what is a bachelorette party

What is a Bachelorette party? Your Bachelorette Party Guide!

Weddings are both exciting and stressful. But that bachelorette party is ready for a time out from the stress. Plus enjoy the time with her closest friends. These are some of the most looked forward to parties and are sure to be memorable! Traditionally one night out with friends, going to the best clubs and even to male exotic dancers, they have evolved into full weekends over the past years. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to be a hit.

What is a Bachelorette party?

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Modern bachelorette parties are about releasing the stress that has built up over the wedding planning and for the bride to be to really let her hair down. And to enjoy a great experience bonding with the friends who mean the most to her. They are not all at clubs anymore, with drinking and dancing, but may be a weekend away, a day at the spa, an evening of fun bachelorette games or anything else that helps bring these guests together and reinforce the friendships that will support her not only at her wedding but throughout her marriage.

Who plans a Bachelorette Party?

Often, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids are the ones who plan and execute a Bachelorette Party. This moment of passage from being a young, single, carefree woman into a married wife is certainly one to be celebrated. In the past these parties were for the single women in her family and circle of closest friends. However all of the brides friends are welcome to join for parts, or all, of the celebration if the plans allow.

What are the origins of a Bachelorette party?

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Bachelorette parties began in response to the bachelor party, where the groom to be would go out the night before the wedding to say goodbye to his singledom. Full of drinking, friends, and last chance adventures, Bachelor and Bachelorette parties soon became mainstream for both sides of the wedding party.

 Women in decades past have found they need to stay home with their new families more, that they go out with their husband rather than their friends, and their whole lifestyle was changed. With new approaches there is less of a drastic shift after the wedding, and married women often go out with their friends without their husbands along. This shift has made the bachelorette party less of a good bye to parties and nightlife and more celebrating the friends who will carry through from the single and dating years into the marriage. These women, and sometimes men, are going to be the friends who support her marriage and encourage her to build the best and healthiest marriage that she can. They will remain active in her life beyond weddings and children.

Now they are more about a great night out with friends to say goodbye to the single party life, many prefer them to be more laid back and less pressure. As long as the activities fit the personality and preferences of the bride it is sure to be a success.

What happens at a Bachelorette party?

Most of what happens is just good fun, laughing, drinking anything from the best coffees and tea to mimosas or alcoholic drinks. The options are endless and there is no limit to the fun that can be had! As the most important thing that happens at any bachelorette party is the bonding, enjoying each others company, and the fun that is had, anything else is just extra.

Who do you invite to a Bachelorette party?

It is important to create the party so that all of the people in attendance are having fun and enjoying the time together. This may mean that everyone goes for a manicure or pedicures, to have a meal at a restaurant that is decadent and an experience beyond just the food, or even skydiving to feel the freedom of the fall on the way down. Any activity that brings people together and strengthens the bonds of trust and truth is ideal. Sometimes it’s just the brides friends who attend, other brides to be prefer to include their female relatives as well.

Memories of their friendships and of the bride specifically are a hot topic at any bachelorette party! Also a top subject, are fun or romantic stores of the time that the bride and her groom have spent together. These conversations keep the focus on the purpose of the party while also staying light and fun. Sharing memories of the shared stories, the things that brought the bride to this moment both with her friends and her fiancé are a great way to mark the transition from the past to the future.

Great Bachelorette Party Ideas

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 Some of the top bachelorette ideas currently are a weekend away at a spa hotel or at a winery for the tours and wine tastings. These activities are fun and relaxing, encouraging many to try something new. Others will go to paintball, skydiving, or on a boat tour to experience a new activity or to find something that is active and fun. Pottery painting and art classes are becoming very popular among bachelorette parties, where they can show creativity and look for new ways to express themselves.

 Hosting a bachelorette is up to the maid of honor and the bridesmaids, but that doesn’t mean they are the only ones who can attend. Renting a party bus to get everyone from a meal to an activity, hiring a male dancer for party at home, or going to a concert or performance are all some of the top bachelorette party ideas according to current trends.

The entire party is a celebration of the bachelorette and marking the passing from young adulthood full of going out, adventures with friends, and bonding with the friends who mean the most to her. This means that any activity she loves is a great way to ensure the day goes well and that everyone enjoys their time.

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