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Adoption Party Ideas – 10 Ideas for an Adoption Day Party

Much like a baby shower, an adoption party welcomes a new child into a family. This can be a wonderful way to celebrate a child of any age joining their new family through the adoption process. Due to the range of ages, there are many different types of parties that are appropriate. And planning them can vary significantly based upon the age of the child. Read on for our favorite adoption party ideas.

What is a Gotcha Party?

what to do to celebrate an adoption

A gotcha party is a term used to describe a party that is held to celebrate the successful adoption of a child into their new family. They are held shortly after, or on, the day that the adoption is completed. And in some families, they become a yearly celebration much like a birthday.

Many families become complete through the process of adoption. And these parties are a way to celebrate that and to remind their children how much they are wanted. As the adoption process can be long and stressful it is a wonderful way to enjoy the result and all the work that went into it. Inviting friends and family allow everyone to share their joy together.

How do you celebrate an Adoption?

adoption party ideas

An adoption can be celebrated in many different ways. This can can range from taking the family out for supper, redoing a bedroom, having people over after the documents are signed and everything is official, or with an adoption party.

Adoption parties allow everyone in the family and all of their friends to come share their congratulations. And to share in the joy of the newly united family. It is one of the biggest milestones in a child’s life, and in their parents as well. Many will have parties that involve a meal, sometimes gifts, and dancing or playing games. They can seem similar to a birthday party or a baby shower. They are intended to not only create a welcoming environment for the child but also to celebrate the love that has brought them together.

Other ways to celebrate may include a vacation to somewhere the child has always wanted to go. A trip to a theme park, water park, or amusement park can be a well enjoyed celebration of the moment. Some may celebrate with gifts or family photographs that include the entire family. The goal of these is to make the child feel as though they are truly part of the family no matter what comes next, and that they are both wanted and loved.

Best Adoption Party Ideas

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Some of the best party ideas will be those that are created specifically for the child and family being celebrated. With so many personalities and preferences around the world, there is no one best fit but several great ideas that will appeal to several different demographics and families.

A culturally themed party is a fun idea. Include food, decorations, and traditions from the culture of either the adopted child or the family adopting them. Using a cultural theme that merges both can be a way of acknowledging that the two now exist in harmony. Plus the child is able to maintain the knowledge and experiences of their own culture while also being welcomed and able to enjoy the cultural heritage of their new family.

A family reunion can be another way to gather the new family member and help them to learn more about their extended family. While this is best fit for those who are unlikely to become overwhelmed with meeting more people and feel they are becoming less of an individual, and for those who want to be part of a large family and know everyone who is related to them.

Adoption Party Ideas for Older Children

The best idea for older children is to ensure they are part of the process. Ask if they want to have a party, and what type of party they enjoy. Let them choose their favorite foods, invite the people who mean the most to them, and to determine if they want it at home or somewhere else. Having them involved in the planning will make it more enjoyable for them. Plus they are more likely to become engaged in the process and the resulting party. 

Including music and games that are enjoyed by the new adopted child can help people to learn more about them and to become acquainted with the things that they enjoy. It is an easy way to share their favorite things with everyone, and come birthdays and other gift giving occasions this will help them to feel as though they fit in and people can purchase gifts they will love. While it is not necessary to include gifts in an adoption party, some people may want to bring small gifts. It is not wrong to have either, gifts or no gifts, and this should be planned or organized in a way that creates the least tension or discomfort.

Adoption Party Ideas for Younger Children

A party can be based upon the things that the child is most interested in. This may result in a zoo themed party for someone who loves animals. Or a party at the science center for one who loves to experiment and see how the world around them works. A waterpark party can be a wonderful experience for a child who has never been able to enjoy these types of outings. Plus having their friends there can bring added enjoyment. These create a feeling of inclusiveness that may be much needed.

Informal dinner parties for younger children may be well suited. They are calmer and may be best suited to infants or babies, where they can interact in a relaxed setting without loud music or big crowds. Teens may also enjoy this approach, maybe with a BBQ spin or going out to their favorite fancy restaurant. Children who are preteen or younger might most enjoy a pizza party at an event venue, perhaps with an arcade or bowling.

Selecting an activity that they enjoy, such as building a new bear that fits with those their family builds, making a bear family that mimics their own can be a wonderful way to show the family as a whole. Finish with ice cream or a cake afterwards for a touch of traditional parties into the moment.

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