how to play baby shower bingo

How to play Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo is one of the most popular Baby Shower games around. After all, we all love a good game of bingo!

Baby Shower Bingo is a great game that involves all of your guests and is a great way to get them chatting with each other at the start of your Baby Shower.

how to play baby shower bingo

So, how do you play Baby Shower Bingo? Well, you are about to find out.

Our favorite version of this game involves coordinating the bingo game with the Mama to Be’s gift opening. Basically, the opened gifts are going to act as the bingo items!

How to play Baby Shower Bingo

  1. Firstly, give each Guest a blank bingo card and a pen.
  2. Then, ask them to write on the card in each square a gift that they think the Mama-to-be will receive. For example, onesie, burp cloths, blanket, change mat, etc.
  3. Next comes the fun part. Make sure the Mama-to-be sits where she is visible to all of the Guests. She can then open her gifts one by one.
  4. After each gift is opened, Guests can mark off that gift if it is on their card. For example, if the gift opened is a baby towel, then everyone with “Towel” on their Bingo Board gets to cross it off.
  5. The first to get 5 in a row and call “Bingo” is the winner.

Alternatively, you can give Guests small candies such as M&M’s or Hershey Kisses to use as game markers and then eat after the game!

You often have multiple winners of this game as a few people call bingo at the same time, so make sure you have a few prizes ready rather than just one!


To help make your Baby Shower super easy, we have a Free Baby Shower Bingo Printable for you!

If you want to play this game at your Baby Shower, you can download our Free Baby Shower Printable, just click on the image below. You can then print out as many Bingo cards as you need at home.

free baby shower printable

Alternatively, if you don’t want to print your own and want to buy ready printed Baby Shower Games, you can grab your Baby Shower Games Bundle here. It contains 3 fun Baby Shower Games, Baby Bingo, Who Knows Mommy Best and Find the Guest. Best of all it’s only for $19.99 for 75 cards!

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