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The Best Baby Shower Favours Your Guests Will Love

Baby shower games are a tradition that go back almost as far as the baby shower itself. This celebration brings together friends and family to share the joy of the new baby and to provide them with the things they need for the new addition. While the party favours are changing over the years, just as the games and decorations do, they are still a nice way to thank each guest for attending and for sharing in this life experience.

Consumable Baby Shower Favours

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The growing popularity of minimalism has people everywhere owning fewer things, choosing open space over increased clutter and nick-nacks, and choosing experiences over belongings. To go with this trend there are many baby shower favors that are consumable and will help to celebrate the day without adding items to the home of each guest.

Baby Shower Cookies

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Baby Shower Cookies, $23.99 Amazon

Customised cookies are a great way to share your joy with guests. They can eat them at the party or take them home in a gift bag. Choose from personalized Oreos that come in different flavours and colours, or even decorated. Alternatively, get a sugar cookie made into the shape of a baby animal, baby bottles or booties, or even of a baby face. These are sure to bring a smile to all of the guests, and environmentally friendly packaging is available.

Baby Is Brewing Tea

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Baby Is Brewing Bags and Stickers, $8 Amazon

Bags of coffee or tea can be packaged in bags that have the name and date as well as “A Baby is Brewing” for a whimsical and useable gift. Include your favourite coffee selection or tea to share both the joy of the new baby as well as a flavour that you enjoy. Many people look forward to that cup of coffee in the morning or a tea to relax at the end of the day. And every time they see your thoughtful party favour it’s sure to bring a smile to their face.

Baby Is Blooming

baby shower favors ideas

Baby Blooms can be shared in seed paper shaped in baby themes, and they can be taken home and planted so their flowers will grow and bloom while the baby grows. These are also ideal for baby announcements, and can have names, dates, or new baby blooming puns. Find some that have an image of the flower that they grow on the seed paper as well. Another option is a small packet of seeds that have the name, a short saying or pun, and the name and date of the shower or the due date on them. These can be made at home with a printer and glue stick or ordered online.

Bath Products

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Bath bombs or other selfcare items such as personalized or customized it’s a baby designs on them, bath bombs shaped as baby animals, or even nail polish with a gift tag included with a short and fun saying, or pun can be well received and appreciated. Nail polish for “10 little fingers and 10 little toes”, bath bombs for baby soft skin, and other care items will remind guests to take care of themselves in a fun and light way.

Honey Jars

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40 Honey Jars with Stirrers, $40 Amazon

Honey in a customized glass jar that announces “there is a honey on the way” and the date of the baby shower can be a fun gift for a gift bag with tea or cookies. The honey will be consumed while the jar can be reused for candles, honey, or other food storage after the honey itself has been used.

Keep it Forever Baby Shower Favours

If you are doing a small baby shower with only the closest family and friends, who are sure to want to remember the experience, then getting them something that can be used for many years can be a worthwhile investment and a lovely baby shower favour. Choose something that fits the group and that you think will add to their daily experience to know they will get the most from this thoughtful gift.

Oh Baby Hair Ties

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Baby Shower Hair Ties $25 for pack of 24 on Amazon

No one can ever have enough hair ties, and these pretty ones are perfect for a Baby Shower favor. In a pack of 3, and complete with a Thank You message, who wouldn’t love to get one of these at the end of your Baby Shower!

Customized Glassware

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It’s a girl Baby Shower glass set of 12, $29.99 Amazon

Customized mason jars, tumblers, coffee mugs, and more can be created with the name and date of the shower, a cute phrase about a new baby, or the name and due date of the baby are all great ways to remember the day. These are permanent gifts that will bring a smile to the face of your guest every time they use them and will provide them with a useable item that will add to their lives in some way.


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Baby Shower Candles, $49.99 Amazon

Ask you guests to light their Baby Shower candle on the day your baby is born, and send their best wishes to the baby. They can be glass etched with the name and date of the baby shower, or wooden with a small tag. There are nearly endless options for ways to personalize a candle and several cute sayings about how a new baby brings light to the day, or family, or world.


Photographs in a signed frame with the date of the baby shower engraved on it and a photograph of the mom to be and her guests can provide a keepsake that everyone will love. It will include not only the mother’s favourite people, but the support system for the new baby, and will help each guest to remember fondly the day they gathered to celebrate this milestone.

Baby Shower Bookmarks

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Pack of 30 Baby Shower Bookmarks, $20 Amazon

Bookmarks are a lovely idea for Baby Shower favours if you are having a book themed baby shower. The popularity of these showers, where each guest brings a book for the baby instead of other gifts and providing a personalized bookmark that commemorates the day and the celebration is a fun way to include that into the theme.

Baby Shower Shirts

Shirts or sweaters that show the support system for the new mom and the new baby, commemorating their time together and the joy they share can be a fun way to mark the experience going forward. They can be worn around the child’s birthday, the day that the birth announcement is made, or even just when they gather for other events and outings. Include a fun saying about how they are a group, they stick together, or encouraging reminders can make them fun to make and fun to wear.

Baby Shower Favors To Save For The Birth

baby shower favor ideas

Even if you can’t be together the day of the birth, you can still celebrate with all those who attended your shower, and even those who couldn’t. Choose something that you all enjoy, find a cute pun for a tag, or have the item itself personalized. If you have a wide range of ages or interest, you can choose one for each individual and keep the customization person to each. This type of favour will remind them that they are a part of the experience as well and let them share in your joy regardless of where they live or if they can be there for the birth.

Baby Shower Wine Labels

baby shower wine labels
Baby Shower wine labels, $12 for 12 on Amazon

Champagne or sparkling juice can be provided to each of your guests, and small bottles are widely available. Include a gift tag that reminds them to pop the cork to celebrate the birth of the baby when they get the news, and you can all share an online or video call toast together.

Wine or champagne glasses can be personalized with the theme of the party or the day of the shower, and they can be used for the celebratory drink upon the birth announcement. They can of course be enjoyed with the guest’s choice of beverage and can be used for several years as a reminder of the lovely baby shower they came from.

Baby Shower Lollipops

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Lollipops can be delivered for the shower and marked with a cute saying about enjoying your lollipop when the baby pops, or similar. This is a great option for any guests who are underage, non-drinkers, or who just prefer them, and also ensures that each guest knows that you want to share that moment with them as well as your baby shower. These ideas are especially popular with long distance relatives or friends who are able to only come for some events, such as the shower, but may not be in town or nearby when the birth happens.

Choosing Baby Shower Favours

When choosing which Baby Shower favours you want to use for your baby shower there are a few key considerations. Select one that matches your own values, such as recycled packaging, low environmental impact, useable and therefore not adding clutter. Or choose a gift that can be used many years into the future. Create a saying or find a pun that makes you smile. And you can be sure that your guests will think of you and smile when they see it.

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