Red Flag Party ideas

Red Flag Party Ideas – Captions, Activities, and Much More

As discussions around red flags grew and it became a common term used when dating, the Red Flag Party was created.  When planning a red flag party there are many things to consider, including a location, decorations, guest list, foods and beverages, and what red flag caption you will be wearing on your shirt. With Red Flag Party ideas there are many ways to plan a successful party, and here are some ideas to help you get started

What is a Red Flag Party?

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A Red Flag Party is a party that is held for single adults who are interested in dating or who want to have a fun night out with their friends. The theme is created around the issues that people have that make them less datable, or that may be a deal breaker for a prospective partner.

While some red flags are hard deal breakers and include things like being abusive or having addictions, they can also be silly things that are intended to bring a laugh or things that are not as hard to overcome such as doesn’t put dishes directly into the dishwasher.

When planning your Red Flag party caption, you can choose silly ones, funny ones, or to share honest and serious ones in a more relaxed way. The point of a Red Flag party is to have fun and mingle with other people and have a great night out.

What do you do at a Red Flag Party?

What is a Red Flag Party?

Once you are at a Red Flag Party there will be a few activities that are available beyond socializing and chatting with the other attendees. Some will have planned games for the group, others will have dancing, there will be snacks or a meal, decorations to view, other single people to talk to, and drinks to enjoy.

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Some Red Flag parties may even include a speed dating type activity or matchmaking aspect. Each person at the party will be wearing a nametag or sticker that has their red flag written on it so that it can be seen by everyone, so one of the main things to do will be reading others’ red flags and perhaps discussing or joking about them.

Red Flag Party Caption Ideas

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When choosing the red flag that you will display, select one that is honest, but that is lighthearted or that you feel comfortable talking about. You can add a prop either to what you are choosing to wear, such as carrying a laptop or tablet for a workaholic, a pop can or cupcake for someone who enjoys a lot of sugar, or an outfit that is average for someone who doesn’t dress well. Having fun with the topic will make the night more enjoyable for everyone.

Suggestions for some red flag party captions include:

  • Serial dater
  • Easily offended
  • Chronically late
  • Perfectionist
  • Afraid of snakes
  • Doesn’t like commitment
  • Never seen ___ movie
  • Never read ____ book
  • High maintenance
  • Takes ages to get ready
  • Talks too much
  • Tells bad jokes

Red Flag Party captions can also include traits such as introverted or extroverted, loves to read more than going out or short attention span.

More Red Flag caption ideas

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Some people use Red Flag captions that they have been known to do in the past such as:

  • I ghost people
  • Can be flaky
  • I want things my own way
  • High energy
  • Low energy
  • Don’t show affection
  • I get attached too easily

Funny Red Flags for a party

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Some will look for ideas that are funny and these can be as simple as:

  • Talks too much
  • Wears hats at the table
  • Says sorry too often
  • Talks about the ex too much
  • Can’t parallel park
  • Can’t tie a knot
  • Hates pizza

Having a list of red flags that you are looking to avoid can also be useful, as you will be able to quickly locate some people who will not be a good fit, or you can decide that you want someone to talk to that isn’t too serious about things, or that took it very seriously and is being upfront about what to expect.

With so many options there are nearly endless choices for choosing your red flag, and you can display it with a shirt that already has a comment with your red flag on it, or by adding a prop to your outfit such as a briefcase chained to the wrist, or you can write it out on a sticker or name tag to display your chosen red flag.

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Red Flag Party Activities

There are many activities that can be suited to a Red Flag Party, and these will vary depending upon the intent of the party and the people who will be attending.

As all adults will be single, there are many who will focus on finding a new interest at the party and who may want to leave with a date or two lined up with someone new. If this is the goal of the party then a matchmaking game where people bring a single friend that they think will be a good fit for another of the guests and introduce them there.

Setting up tables or sections and engaging in a few rounds of speed dating may be a fun way to get to know more people at the party, especially if it is a smaller group with an equal number of people. It need not be a serious attempt, but simply encourage people to engage in conversation with each person for a few minutes at a time. From there, people can move on to the rest of the party and intermingle with those they found most interesting during the activity.

Have a Red Flag Party Photo Booth

Set up a photography station that has many props that address many different red flags, and have people take pictures with them. These can be displayed on a screen or printed, and people can post them or take them home.

Posting them online and tagging the party can help people who are in attendance to see photographs of the evening and perhaps connect with others tagged at the party in the following days.

Select a fun background and encourage both regular or serious photos as well as fun candid photos. Photo stations or booths traditionally help to bring people together and can create an opportunity to learn more about each other as well as get some photographs to remember the party by.                 

Set up a trivia round about the most common red flags that are present, or those that are not. This can be an interesting way to get people talking to each other and engaged with the party in general.

Questions can be around the most common ones, the ones that are most avoided, if any are actually things people look for, and more.  This can also be created in the form of a bingo, where each guest gets a bingo card with things to look for at the party and to check off.

These can be similar to the trivia questions, or find someone who was in a relationship most recently, who has been single longer than a year, and many other ideas.

Food and Drink Ideas for a Red Flag Party

Food and Drink Ideas for a Red Flag Party

For a Red Flag Party, there is a built-in color and potential theme for both food and decorations. Many options for red drinks are available and they can be as fun as Slurpees or strawberry lemonade, or they can be alcoholic drinks such as candy apples or Shirley Temples. Sangria can be a great drink to share at this type of party. To expand on the drinks, there are many foods that are also red, including pasta with sauce, fruit salads, or strawberries with chocolate can also be well suited to this type of party.

A candy bar is a fun way to keep the mood light, and there are many candies in red that can be used not only to snack but also as a display. Twizzlers standing in a straw dispenser may encourage the fun of using licorice as a straw, while glass jars full of cinnamon hearts or gummy bears will add interest. Include small scoops and provide ice cream bowls or small cups to allow people to select their favorites and enjoy them as they mingle around the party.

Red Flag Party Decorations

Decorating a party can help to set the tone of the event, and this offers a lot of ways to change how the party will progress. For a matchmaking type party, a romantic setting can be well suited, with pinks and reds, roses or other red flowers for table centerpieces, or sprinkled confetti on the tables will all help to dress up the space. Using candles on tables (either real or LED) will help to set a romantic feeling to the space and will encourage people to consider dating prospects.

For a lighthearted and fun party where it is a bit more joking and less serious, it can be fun to have some whimsical decorations. Balloons and streamers will create a fun and silly feeling in the area, encouraging people to share jokes and laughter. Using outdoor string lights or LED light strings can add light to a darker space or bring some added light to an outdoor event.

To keep the setup and clean up minimum, a minimalist party can be had with snacks and finger foods that do not require seating, a drink station or bar that serves drinks in cups that are easy to walk around with, and some can be done the day before. To limit the clean-up as much as possible, hosting the party at a restaurant or other venue will allow for there to be increased flexibility in the food provided and prevent dishes and other tasks from being left to the host for the next day.

Red Flag Party Ideas Final Note

Planning and hosting a Red Flag Party is not only an opportunity to gather your friends and have an enjoyable experience. It can also be used as a way to meet other single people and perhaps find someone to begin dating.

A Red Flag party can be as detailed or as relaxed as you choose, and you can invite only your own guests or encourage friends to also bring single adults who may want to meet new people. By increasing the number of people in attendance there will be better odds that those who are earnestly seeking dating opportunities will find one, and bringing a friend can make the entire experience more comfortable for everyone.

Plan a few activities but leave time for interactions and mingling without any added pressure or structure. Select decorations and foods that fit the theme and the goals that you have for the event. Prepare to have fun and enjoy the fruits of your work. 

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