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Thanksgiving Cake Ideas – The prettiest Thanksgiving Cakes around

When planning a Thanksgiving celebration there are many factors and parts that are organized. From the meal to dessert, decorations to guest lists, each piece brings a bit of joy to the day. Adding a decorated cake can add to the sense of the holiday and boost the mood. Plus it’s also a pretty centre piece or decoration. Read on for our favorite Thanksgiving cake ideas.

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What Makes a Great Thanksgiving Cake

The best Thanksgiving cakes will have both a decadent and enjoyable flavour, a good texture, and also will be attractive and fit the theme. With almost limitless choices for flavouring both cake and icing it can be fun to add a seasonal or themed flavour. Apple cinnamon, carrot cakes, pumpkin roll, and fall spice layer cakes are all popular ways to spice up the Thanksgiving cake. Add layers of icing between the layers of cake to help it remain adhesive and also to add create a well rounded cake with cream cheese icing or complimentary icing flavours.

Fall flavours are often those that are related to the harvest season. Pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, spice, pineapple, graham crackers, and so many other full and comforting tastes are associated with the time of year. Spices are used to create a feeling of warmth and heat. And this goes well with the chill in the air and the shortening of the days. The combination of taste and decoration is key to making the best Thanksgiving cakes.

Colourful Thanksgiving Cakes

colorful thanksgiving cake
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Cakes and décor are both used to add colour to any setting. And this is a fun way to decorate a dessert. Using bright and lively colours will help to draw attention to the cake and it can be used to brighten the table. Plus add more colour than the traditional browns, oranges, and yellows that make up a holiday table.

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Darker shades of purple, green, and blue, offer a touch of colour while still remaining on the warm and cosy section of the colour wheel. They go well with the traditional fall and harvest colours and are easily added to any table setting. Add in brighter shades of yellow to lighten the space and create depth.

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Using patterns in colour can also increase the interest and add an extra special touch. Stripes, circles, leaves, and more can be add around the outside of the cake. These may represent the tastes that are held within or the colours that match the settings of the room.

Funny Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

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Bring a laugh to your holiday with these funny Thanksgiving cake ideas. These are used to increase the joy and laughter and can add a little spice to any gathering. Using a silly saying on the side of the cake can create interest and spark conversation among guests, whether they are family or friends. For any group with a sense of humour a funny Thanksgiving cake is sure to be a hit. And will be the topic of conversation in the days or even weeks following the gathering.

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Other ideas for a funny cake is to include decorations or make the cake into a shape that is silly or fun. Adding items onto the top that are made of fondant or cupcakes and that match a saying, joke, or represent the meal are attention grabbers. Please your guests by making your cake into a turkey or pumpkin. Put characterized animals on it, or use a visual pun to decorate the top and sides of your cake. For added amusement, create a pun and place a surprise colour, shape, or pattern inside the cake.

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Pretty Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

thanksgiving cake ideas
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Add a touch of elegance to your table with a pretty Thanksgiving cake. Include colours that compliment each other, perhaps embellishments that are certain to take center stage. Basket weave can add dimension, while spilling colours and caramel will create movement on the surface. Flowers that are fitting to the harvest season can be added to the edges and to the top, bringing some of the beauty of nature onto the table.

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Icing flowers and ribbon can be looped around the cake and added to other decorations for a touch of colour and class. Texture can be a lovely way to add interest to a cake. And edible glitter or edible silver or gold leaf will certainly add sparkle to your Thanksgiving cake.

For a pretty cake look for things that are elegant and that flow well. Watercolour images transferred to the cake, or intricate designs added to reflect the colours and the settings on the table or on the decorations of the space. Delicate decorations will fit well and can bring a different and gentle approach to harvest. While flowers, leaves, pumpkins, ombre shades, and beautiful colours can create a beautiful cake.

When to Enjoy the Best Thanksgiving Cakes

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These cakes are not only a lovely dessert for the feast but are also easily used as a center piece either for a sideboard or a dessert table. It can be added to the table after the meal has ended. Or brought out an hour later for a dessert before everyone heads their separate ways for the evening. When you are a guest at a gathering around the holidays bringing a cake that is made for the meal is a great way to contribute. Plus it shows appreciation for the hosts of the meal.

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If you are hosting the gathering in your own home, you can display your cake within a glass cover while the meal is enjoyed, allowing everyone to enjoy it before its cut. It will add extra colour and detail to the table setting and the feel of the room. This doubles as a dessert as well as a decoration for the space. It will help guests to feel as though they are indeed appreciated and that you went the extra mile to prepare a meal that they will enjoy. The extra effort that goes into the best Thanksgiving cakes is a combination of the flavours that are included as well as the decorations. And with many different approaches there is sure to be one to please any group.

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