicago at night and Chicago in the morning are two different things. Combining the beauty of hanging gardens with a sleek, modern appeal, Morgan MFG: Skylight offers a tale of both worlds.

This Chicago Baby Shower venue is probably the most unique in this list. It’s a beautiful industrial space on top of a skyscraper, which looms over Chicago’s bustling cityscape. Having a 12,000 square foot floor area, Morgan MFG can accommodate up to 1,000 guests.

You have to hire a catering service to provide the party meals. But the collection of beverages and fine wine here should be added to your party plans.

Saint Lou’s Assembly

Saint Lou’s Assembly offers class and uniqueness in its simplistic setting. Here, your attendees can take a break from the busy city life.

If you want an exclusive Baby Shower party, you may find this place as “the right venue.” It’s less expensive than other restaurants and event halls, and it has everything you need. Plus, you can customize their catering service and request for a personalized theme.

For outside parties, they have plenty of garden sets and retractable umbrellas for up to 60 guests. The backyard open space features a minimalistic garden, well-kept gravel, and contemporary patio design. Beyond that, you and your guests can revel at an unobstructed view of Chicago’s skyline.

Woodwind – Birch Rooftop Garden

baby shower rooftop terrace chicago

Although the name sounds like what you’ll call a Viking tavern, Woodwind is far from being in the boonies. In fact, it’s on top of a classy skyscraper and surrounded by a lush garden. Located on the top floor, this rooftop bar offers mouth-watering fine dining and sweeping views of Chicago’s bustling city.

Woodwind showcases a modern backdrop for private parties. Its relaxing space features tiled flooring and chic patio furniture. Illuminating the space, the trellis lighting fixtures brightens the modern amenities inside. And on the terrace, potted plants and well-kept grass lawns enliven the place.

Woodwind can cater up to 70 guests. Chefs Donald Young and Matt O’Neill prepare innovative dishes. And, like the chefs behind Blue Door Kitchen and Garden, they only use locally-sourced ingredients. Seasonally-inspired cocktails and original menus, like roasted bone marrow and Octopus a la plancha, make guests come back for more.

The highlight of this venue is its panoramic view of the heart of Chicago. At night, Woodwind becomes a different world to behold.

Baby Shower Venues in Chicago Parting Thoughts

The Baby Shower venues in Chicago listed here are all unique in their own way. Chicago is a massive metropolis, and it has hundreds of restaurants and private spaces for such a celebration. However, only a few can truly make your Baby Shower leave a delectable and memorable aftertaste.

This list of best Baby Shower venues in Chicago is for everyone. For those who love the arts, Creativo Loft and Elmhurst Art Museum offer spacious event spaces and appealing art galleries. If you’re on a tight budget, Bradford Barn and Saint Lou offer low rates, complete catering services, and clean classical style.

For a grand view of Chicago’s cityscape, just head to Morgan MFG or Woodwind. If it’s a big party, Loft Lucia, Formento’s Patio, and Glesner House can cater to more than 100 people. In case you want to satisfy your longing for French and Italian cuisines, the other restaurants in this list can definitely suit your taste.

You’ll be splashing your effort and money in that upcoming party for your baby-to-be. So why settle for a generic party when you can host something special.

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