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Christmas Party Ideas – 12 Ideas for a Festive Party

We’re approaching one of the most exciting and event-filled times of the year. Christmas is a cheerful time to make memories and traditions while being around loved ones. Looking for some inspiration for gathering with your friends and family? Fill your days with one (or more!) of these fun and festive Christmas party ideas.

Christmas Pajama Party

Going to a party doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress to the nines. Instead, why not indulge in festivities while remaining comfortable? A fun and snuggly option is to have a Christmas pajama party. Invite your friends over in their favorite onesies and have the time of your lives without the worry of fancy outfits. The kids will love it!!

Gingerbread House Making Party

gingerbread house decorating party

Making gingerbread houses is a classic Christmas activity, and sweet treats make the holiday season even more enjoyable. Who says it has to be for kids? The truth is: you can make anything a party. So why not gingerbread? Gingerbread houses are easy to find at the store during this time of year. Guest will leave with a smile on their faces and their hands filled with a cute (and edible!) gift.

Winter Wonderland Party

Nothing screams this time of year quite like walking in a winter wonderland. If you live somewhere without snow, this is an especially fun option on our list of Christmas party ideas. Decorate your party space with fake snow, snowflakes, snowman and anything else that fits the bill. You and your guests can wear white to match the theme. Take in the winter beauty without actually having to face the cold weather.

Christmas Character Party

christmas party ideas

Costume parties are always fun and don’t have to be reserved only for Halloween. Besides, there are plenty of iconic Christmas movie characters to choose from! Invite people over with the catch that they must come dressed as a character from their favorite Christmas movie. Soon, you’ll be surrounded by the Grinch, Santa Claus, and whoever else they love the most. Check out our The Grinch party feature here.

Cookie Decorating Party

christmas cookie decorating party

We all know that Santa loves cookies. But, really, doesn’t everyone love cookies? A cookie decorating party is a great way to do something hands-on with your guests. Let them leave with a bunch of beautifully (or poorly, we don’t judge) snacks for later. You can buy premade cookies, bake your own or have guests bring their favorite cookies. Sprinkles and icing colors make decorating a breeze. The options are endless!

Christmas Carol-oke

Do you and your friends love going out for karaoke night? Or maybe you always find yourselves singing along loudly in the car? Christmas carol-oke might be one of the most perfect Christmas party ideas for you. This is something you can set up at someone’s home. You can also find a local karaoke room and make it a rule that only Christmas songs are allowed the whole night. Either way, you’re sure to have a night filled with laughs, bad singing and festive tunes.

Petmas Party

christmas party ideas pets

If you’re a pet person, you likely never miss an opportunity to buy things for your furry friend. Treats, new toys, clothes…the list goes on. If you’re surrounded by other people with pets, why not throw a Petmas party? Don’t let them miss out on the holiday season. Dress your dogs in holiday sweaters or costumes for a play date while the humans hang out too.

Ornament Making Party

christmas ornament party ideas

Custom ornaments really stand out on Christmas trees. They serve as reminders of events like the fun ornament-making party you attended. Pinterest and other online sources are full of DIY ornament projects for you to plan for your guests.

Secret Santa Party

Secret Santa parties are always a popular option. If gift-giving is your love language, this should be your go-to. It’s easy to set a spending limit and delegate people to buy gifts for each other. You’ll have a night filled with surprises, laughs, and items to treasure forever. Everyone gets to give and receive a gift. Put on some music in the background and have plenty of cookies and eggnog around.

Wreath Making Party

wreath making party

Who doesn’t love hanging a beautiful festive wreath on their front door? The price tag on these can be rather steep, so it would be fun to turn it into a DIY wreath-making party. Invite your loved ones over after visiting the craft store. Everyone will make something unique and true to themselves. Every time you come home, you’ll be reminded of the fun time.

Holiday Movie Marathon

If you’re looking for something more relaxed, a holiday movie marathon can very well still be considered a party. Binge-watch all the Christmas classics while you snuggle up on the couch and eat your favorite snacks. This is an option you can combine with a few of the other Christmas party ideas. Ask everyone to wear pajamas or watch the movies after/while decorating cookies.

Tree Decorating Party

Want to spend some quality time with your friends or family but can’t find the time during this busy holiday season? Invite them to help you decorate your Christmas tree or offer to help them. This may not sound like your typical party, but with some holiday music playing, a beverage of choice, and love in the air, it will feel just right.

Christmas Party Ideas Final Note

We hope this list sparks some ideas for your party planning this holiday season. You’re sure to have a memorable and fun time with the people you love. If you’re searching for additional activities to do during one of your parties, look no further. For fun Christmas party games, check out this article on the best Christmas party games.

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