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Birth Announcement Ideas: 13 Ways To Introduce Your Baby

Having a baby is an exciting (and busy) time! Firstly, there was probably a pregnancy announcement. Secondly, there was likely a baby shower held in celebration.  Finally, your baby has arrived and as a result, it is time to make their official introduction to the world! And before you throw a Sip and See party, announcing your baby’s birth is such a special moment for parents.  Just like every baby is unique, there are different ways you can go about making this announcement.  Once you know what you wish to say, read on for our birth announcement ideas:

Printed Birth Announcement Ideas

A printed birth announcement is always a go-to way to introduce your little one to everyone! In addition, there are a variety of printed birth announcement ideas. Check out some examples below and be sure to see our Birth Announcement Buyers Guide:

Gold Foil Announcement

gold foil birth announcement ideas

With a gold foil announcement, you will add some shimmer and elegance to your baby’s introduction.  These cards are not only hand-pressed with real foil but printed on luxe paper too.  A beautiful way to share the news!

Over The Moon Announcement

gold foil moon and stars birth announcement

We are sure you are “Over The Moon” with excitement for your baby’s arrival, so why not use that as a theme for your announcement.  This is another foil announcement idea that includes, the moon, stars, and a hint of glitter.  In Fact, it will be out of this world!

Simple Black and White Announcement

how to announce a babys birth

You can never go wrong with a simple black and white birth announcement.  It is classic and sophisticated, yet still modern and ageless.  Perfect for any era and your baby’s picture will certainly stand out as well!

New To The Crew Announcement

new to the crew birth announcement

If you already have other children, then this is an adorable way to introduce your newest team member. This “New to the Crew”  birth announcement is super cute, creative and all in all, will get everyone pumped!  Go team!

Text Only Announcement

simple birth announcement ideas

A birth announcement doesn’t always have to include a photograph.  Sometimes a text-only birth announcement is just as wonderful of a way to announce the baby’s arrival as one with a photograph.  Or if you plan to do a professional photoshoot with your newborn but want to wait for the big reveal, this type of birth announcement could work to tide over-excited loved ones!  Add a cute graphic in addition to your words.   

Tri-fold Announcement

birth announcement ideas folded card

Another of our birth announcement ideas is to send out a tri-fold birth announcement.  This will allow you to include more pictures of your little cutie.  Furthermore, it will give you plenty of space to share extra details or a sweet message if you chose.

Birth Booklet Announcement

birth announcement booklet

A birth booklet announcement is also a great way to share information about your new addition!  It allows you to use multiple pages to share everything your heart desires.  For example,  you can include many pictures, baby trivia, the birth story, and anything else you can think of.  Not to mention, sufficient space for pictures of siblings or multiples!  It will also make a sweet keepsake.

Unique Birth Announcement Ideas

A printed birth announcement is not the only option when it comes to sharing the news about your new baby.  Keep reading to learn more about these unique birth announcement ideas and see if one is right for you!

Email Announcement

emailed birth announcement ideas

An emailed birth announcement is a super-easy way to show off your new addition to all of your family and friends with a push of a button. Not only can you choose from many beautiful designs,  but you will also save on postage costs which makes it a very cost-efficient way to share the news!

Social Media Announcement

If you announced your pregnancy on social media, you can introduce your baby that way too!  Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever social media app you use, you will be able to share the news with many friends and family at the same time easily! Get this design personalized with your details on Etsy here. 

Letterboard Announcement

Letterboards have become popular and would make a trendy way to announce your baby’s arrival.  Keep the board and use it to mark milestones like “6 Months” or “First Food.” Then have the sign accompany your child in the pictures to mark the occasions!  It will be an excellent way to keep track of memories as your baby grows.

Picture Frame Announcement

Not only would this share the details of your little one’s birth but it would also make an amazing keepsake!  A picture frame birth announcement would be a beautiful way to share the details of your baby’s arrival.  You can personalize it however you like and add it to the nursery or even give it as a gift to grandparents.      

Lawn Sign Announcement

Want to advise the neighborhood of their new neighbor?  Then a lawn sign birth announcement may be a terrific choice!  Look into companies who will put together an announcement on your lawn for your or you can order your own personalized sign.  Either way, a lawn sign birth announcement is a unique way to share the news of your newest family member! 

Newspaper Announcement

In a world of technology, a newspaper birth announcement may not be your first idea. This way of announcing your baby’s arrival is certainly traditional yet still special!  Submit your baby’s photo and details to your local newspaper and then encourage your loved ones to check out the next issue! Don’t forget to keep a copy for yourself to show your little star they were in the paper once.

Birth Announcement Ideas Final Note  

To sum up, any of these birth announcement ideas would be a wonderful way to announce your amazing news to the world!  In essence, you can keep it as simple or be as elaborate as you wish and customize it to showcase your baby or family’s personality.  Everyone will be thrilled to learn of the news of your baby’s arrival and all their details. If you need help with wording, check out our How To Word A Birth Announcement post for inspiration.   Enjoy this moment of introduction and of course,  enjoy those newborn snuggles!

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