DIY advent Calendar Ideas

DIY Advent Calendar Ideas – Festive Ideas to Celebrate Advent

If you are looking for DIY Advent Calendar Ideas then look no further. We have put together our favorite DIY Advent Calendars to give you inspiration this Christmas! Christmas is a time for family traditions, and the Advent Calendar is certainly one of our favorites.

The Advent Calendar Tradition

The advent calendar tradition started as an ancient European custom, with the earliest known origin of this tradition being found in 13th century France. This custom involved an open door or window which would be left open during Advent. Children put small ‘stocking’-shaped treats such as fruit and nuts inside each day.

This idea caught on and spread to other countries. But it wasn’t until the mid 19th century when Germany adopted this custom that it became widespread in Europe.

In 1866, Theodor Grashof patented his idea of taking 24 small pastilles and putting them in paper pockets behind doors attached together with an outer cover with windows cut into it. And the Advent Calendar was born!

fabric hanging advent calendar ideas
Photo credit The Stocking Shop

Making a DIY Advent Calendar

Of course, you can easily buy a chocolate or picture calendar from your local store. But undoubtedly there is something special about making your own DIY Advent Calendar. You can hand-select the advent calendar fillers and personalize the little gifts.

We have put together our favorite DIY Advent Calendar ideas from all over the world. They are fun and easy to make. Plus your kids will love them!

DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

easy diy advent calendar idea
Photo credit Miss Brunetka

First up, this simple but cute idea from Miss Brunetka. Numbered brown paper bags are pegged up to show the countdown to Christmas. You can fill them with your favorite Advent Calendar fillers like chocolates, candies, or small gifts and treats. Either way, this is a sweet idea that kids will love!

DIY Advent Calendar Garland Ideas

Our next idea is these little advent boxes by Louise from Our House Now A Home. Louise was looking for a place to hang the boxes that wasn’t near a radiator, so the chocolates inside wouldn’t melt! So she had the idea to incorporate her Advent Calendar into her stair garland. And it works a treat!

How pretty is this DIY Advent Calendar garland idea by Millefeuilles de Baru. Simply attach pretty numbered bags to a hanging garland and you have a sweet DIY Advent Calendar. Remember to hang them nice and low so the children can reach them easily!

DIY Advent Calendar With Drawers

diy advent calendar with drawers
Photo credit Hyggehaus

This next DIY Advent Calendar Idea is this gorgeous drawer idea by Hyggehaus. Fill them up with edible treats or small toys for a really bespoke Advent Calendar. The kids will delight in opening a drawer each day! Order from their Instagram page.

Hanging Advent Calendar Ideas

advent calendar DIY ideas
Photo credit Dominika Kijowska

Another pretty hanging option is this hanging Advent Calendar by Dominika Kijowska. Wrap up 24 small boxed gifts and hang them from a pretty branch. The children will absolutely love finding each day’s box to open!

This pretty DIY Advent calendar idea is in a cute tree shape! Made by Little Bird Adventures, it features branches tied together to form the tree-shaped frame. Then, little canvas bags were hung from the tree. She even reused wrappers from Who Gives A Crap toilet rolls for the gift packaging! Love it!

handmade advent calendar ideas
Photo credit Bear Loves Moo

This pretty DIY Calendar features sewn numbered pockets for the goodies to fit into. Made by Bear Loves Moo, she says “I’m sure the kids would have been just as happy with a Cadbury’s advent calendar but I loved making this for them and I hope we bring it out every year and it becomes a little tradition. I’ve equally loved finding little gifts to fill it with. “

And this just goes to show that the joy in these DIY Advent Calendars is in the creating as well as in the receiving!

Countdown to Christmas

countdown to christmas DIY ideas
Photo credit Kaitlyn Harris

This sweet Christmas Countdown is made extra pretty with the Cricut lettering and the house detail on the little bags! Fairy lights and snowflakes add to the charm!

Christmas countdown idea
Photo credit Kaitlyn Harris

Advent Calendar Tree

Kids will love this next idea! What’s cuter than a mini Christmas Tree with tiny boxes filled with Tiny goodies! You can grab the tree online at Indulge Decor and Fashion and then fill up with your favorite tiny treats!

Handmade Advent Calendars

handmade advent calendar
Photo credit The Stocking Shop

Lastly, this gorgeous handmade Advent Calendar by The Stocking Shop is certainly one of our favorites. You can buy this beautiful calendar here on Etsy. And even though you didn’t make it yourself, you still get the joy of filling it with all of our favorite goodies! Plus I have a feeling these will be treasured forever!

DIY Advent Calendars Final Note

If you are wondering if a DIY Advent Calendar is really worth the effort, then I hope this article has convinced you! Not only will you create something your children will treasure, but you will make some very happy memories along the way! And for our favorite Advent Calendar fillers check out this post here. For more simple Christmas tradition ideas, check out our favorites here.

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