how to wrap a wine bottle

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle – 10 Pretty Ways to Gift Wine

Giving wine as a gift is commonly done and is especially popular at dinner parties, holiday parties, birthdays and anniversaries. In order to make them appear beautiful and to fit with the occasion, there are several different ways that people have found to wrap a wine bottle. And they range from simple and fast to ornate and detailed.

How to wrap a wine bottle

festive wine bottle gift wrap
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Wine bottle in a gift bag

With many options available for reusable cloth bags and paper gift bags, there is no limit to the style you can add to a wine bottle with a gift bag. Insulated ones will ensure it stays cool and can be served immediately, while personalized paper bags let your creativity shine. Decorate one yourself or purchase from a local store or online shop.

wine bottle fabric wrap
Reusable fabric wine bag by Emajendesigns

Use Kraft paper to wrap a wine bottle

how to wrap a wine bottle kraft paper

Using plain white or brown Kraft paper lets you make it your own. It will hide the label but allows you to leave it blank for a minimalist look or to write a message on the side. They are sure to love it either way. Remember to tie or tape it around the top to keep it closed until you arrive. Plus you can add a Christmas ornament, Easter egg, or even a small, themed wreath for an extra touch.

If you have several old books that are missing pages or outdated texts, you can use that to wrap a bottle of wine. This is perfect for someone who loves to read, or who is in the industry the old textbook applied too. This fun approach is sure to hit the mark.

Make your wine bottle a sweater!

ways to wrap a bottle of wine
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For a cosy feel and a bit of whimsey, make your bottle of wine a sweater. If you are able to knit or crochet you can certainly make one from scratch that will fit the occasion. But even if you are not there are other ways. Removing the sleeves off of a sweater allows you to place it over the bottle of wine and secure it at the neck. You can either stitch the bottom closed to make it into a gift bag or leave it open. There is always an abundance of knitted sweaters at second hand shops. Plus they are an affordable way to get two wine bottle sweaters.

Wrap a wine bottle in a tea towel

how to wrap a wine bottle in a tea towel
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Use a new tea towel, preferably one to match their kitchen, their personality, or the holiday, around the bottle of wine and tie it with a cloth ribbon. You can add a bow, a gift tag, luggage tag, or other method to label who it is for.

There are two ways to wrap it. Either spread the tea towel out on the table, put the wine in the middle, and pull the towel up around it from each side, or fold the towel into a rectangle that is wrapped a few times around the bottle. Use your own creative touch to personalize it.     

Use Fabric To Wrap A Wine Bottle

how to wrap a wine bottle
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Another great was to gift wrap a wine bottle is using fabric. Not only can you customise your choice of fabric to the occasion, but it makes for an reusable wrapping that’s great for the environment. Make sure your fabric is plenty big enough and knot the ends around the bottle to secure.

Printed Tags

printable wine tags
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You can choose to leave the bottle uncovered, or naked, and instead create a fun tag that will go around the neck. This can be created with the persons taste in mind. Fun ideas include as an old library book check out card for a book reader, a card from a deck you find laying around the house for a poker player, or a gift tag from any local store.

These cute bottle neck hangers are available as a free download from Hip2Save.

wine bottle with bow
Wine bottle labels from Santa Barbara Design Studio

Whether you use blank cardstock to print your own, draw a design, or add a store bought gift tag, it is sure to be welcome and enjoyed.

Additional Decorations For Wrapping a Wine Bottle

pretty gift wrapped wine
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For a bit of fun, add extra decorations. Add stickers to the wrapping or to the bottle itself, put a small Christmas wreath around it, or even hand ornaments off the neck of the bottle. Washable felt pens or chalk pens will allow you to write directly onto the bottle. You can send well wishes or even add jokes to if they fit the gift receiver.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels

custom wine label ideas
Photo credit XOXOKristen

Creating custom wine labels has been done for many years and some wineries offer customized labels at the time of bottling. Whether you order them already with the labels, which has been very popular for weddings where the name of the bride and groom are included and sometimes guests get to take a bottle home, or you print labels yourself and put them on the bottles, this is a fun way to decorate any bottle of wine. It will also conceal what wine it is. So if you are unable to afford the expensive bottles it will still look expensive, and no one will know. This cute label is available on Etsy here.

Gift Basket for a wine bottle

how to make a wine gift basket

Create a gift basket for your wine bottle. Line a basket with a tea towel, tissue paper, or other lining. Then add the bottle of wine, a few treats or a good book, a wine glass or two depending on who it is for and watch their joy when they receive their wine gift basket. These are personalised for each person or couple and can be anything from a bottle of wine and a glass to a full night’s entertainment with book or movie, snacks, and more. Easily adapt this basket to fit your budget.

How to wrap a wine bottle in tissue paper or cellophane

Using tissue or cellophane can make a fast and easy wrapping for a wine bottle. Simply lay it out on the table in such a way that the corners are all slightly taller than the bottle. Then stand the bottle in the middle and gather the corners together at the top of the bottle. Then pull the sides and arrange the paper, then tie a ribbon around the top. This will create a beautiful presentation.

Gift box for a wine bottle

wine bottle gift box
Wine bottle gift box by Resplendent Aurora

You can purchase a wine bottle gift box that is the exact right size to hold one bottle of wine and add a card or other label as preferred. They can be found in plain white or other colours, or with patterns relating to holidays and celebrations. Those receiving this gift can then choose to use the box for storing things at home. Or even for gifting their own bottle of wine later.

Add a wine accessory to the gift

how to wrap bottle of wine in fabric
Photo credit Emajendesigns

Our final idea is inspired by Emajendesigns. Why not include a pretty bottle stopper with your gift and tie it to the wine bottle. Not only does it make a pretty decoration, but it’s a useful addition to the gift.

How to wrap a wine bottle final note

We hope you enjoyed our ideas of how to wrap a wine bottle. Just let your creativity flow and you will see there are so many fun ways to wrap a wine bottle.

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