30 Best Bachelorette Party Games

Best Bachelorette Party Games – 30 Games Your Guests Will Love

A bachelorette party is a great time for everyone to celebrate this huge life change with exciting Bachelorette Party Games. It brings together the brides’ friends and family from all aspects of life and gathers them to celebrate. One of the things that people look to most is the fun bachelorette party games.

There are many to choose from, with some DIY bachelorette games you can make at home with things you have already, to detailed games you can purchase and set up on the day. With such a wide variety it can become overwhelming, so following are 30 of the best bachelorette games that your guests will love.

DIY Bachelorette Party Games

bachelorette party games

To stick to a budget and still have unlimited fun, DIY bachelorette party games let you have control over each part. They can be created with items you have at home, or they may not need any supplies at all and are easily personalized to fit the bride-to-be.

Bachelorette Bingo:

Some games can be downloaded and printed at home with little hassle, one of these is Bachelorette Bingo. Fill in each square with things that apply to your situation and the bachelorette personally or download a filled-out card and use it as it is. Each round can have a prize, and you can play as many rounds as you like.

The Newlywed Game:

The Newlywed Game has been enjoyed by audiences for several decades on television and has made its way into the homes of hostesses everywhere. Simply have the spouse to be answer questions about the bride and compare them to her answers at the party.

This bachelorette party game requires no additional setup and does not need any props. To add more challenges, repeat the process for her mother, sister, or a friend or two, and challenge them to see who knows more about their own spouse or partner. Anyone who likes friendly competition is sure to want to play and those who prefer not to can simply watch.

Pin a Kiss on the Groom:

Play a twist on an old party favorite with Pin a Kiss on the Groom with a large cutout of the groom-to-be. Create small kisses out of paper or material and add a pin. This game is sure to bring some laughs.

Scavenger Hunt:

Scavenger Hunt can be a fun way to relive some childhood memories. Hide plastic rings, brides and grooms, or other wedding-related items around the space and offer a small prize for each one found, or for whoever finds the most.

Wedding Jeopardy:

See who knows the bride and groom best with a game of Wedding Jeopardy. Offer prizes for whoever gets the most points and share some fun memories as you play. This game requires only a poster board and post-it notes or cue cards to put the clues, answers, and points value, plus someone who knows the bride best.


Spice up Jenga by making it into a game of dares and tasks. You can add questions, and confessions, share a story about someone, or do any other fun activity. For each block you remove you must do the activity, whether individual or group, before moving to the next person or block.

Who Brought The Lingerie:

Make a lingerie shower into a game with Who Brought The Lingerie, replace lingerie with any other gift, and set the unwrapped gifts on display. Clothing items can be hung up while others can be put on a table and the bride guesses who brought each gift for them. Once the bride has guessed you can open it up to everyone for the ones she is wrong.

Who Knows Bride Best:

Who Knows Bride Best builds a little fun competition between the bridal party and the other guests for her bachelorette party. Simply compile a list of questions about the bride-to-be and hand out sheets to see who knows her the best of all her friends.

Cell Phone Bingo:

Cell Phone Bingo gets everyone involved and you can choose the quest! Have people go on a scavenger hunt through their own phones for anything related. You can ask for spicey photos, adult-themed content, and phone numbers from ex’s, or make it easy and light with pictures of a church, engagement announcements, or others. You have full control over the bingo cards for this game.

Who Has a Dirty Mind:

Who Has a Dirty Mind is a lighthearted game where you describe everyday items in a way that makes them sound naughty or that makes them sound like something they are not, then have guests guess what item you are describing.

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt:

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt can be a fun way to go out and make the most of a night out. Assign tasks that each have a set number of points, and they can be anything you want. Ask a guy for their phone number, buy someone a drink, or take a dare, the only limits are your imagination, morals, and laws.

Guess the Kisses:

Guess the Kisses has each guest put on a fresh application of lipstick and then kiss a large white poster board. The bride gets to guess which kiss print belongs to who, with a prize or treat for getting it right or something they need to do when they get it wrong. It can be easily set up and is fun for everyone.

Toilet Paper Lingerie:

Toilet Paper Lingerie has all the guests forming teams or working together, to design and create a piece of lingerie from toilet paper. If toilet paper is hard to find look for other materials such as pool cases, sheets, or anything else you can find.

Bra Pong:

Bra Pong places several bras onto a board and has guests throw ping pong balls or similar into the bras. If you miss do a dare or get a point for getting one in.

Weenie in a Bottle:

Weenie in a Bottle has the ladies tie a string around their waist with a long portion down the front to which a hot dog is tied. They stand over a cup or bottle with the top open and must get the hot dog into the cup or the bottle without using their hands. Hilarity is certain to occur.

The Brides or Not the Brides:

The Brides or Not the Brides can test who knows the bride best as well as help each guest learn about each other. Have each guest bring something that is theirs, a piece of clothing, a printout of a text exchange, a recipe or drink, and collect similar items from the bride’s home.

As you present each one have people guess if it belongs to the bachelorette or not, and for more fun with a tight-knit group of friends encourage them to guess who it does belong to if it isn’t the bachelorette. This game can be as PG or R-rated as you choose.

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Bachelorette Party Games to Buy

fun bachelorette party games

Save yourself time and get ready-made games that are sure to be a hit. Several types of games are easily purchased and many are affordable at any budget. Find the right game for any group with these fun and easy-to-play games.

For The Girls:

For The Girls is a card game that uses dice to select fun activities and silly questions, and brings out confessions as you’ve never heard before. Once you’ve played some will surely want to play again and again, so keep it on hand for future parties.

Mean Girls The Party Game:

Mean Girls The Party Game is a fun game for adults only, made for women to share their secrets and see who they know best in their group. If you keep anyone from guessing your secret, you win! This is a great choice for anyone who loved Mean Girls as they grew up and lets them relive the experience of the movie all over again.

Do or Drink:

Do or Drink makes traditional Truth or Dare into an adult-only version with cards that instruct players to choose to do the activity or to take a drink. As a fun drinking game, it is sure to get everyone involved and get everyone laughing.

If You Had To:

If You Had To is a certain hit for fans of Cards Against Humanity. It offers prompts and each player lays down one of the cards in their hand that fits that prompt, then the judge gets to choose which one is the worst. The worst answer wins the round.

How Well Do You Know The Bride:

How Well Do You Know The Bride is another approach to Bride Jeopardy and presents questions, and activities, and offers challenges, all to determine who in the room knows the bride the best. There are 40 cards to play through, so you can make this game last as long as you want or quit early if you need to.

Sexy Slang:

Sexy Slang is a game that shares a similar base and intent to Pictionary or Charades but uses adult words and terms. Draw scenes, act out terms, and have half a laugh with their friends. It can be found at novelty shops or adult stores.

Bride to Be Party Blocks:

Bride to Be Party Blocks is a premade version of the Jenga game recommended above. It comes complete with tasks, challenges, confessions, and more to keep everyone guessing. As you remove a tile you complete the task or activity that is on that tile, either as a group or individual.

Bachelorette Dare Cards:

Bachelorette Dare Cards can be downloaded and printed off with a wide range of activities. Complete all of the dares on the card, from simple and lighthearted dancing to kissing a stranger in order to win. No one has to do all of them to have fun, but prizes can be offered if you want to step up the competition.

Would She Rather:

Would She Rather is a twist on the traditional Would You Rather game, and can be made safe for all ages or include adult topics and questions. Download a version online and print off copies for everyone to see who gets the most that match the bride’s card.

That’s What She Said:

That’s What She Said is a card game that has questions and answers on separate cards allowing you to choose the answer that will fit best. It is based on the same style as Cards Against Humanity but made just for girl’s night.

Prosecco Pong:

Prosecco Pong offers an elegant and updated version of Beer Pong for any type of bachelorette party. Enjoy the drinks and the laughs as the competition heats up.

Dirty Scattegories:

Dirty Scattegories provides prompts to make answers from all of the letters found in the word BRIDE. This can be an individual task or a group game, set a timer to step up the fun.

Inflatable Banana Ring Toss:

Inflatable Banana Ring Toss is sure to be a hit with any group of women. The bride or maid of honor holds the inflatable banana while others try and toss the rings over the banana.

How Well do You Know the Bachelorette:

How Well do You Know the Bachelorette is a deck of cards that you can read out loud and find out who knows the Bachelorette best. Play this game in any way you like, yelling answers, hitting buzzers, or writing answers down.

Bachelorette Party Games Final Note

A bachelorette party is a night that she is sure to remember and it can be planned in almost unlimited ways. There are games, activities, drinks, and foods to fit any style or personality, and they can include everyone who attends. The wide selection of DIY games can make any party fun with minimal investment, and for those who are in a time crunch several ready-made games can be ordered online or picked up at a store near you. Let your imagination run wild and everyone is sure to have a great time commemorating this moment in her life.

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