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Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas – 15 Thanksgiving Table ideas

There are so many beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescape ideas to choose from. In fact, it can be hard to choose just one! But over the years we have learned that pretty Thanksgiving table decor is just as important as the Thanksgiving meal itself. While your guests sit around the table and await the main event, it’s the little details they will be looking at! So we have put together our favorite Thanksgiving Tablescape ideas. Some of the best hostesses around have shared their favorite Thanksgiving table decor ideas right here.

So get ready to draw inspiration from the best with our top Thanksgiving Tablescape ideas! We all love to create the perfect tablescape, and Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity!

Traditional Fall Themed Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving table idea with pumpkin
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fall tablescape with leaves
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If you want to go for something classic, then a Fall inspired Thanksgiving Tablescape fits the bill perfectly. And fall toned colors and lots of greenery will help you achieve this classic look. Plus all the seasonal styling bits like leaves and pumpkins are readily available this time of year.

seasonal fall table setting
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thanksgiving table setting
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Colorful Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

blue and white thanksgiving tablescape
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blue themed thanksgiving table
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If you want to change things up a little then consider colorful Thanksgiving table decor. Your guests won’t expect this one. Plus you might get to reuse some of your other party tableware, instead of buying something specific to Fall.

moroccan themed thanksgiving tablescape
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magical thanksgiving table ideas
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Outdoor Thanksgiving Tablescapes

outdoor thanksgiving tablescape
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If you live in a warmer climate, then an outdoor Thanksgiving meal might be your plan. Fresh flowers, bright tablecloths and greenery all create a luxurious outdoor Thanksgiving tablecape. Bring your Thanksgiving table decorations to live with vibrant florals and greenery.

bright thanksgiving tablescape idea
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Farmhouse style Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

fall table ideas
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thanksgiving table ideas for kids
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If you want to keep things more rustic, then a Farmhouse style Thanksgiving tablescape is a great idea. Collect leaves and pine cones for table decor. And add homemade banners and place cards for a personalized feel.

White Themed Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

boho thanksgiving tablescape
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green and cream tablescape
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Finally, if you are a fan of all things white, then consider this idea. These pretty white-themed Thanksgiving tablescapes are sure to impress your guests. You can add touches of color with a pretty tablecloth. Or add some colored glasses or plates.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas Final Note

Of course, there are many ways to style a Thanksgiving table. Remember, have fun with it! And maybe try something new this year!

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