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The Best Backyard Picnic Ideas

The backyard picnic has become increasingly popular over the last few weeks as many of us are spending much more time at home.

Recently, I came across some gorgeous backyard picnic photos on Little Miss Party Planner’s social media. A backyard picnic is a really versatile event, go low key, or make it big! One this is for sure, make it pretty and it will be an event to remember! Perfect for Baby Showers, parties, or just as a small family celebration, the backyard picnic is making a comeback!

Read on to find out Little Miss Party Planner’s top tips for planning the cutest DIY Backyard picnic.

pretty baby shower picnic

How to set up a Boho Backyard Picnic

We are in lockdown and so many people are missing out on milestone birthdays, anniversaries, proposing to their loved ones and more.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can still create something insanely beautiful at home and a backyard picnic is perfect! Try to create something so memorable that will take your loved one’s breath away. Set up a small and intimate celebratory picnic that you will look back on and remember with a smile.

boho backyard picnic

Planning a stylish picnic at home

So, where to start, what to do, how to look into what you really want, especially if you are unsure which direction you want your function to head.

Sit with some ideas for a day or so as this will help your mind wander and gravitate towards the best outcome. Close your eyes and let thoughts pop in your head and ask yourself “is this something I would like”. Is your style loud and proud or soft and intimate? Do you have expensive tastes or are you happy with a small cheese platter?

picnic at home

It may seem silly asking yourself these questions, but it will definitely help work out a plan and start to guide you in the right direction.

Top tips for picnics at home


First off, set a theme for your backyard picnic.

Everything works so well around a theme and can set the foundation for the rest of the planning. This can be a color theme, somewhere you have visited theme, somewhere you want to visit or something really extravagant if you have missed out on something so spectacular. Write all your ideas down on a piece of paper, circle the ones that really stand out… let the pen do the talking

picnic with tent


Next, work out who will be there. Are you keeping the backyard picnic just between the 2 of you or is it a family affair. Will you invite friends to join online. Or, will you ask the neighbors to picnic over the fence with you?

Get creative and draw up an invitation or make a poster/invitation online. Or if DIY is not your thing, look online for invitations. Etsy or Paperless Post are both a great online option.


Pallets or low tables will really help set the mood. Go to any industrial yard and they will let you take their pallets for free. Remember to check for nails and make sure you sand to avoid splinters.

Alternatively use a small coffee table and throw a tablecloth over or sheet. Look around the house for rugs, blankets, throws and other bits of material in different shades, styles, and textures.

baby shower picnic

You will be surprised at what you can find. Mixing rather than matching is key here to create those soft boho vibes.

Find a selection of pillows and ottomans in different shades, styles, and textures.

Styling items for the table can vary for small jars with flowers, candles, or any items you can find around the house. Pretty and soft or boho and vintage, the options are endless.

boho picnic setup

Fresh flowers can transform a space into something magical. Flowers bring any event to life and supporting small businesses during these tough times will help pay it forward.

If you can’t afford fresh, fake can work just as well. Or grab some from the garden. Use old jars from the kitchen to arrange your flowers.

A boho backyard picnic is not complete without a mini drinks station. Use chopping boards, wooden boxes, or other items you can find around the house to create a little area for drinks.

Lastly, add some lighting – battery operated fairy lights are my go-to to transform any space, a small tepee, and even create your own little forte with some sheets and rope.

Oh and don’t forget cups for your bubbles, a champagne bucket, and ice for your drinks if it’s a real celebration!


indoor picnic food

Now have a think about the menu for the evening.

Do you like preparing food or would you like to order uber eats?

Do you have a preferred cuisine like Indian? If so, order in and present on beautiful kitchenware.

Or do you like nibbles and easy to eat items, therefore create a little platter of treats ready to go.

Keep it simple and sweet with the DIY option from home, or ask a local catering company to deliver something pre-prepared.

Lastly, add some drinks to your menu. Do you like champagne, wine, beer, or punch? Prepare your drinks list and have everything accessible and ready to go.


Of course, we always need a plan b in case the weather ruins our plans. If you are set to picnic outside, is there a space that would look equally as beautiful inside. Can you move the location last minute without it stressing you any more than you need to stress?

indoor picnic ideas

Above all, keep it relaxed and incorporate aspects that make you happy. If you do that, you will have a backyard picnic to remember!

Finally, thank you to Little Miss Party Planner for sharing her gorgeous backyard picnic tips and stunning photos!

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