what to do for a 16th birthday

What to do for a 16th Birthday? Fun 16th Birthday Ideas

 A 16th birthday is a milestone in many cultures and offers a step towards adulthood. While it is intended to be a fun and exciting occasion it can also be difficult to plan and a bit stressful. Knowing what the birthday guest of honor likes to do is a strong start and ensures they will have fun and a day to remember. There are many great ideas for a 16th birthday, both gifts and for a party.

Fun 16th Birthday Ideas

Extreme Sports

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Keep active and share a new experience with extreme sports. Bungee jumping, skydiving, snorkelling, surfing, and so much more, can be a great birthday party idea. The excitement is sure to appeal to any 16 year old, and people will talk about it for weeks. Extreme sports is sure to be a hit.


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As a popular pastime, paintball goes through waves of popularity, It is a fun way to bond with friends by teaming up against another team, or to show friendship by shooting paintballs at all their friends. Most paintball locations will allow you to rent the facility for a few hours and have the place to yourselves.

Formal Dance

16th birthday ideas

For a touch of elegance and welcoming into adulthood, a formal dance complete with formal attire and assorted finger foods can make anyone feel grown up and important. A regal experience for anyone who loves the romance of weddings or prom will be sure to love their own Sweet 16 ball.

Murder Mystery Dinner

Encourage problem solving and facing new challenges with a murder mystery dinner. These can be with hired actors or made yourself with each person getting a role to play and the history for their character. Those who love drama and mysteries will remember this experience for a lifetime.

Sports Club

Sports clubs or some sport based restaurants are ideal for a 16th birthday party for someone who loves trying new sports. Many have a full restaurant that will serve your meal, along with pool tables, basketball hoops or games, putting practice and a machine for practicing your golf swing. Others may have full bowling alleys along with other sport based games. These offer something for everyone and can be booked in a whole or one section for the meal and then enjoy all of the activities that are offered.

Day at the Spa

 A day at the spa with a manicure and pedicure, massages, steam rooms, and even skin treatments is a decadent way to celebrate your newly 16 year old. Make her and her friends feel beautiful and pampered with the spa experience. Annd you may set them up for a life of taking care of themselves when they need it most.

Go Karts

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Go karting is a staple birthday party idea and it stays popular because of how fun it is. Let the teens get their speedy driving out on the race track instead of the city streets. This ensures that laughter and light competition will develop, and it will make your party the talk of the school week.

Theme Park/ Amusement Park

 Find something that appeals to everyone by taking them to an amusement park, theme park, or fair grounds. From great food to exciting rides or challenging games there will be no one left out. Parents can take a bit of a hands off approach by letting the guests free in an amusement park with set times and places to meet and meals of the top fried food variety.

Weekend Trip

 Escape the mundane of every day with a weekend away. Book a hotel or a house boat and pack up their best friends to experience a new city. There are endless places to visit and a trip to fit any budget. Take a road trip to save on funds or fly to a big city for a more luxurious experience.


If you and your birthday teen like to camp, getting away from the city and offering a camping trip can be just what they want. Pack up their favorite snack foods, things that can be cooked over a campfire, and your kayaks or lawn darts for a full weekend experience that they are sure to remember.

Art Class or Experience

Book a painting class or a pottery experience to ignite the creative spark. Artists and their friends will find this a bonding experience as they support and encourage each other to try new techniques or find love of a new artist endeavour.


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 A concert is a sure way to impress their friends and guarantee a fun experience. Everyone has a great concert story from their teen years and by planning this for their 16th birthday party will make you one popular person.

Cooking/Baking Class

Skip the movie and spark new conversations, a fun way to bond, and learn about your teen and their friends with a cooking or baking class. Not only will you all get something great to eat at the end and a fun experience, but everyone will gain a few skills they can use for life.

Boat Tour

Whether you have one close by or you are going on a weekend away, a boat tour is a great way to experience something new. The limited space encourages interaction and sharing experiences. Plus you may get to see a whale, sea lions, corals, and more. Along with an amazing view of the city and land that you can not see from any other way.

Private Movie Experience

Movie theatres offer rentals that allow you to have the whole theatre to yourself. Some throwback movies will impress the movie lover in your life, while a new release can bring all their friends an experience they won’t soon forget, and a chance to talk in a movie without bothering others.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great adventure for anyone who is active. And whether it is indoor rock walls or outside in the landscape, the challenge is one to thrive on. It may foster some small competition but also encouraging each other, support, and working together.

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