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Buzz Lightyear Party Ideas – 22 Ideas for a Buzz themed party

buzz lightyear party decorations
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If your child is a Toy Story or Buzz Lightyear fan then join the club! After all, a Toy Story party or Buzz Lightyear party is one of the most popular children’s party themes of recent times. So if you are planning a Buzz Lightyear party, read on for our top Buzz Lightyear party ideas.

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This article is going to share with you tons of Buzz Lightyear Party Ideas that your child would love to see on his or her special day. To infinity and beyond!

Buzz Lightyear Party Ideas Decorations

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Firstly, make sure to check out the best Buzz Lightyear party ideas for your kid’s birthday party decorations. If you want to save time and energy in thinking of the best Buzz Lightyear birthday party look, there are lots of ready-to-purchase Toy Story-themed decorations online. Simply order and have them delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is set them up on the day of the party, and you’re done!

buzz lightyear dessert table ideas
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Here are some interesting buys:

  • Buzz Lightyear Life-Size Cardboard Cutout
  • Customizable Toy Story Backdrop
  • Balloon Garland
buzz lightyear party balloon arch
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Buzz Lightyear Party Ideas – Costumes

buzz lightyear party backdrop
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Of course, a Buzz Lightyear party idea won’t be complete without a Buzz Lightyear costume! Make sure to purchase your child’s costume ahead of time to check if it’s the right size and to resolve any fitting issues.

In addition, for a complete party look, you can request the guests to come in their Toy Story-inspired attire. Plus you can also provide DIY cowboy hats for the boys and purple ribbons for the girls.

Buzz Lightyear Party Games

buzz lightyear party activities
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To add more fun to the event, set up a craft station.

Choice of craft stations you might want to consider are:

  • Paper Bag Puppet Making
  • Snow Globe Making
  • Buzz Lightyear Paper Craft Project

Buzz Lightyear Party Food Ideas

toy story cake pops
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This is one of the highlights of a party – The Food and Beverage Station!

You can order a Toy Story table cover online or make use of a purple or light green tablecloth. This will give a Buzz Lightyear party idea look on your food table setup. These Buzz Lightyear party food ideas will be a sure hit for kids and adults!

buzz lightyear party games
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Check out these interesting fun treats:

  • Green Alien Jelly Cup
  • Decorated Oreo Chocolate Cookies
  • Woody Pudding Cups
  • Forky Cupcakes
  • Jessie Cupcakes
  • Alien Marshmallow Pops
  • Green Alien Lollipops
  • Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Cookies
buzz lightyear party decor
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At a separate table, you can set up a beverage station. Here are some Buzz Lightyear party ideas for your beverage station:

  • Stack up some green and purple paper cups
  • Arrange some colored paper straws in a jar   
  • Add printable straw decorations like printable Toy Story rockets

Kids and adults would love, Mrs. Green Apple Shake, Mr. Purple Grape Shake, and the Signature Buzz Lightyear Mocktail.

Buzz Lightyear Party Cake

buzz lightyear cake
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Of course, a celebration won’t be complete without the birthday cake! Cake shops are now offering customized cakes. So, a Buzz Lightyear party idea for the cake won’t be a problem. Remember to drop by your preferred cake shop and place your order at least a week before the celebration.

Buzz Lightyear Party Favors

buzz lightyear party favors
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If you plan on giving favors or party bags, end the party by giving away some treats for the kids.

Here are some giveaways suggestions:

  • Toy Story Balloon Kit
  • Make Your Forky Kit
  • Character Bookmarks
  • Woody Slime Jars
  • Green Alien Slime Jars

Buzz Lightyear Party Ideas Final Note

If you are a looking for a children’s party theme that is bright, colorful and has some great dress up options, then a Buzz Lightyear party is a great option. Plus children love the characters. And there is something for girls and boys!

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