4th birthday party ideas

4th Birthday Party Ideas Your Child Will Adore

Four is the age when your little one is becoming an independent kid!  In some places, four is when children will start kindergarten, be in preschool or are now old enough to attend programs on their own.  They learn to play together, take turns and really get creative with their imagination.  Such a magical age!  If you are looking for 4th birthday party ideas, we have you covered!  Keep reading below for some ideas when planning a 4th birthday party for your birthday boy or girl. And check out these sweet 4th birthday quotes to include in your birthday planning!

General 4th Birthday Party Ideas Tips

In short, four is still a young age so plan to keep the birthday party to a max of only a couple of hours.  Parents will also likely choose to stay for the festivities therefore ensure you have enough space and refreshments for them too. 

Four-year-old’s are at the age where they can communicate more effectively and can follow multiple steps, making it easier to run games like Simon Says.  Their imagination is also running wild so incorporate activities that will foster that.  Lastly, they are still young kids with lots of energy so including ideas to burn that off is great too!

4th Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Teddy Bears Picnic

It may be safe to assume most four-year-old’s have a favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal.  A Teddy Bears Picnic birthday party is the perfect way to include both tiny guests and their cuddly pals.  Firstly, use your backyard, go to a park or set up inside if a colder or wet day.  Secondly, use blankets and pillows along the sides of a low table or crates for the kiddos to use.  Finally, give your space a picnic feel with greenery, flowers and plaid tablecloths and napkins.  It will be one cute event!

Jungle Safari Party

4th birthday party ideas for kids
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It is no secret that animals are usually something that children are fascinated by and love! So why not plan a Jungle Safari Party for your little animal lover?  Chose animal prints and deep green balloons and streamers to give your party a jungle vibe.  Place stuffed animals or animal silhouettes around your space and cake table.  For added ambiance, include natural materials such as wood and plants where you see fit.  It will surely be a roaring good time!        

Rainbow Party

fourth birthday party ideas
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Sometimes the more colors the better! A rainbow party is bright, fun and will bring joy to all those who attend.  Consider creating a rainbow inspired balloon arch or having the guests try and break open a rainbow piñata.  Another idea is having the kids hunt for a pot of gold that belongs at the end of a rainbow. Have each child paint their own rainbow to take home.  Finally, chose colorful fruits and vegetables for your snack table and serve rainbow colored cupcakes.  It will be magical!

Park Party

children playing in the park

Another one of our 4th birthday party ideas is to have a park party.  A park is an awesome place for any size group and there is plenty of space to play sports, games and run around.  Pack snacks, blankets, sun screen and hand sanitizer as well as any other pieces of equipment you need.  There is little to no clean up or set-up needed and everyone will enjoy fresh air and sunshine!  

Arts & Crafts

painting party for 4th birthday
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If your 4-year-old is into art, consider having an arts and craft themed party.  Look into local craft stores to see if they offer parties or set up a space at home.  Give each guest their own smock and supplies.  Whether you choose painting, drawing, coloring, making paper bag puppets, Play Doh creations or anything else, it will get be fun for the birthday child and their friends.     

Slime Time

4th birthday party idea

A popular party trend in recent years has been slime parties.  Having the birthday star and their friends make slime is not only a STEM activity but also really awesome!  To start, look up ways to make slime and chose what other “fun” ingredients you may want to include.  Examples being glitter, food coloring or small toys.  Ensure your space is set up for slime making and encourage the kids to try different combinations!  Place their slime in a container to make the perfect party favor.

Princess Or Prince Party

4th birthday party princess

Pretending to be a prince or a princess is very common in younger kids so it could make the perfect theme!  Encourage guests to wear their favorite dresses, capes or shining armour.  Activities could include crown and sceptre making, a royal dance party and going on a scavenger hunt for royal gems.  To sum up, every little girl or boy will feel like a prince or princess at this party.

Paw Patrol Party

paw patrol themed party

Every parent knows the excitement that comes with planning a birthday party for their little one. It’s a chance to create cherished memories and celebrate the joy they bring into our lives. When it comes to choosing a theme, “Paw Patrol” stands out as a stellar option that ticks all the boxes. This beloved animated series has captured the hearts of children worldwide, and for good reason. In this blog post, we’ll delve into why a Paw Patrol party is a surefire way to bring smiles, laughter, and lasting memories to your child’s special day.

Play Place

Another terrific idea for a 4th birthday party is to host it at a play place or indoor playground.  These facilities usually have private birthday party rooms, take care of the pizza and offer a chance for kids to explore and burn off energy in a contained safe space.  They usually have spots for parents to sit and hang out as well as handle all the after party clean up.  Slides, tunnels, swings and ball pits, so much to do! 

Splash Pad

second birthday party pool party

Choosing a splash pad or wading pool is a wonderful idea for a 4th birthday party, especially if you are celebrating during warmer months.  Kids love waterplay.  In addition to the splash pad water features, bring buckets, water squirting toys and sponges.  These will for sure entertain your child and their friends while they cool off and enjoy the outdoors.  Bring snacks, beverages and extra towels just in case.   

4th Birthday Party Ideas Summary

To summarize, any of these 4th birthday party ideas will be greatly enjoyed by the birthday boy or girl as well as their guests.  When planning the party, keep in mind what your child enjoys doing or is drawn to and include those in your activities and theme.  For more ideas, check out our other party idea posts.  Enjoy celebrating your four year old, they grow up so fast!   

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