White Lie Party Ideas - Funny Captions & Lies

White Lie Party Ideas – Funny Captions & Lies

In the search for new college party themes and fun party ideas, the White Lie Party is one of the newest. It has become popular as it spreads across Tik Tok and other social media platforms and it’s fun for everyone. It is based upon the concept of a “White Lie”, which is a lie that is used to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, and they are told about small, unimportant things.

A White Lie Party is great fun, gets your guests talking and certainly raises a few eyebrows and gives a few laughs! Read on for all you need to know about hosting a White Lie party.

What is a White Lie Party?

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A White Lie Party is a party at which each person wears a white shirt and prints a white lie on the shirt. The lie can be anything you like. It can be related to yourself, and it can be something that you have said in the past, it can be a lie that you use sometimes to remain polite, or it can be one that you just think is funny. All you need is a white t-shirt, a sharpie and your imagination!

There are no limits to the lies that you can use. Of course it is preferable to select a white lie that is appropriate for the group that will be at the party though, to avoid feeling uncomfortable or causing others to feel uncomfortable! Remember, the white lie you use at a work party may be very different from one you would use only with close friends!

50 Hilarious White Lie Party Captions

50 Hilarious White Lie Party Captions
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If you are wondering what white lie to put on your white lie party t-shirt, then worry no more! Here is a great list of hilarious white lie party quotes to get you started!

  • I’m not addicted to coffee.
  • I’ve been working out.
  • I love your new haircut.
  • I’m never late.
  • I always text back.
  • I never procrastinate.
  • I’m good at keeping secrets.
  • I always text back right away.
  • I won’t cry tonight.
  • It was nice talking to you.

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Ironic White Lie Party Captions

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Here are are favorite ironic and funny white lie shirt ideas.

  • I love mornings.
  • I jog every day.
  • I never eat the last piece of pizza.
  • I’m fine.
  • I’m five minutes away!
  • I didn’t hear my phone.
  • I love Zoom meetings.
  • I know what I’m doing.
  • I love your haircut.
  • I left the house 10 minutes ago.
  • Diet starts tomorrow.
  • I’ll Venmo you back.
  • I’m a good driver.
  • I don’t like older guys.
  • I have never broken bro code.
  • I have never had a one-night stand.
  • I like my boss.

Funny White Lies for a White Lie Party

  • I love big crowds.
  • I’m a people person.
  • I read all the time.
  • I don’t get jealous.
  • I love school.
  • I’m not competitive.
  • The breakup was mutual.
  • I never lie.
  • I don’t hold a grudge.
  • My car is always clean.
  • I’m not a drama queen.
  • I won’t cry over my ex tonight.
  • I’m not a flirt.
  • I’m not the jealous type.
  • I never workout.
  • I’m not a troublemaker.
  • You’re the only girl I’ll talk to tonight.

More White Lie Ideas

  • I give great advice.
  • I am low maintenance.
  • I eat only healthy foods.
  • I get along great with my family.
  • I’m not mad at you.
  • I love dogs.
  • You cooked a great dinner.
  • Your friends are great.
  • I love that band!
  • I have a pet dragon.
  • I speak 5 languages.
  • I make all my meals from scratch.
  • I bake from scratch.
  • I do yoga every day.
  • I hate TikTok
  • I read the terms and conditions.
  • I don’t care about politics.
  • My message failed to send.
  • I didn’t cancel just to stay home.
  • I have to get up early.
  • I’m a natural blonde.
  • I’m not a lightweight.
  • I’ve never done a walk of shame.
  • I’m a morning person.
  • We just watched Netflix.

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What do You Wear to a White Lie Party?

What do You Wear to a White Lie Party?
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A White Lie Party is more focused on the lies than the clothing that they are written on, but it is expected that you wear a white shirt. The remainder of the outfit and the style of the shirt will rely on the age and theme or style of the party. For a laid-back gathering, a white t-shirt with the lie written in black felt pen is common, however, you can have an iron-on made or even have the shirt screen printed to wear to several parties.

A white tie may be a unique addition and can have the lie written on it. White shirts can be paired with dark-colored pants, jeans, or skirts, or a full white outfit can be selected.

Provided that the shirt, or the top of the outfit that you choose, is white, and the lie is printed boldly upon it, then you are well on your way to being perfectly dressed for a White Lie Party. You may also choose to write your lie in other colors, to add your own personality in another way.

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What do you do at a White Lie Party?

The main point of a White Lie Party is to enjoy time with friends, meet new people, and enjoy a social gathering just for fun. Many activities, foods, and drinks are suitable for this type of party, and they can all be easily tied into the white theme. Traditional college party games are always good fun.

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White Lies Party Foods

White Lie Party Foods
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Any White Lie Party is sure to have snacks. If you are planning a party yourself it is a great opportunity to choose a wide variety of white foods or to use all-white place settings and tablecloths to make a variety of food colors really stand out.

A candy bar is a fun way to offer dessert to guests of all ages, and they can be scooped from clear glass containers into transparent, or brightly colored, bowls to snack and mingle at the same time. A sit-down meal can be created to show bright colors of steamed vegetables and elegant presentations of full meals or create a buffet and allow people to choose their own favorites.

White Lie Party Drinks

Whether it is an alcohol-free party or one where people will indulge in an alcoholic drink, with everyone wearing white it may be best to avoid the red wines and grape juice! Rum, vodka, flavored waters, and other light-colored drinks are certain to both fit the theme and protect the clothing of your guests from any potential spills or bumps. Alternatively, creating brightly colored drinks may create a strong contrast and create increased interest and visual appeal. These should also include non-alcoholic choices for any party and any age, as a variety of drinks is sure to work for everyone.

White Lie Party Ideas, Games and Activities

White Lie Party Games and Activities
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Often there are activities that are part of the décor and decoration, while others are just for fun. A photo booth is always a hit and will help everyone to remember the lies that they used, as well as those chosen by their friends. Including props that can be used for dressing up or adding a little extra touch of personality to the photos will encourage guests to flock to the station.

Have each guest write down 10 facts about themselves, half of them true and the other half lies, and take turns guessing which are true and which are lies. This can be done as one large group game, split into teams, or it can be an ongoing challenge throughout the party to encourage people to interact and get to know each other one-on-one.

Have a White Lies Contest

Have a White Lies Contest and see who can come up with the most original and unexpected white lie. In order to be a white lie, it must meet the criteria of being a small lie, about something that isn’t important, that does not hurt anyone, and is most commonly used to avoid hurting the feelings of someone else. For added incentive you can provide a small reward or prize for the person with the most creative white lie, the funniest white lie, or the one that is easiest to believe is true.

Share stories about when you have used a white lie and been caught. This is a great way to share experiences with people and form new connections. Discuss what the consequences were of your white lies, and if you think you will use them again, or would in that situation.

This is also a significant lead into a discussion over when you think a white lie is appropriate, for example when your friend gets a new haircut that isn’t great, and when it is not, like when you didn’t finish a project but tell everyone that you did. You can also compare stories of the worst white lie that was ever told to you and how you knew it was a lie. All of these experiences are certain to be entertaining and liven up any gathering.

More Ideas for the Best White Lie Party

More Ideas for the Best White Lie Party
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Create a list of white lies before the party and write them on small cards or pieces of paper to hand out. Challenge each guest to use that lie in conversation at some point in the night. You can also hand out 5 to each person or see who can use the most white lies throughout the party, preferably without being caught.

Mingle and chat with people. Reading all of the white lies on people’s shirts, discussing stories of white lies, being caught, getting away with them, and what your most used lies are, can help everyone to learn about their other guests. These can be used to find shared experiences and to share some of each person’s personality with those around them. The things that people choose to lie about can tell almost as much about them as the things that they think it is never ok to lie about.

If you want to add an extra twist, invite people without saying what kind of party it is and have a table with white shirts in assorted sizes and all of the materials needed to add the lies to them. People will have to think quickly about what to use, and friends can make their shirts together, taking them home at the end of the night as a memento of the evening.

This is best suited to informal parties that will have t-shirts or that use ties, scarves, or stickers to add to clothing rather than having dresses and fancy clothing choices. Each person can put their new piece of clothing on top of what they are already wearing, and everyone is sure to enjoy the process as much as they do the result of their efforts.

White Lies Party Ideas Final Note

As the popularity of White Lie Parties grows there are sure to be many new ideas shared online, lots of party pictures being posted, and many chances to use your favorite white lies. This party theme can add a new twist to a regular gathering of friends and is suitable for both large parties and small gatherings, for young teens and for adults, and can even be used in work parties.

Sharing all of the lies you use at school or at work can bring colleagues and students together, and it is sure to get guests laughing with each other. Choose a few of your favorites and have them ready at any time to be prepared for the next one that you are invited to.

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