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Glow In The Dark Party Ideas – 30 ideas for an amazing Glow Party

Preparing for your teen’s party is quite challenging. It has to be impressive and fun. Aside from the sumptuous food, refreshing drinks, cool tunes, and fun games; take a step further and consider a Glow in the Dark party theme for an epic celebration. And here are our favorite Glow in the Dark party ideas.

Check out these cool Glow Party ideas that will make your food and drinks glow, tables and games will also glow. You’ll have a fab time, and so will your guests.

Glow in the Dark Party Ideas – Top Tips

Where to set up your Glow in the Dark Party

glow in the dark party ideas

Any space in the house will do, provided you can keep it dark. If the party is during daytime, keep those windows covered so the black light will be effective in the glow dark party supplies. Bright things will glow more in dark spaces.

Hang a black drop sheet over the doorway, cut through the sides to serve as a walkway for guests.

Use Black Light for your Glow Party

what is a blacklight

You should mount blacklights on walls using the brackets provided, or have the on the floor angled upwards.

When the black light rays hit people, items, and decorations, there will be bright neon colors in all directions.

What colors glow under a black light?

Typically, neon colors glow well under a black light. And the brighter the shade of neon, the brighter the color will glow. So go for glow in the dark outfits of fluorescent pink, orange, green or yellow for the brightest glow.

Glow in the Dark Party Ideas

what to do at a glow in the dark party

Check out our favorite Glow in the Dark birthday party ideas to get your Glow Party off with a bang!

Be Creative With Glow in the Dark Decorations

A Glow in the Dark party is such a fun party to decorate.

Glow Party Invitation Cards

Add some originality in your invitation cards by designing it yourself and using glow in the dark paint. Be sure that no invitations are alike. This will make your invitees feel special and eagerly wanting to attend your party.

Glow Centerpiece Design

Create a centerpiece that wills serve as the focal point of your glow in the dark party ideas. Combine glow sticks, LED ice cubes, and crystal. Polish off with light up stick orbs for some fanciful adornment guests can’t help avoid staring at or lay a hand on it.

Glow Dessert Table Backdrop

glow in the dark balloon arch
Photo credit Partysaurus

Provide a space for your food to shine. Craft a glow table backdrop by fastening neon-colored paper ribbons embellished with circular garlands to a black backdrop for an exceptional setting.

Glow Walls

Your wall provides a great space for placing some of your neon party ideas. Create fun designs using luminous paint, marker, or spray on parchment paper or glossy paper and tape. Black lights illuminate the designs for outstanding results.

Avoid directly painting on the surface of the wall, unless you’re ready to do a re-painting job.

Glow Chandelier

Consider the chandelier in your glow in the dark party ideas. Wrap the chandelier with cardboard, colored tapes, luminous paper rings, a tubular plastic hoop, and a battery-operated push light.

Glow in the dark balloons

glow in the dark party balloons

Glow in the dark balloons are an easy and cost effective way to bring your Glow in the Dark party to life. Hand them from the ceiling or even create a balloon arch for a great party backdrop.

Or make your own glow balloons. Buy white balloons, place a neon stick inside, fill it up with helium, and let them fly to illuminate your party space.

Glow Dance Floor

glow in the dark dance floor

Use neon tape to make your dance floor glow in the dark or use these sticky neon circles to create your own dance floor. Your guests will get into the vibe as they gyrate to the music on a dance floor that is so alive with living colors.

Be sure that the space is free of clutter to avoid any mishaps or injuries. Mark the dance floor to set up boundaries or steps in every direction.

Glow Ceiling Fan

Turn your dull ceiling fan into something that will awe your guests. Attach some glow sticks and watch it turn into a rainbow swirl.

What to wear to a Glow in the Dark party

Glow Party Wardrobe

The best outfit to wear to a Glow in the Dark party is of course something that will glow! Most neon fabric will glow in the dark, as does white fabric. So go for t-shirts in bright colors or a white t-shirt with some neon accessories.

Glow Bracelets

Hand out glow bracelets and glow necklaces to your guests as they arrive.

Neon Glow Party Makeup

glow in the dark face paint

Glow makeup will create different fun looks. Florescent powder or paint will make the eye shadow glitter or light up the entire face.

Glow in the Dark Party Food and Drinks

Glow Party Drinks

What’s more fun than drinks that glow in the dark! And it isn’t as tricky as it first seems. In fact, it’s pretty simple… Wait for it…The trick is to add tonic water to your thirst-quenchers before exposing to the black light. Check out these fun glow in the dark drinks ideas.

DIY Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes

Glow ice cubes are super easy to make. Just mix regular water with tonic water, pour into an ice cube tray, and park the tray in the freezer until frozen. Add the ice cubes to any drink and watch the drink glow when the black light hits it.

Glow Glass

Label your drink or liquor bottles with funny designs or logos, like “drink at your own risk”. Use neon colors to make it luminous.

Glow Cotton Candy

Cotton candies by itself are luminescent when darkness sets in, and the black light is activated. Add a cool, glowing effect to the frothy cotton candy by adding a glow stick to the holder.

Glow Eating Utensils

glow in the dark utensils

Make your table glow with gleaming-colored eating utensils. Neon cups, plates, bowls, cocktail sticks, napkins, etc. will make your table stand out.

Best Glow in the Dark Food Ideas

glow in the dark cake
Photo credit JCute Design

Some foods glow in black light so make sure you include these in your party menu for the brightest glow food around. Here are some suggestions:

  • Tonic water – bright blue
  • Egg-shell is dark violet; egg white is bright yellow
  • Honey – golden yellow
  • Pineapple – flesh is blue
  • Ketchup – dull yellow
  • Milk – pale yellow
  • Yogurt-vanilla – yellow; flavored – pink
  • Banana – blue
  • Green veggies – dull red
  • Pepper – dull red
  • Squash – yellow

Most white food won’t glow under black light, but they cast back the light that will appear brighter. Some of these reflective foods are:

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Marshmallows
  • Some cereals (ex. Rice Krispies)
  • Coconut
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Parmesan

Glow Party Favors

Neon-colored party favors will glow luminously when struck by black light. Fill your neon treat boxes or bags with neon pens, silicone rubber bracelets, hair ties, resin roses, etc.

Glow in the Dark Bubbles

glow in the dark bubbles

Include glow in the dark bubbles in your glow in the dark party ideas. Watch those bubbles glide and glow in the dark.

What to do at a Glow in the Dark Party – Glow Party Games

Plan playing games to get the blood pumping.

Your guests will have loads of fun playing ring toss. You’ll need a glow stick standing upright and some dark bracelets. The goal is to toss the bracelet into the glow stick so that it will land over it.

glow party photo booth

Set up a Glow in the Dark party photo booth for your guests to have some fun with and snap their memories.

Another interesting game is a light saber tournament from Star Wars pitting Luke Skywalker against Darth Vader. Choose neon pool noodles for sabers, which are safe to use. Pick someone from the guest to serve as a referee, and may the force be with the winner.

Or play glow in the dark volleyball with a glow in the dark balloon. If you have room, set up a net, otherwise just play with the area you have available.

Glow Party Sleepover

glow in the dark sleepover
Photo credit The Slumber Soiree

After the Glow Party

It’s clean up time, keep a storage bin and cartons handy to store reusable items. Breakables wrapped with paper go to the cartons and durable items to the storage bin.

And remember to save your neon party materials for the next party or hand down to relatives or friends for their glow party.

Glow in the Dark Party Ideas Final Note

A Glow in the Dark party is such a great theme for kids, teens and adults alike. Follow our easy tips above to create the best glow in the dark party ever.

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